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Education as we all know, plays a major role in the growth and development of not just a community or country but also empowers an individual to be universally competent. Knowledge is power and knowledge is best acquired through education.

However, young children and youths of developing countries have been posted with threats from financial incapabilities to fund their educational pursuit and on most cases, lack of educational materials to aid learning.

Backtoschool is project on the Steem blockchain spear headed by nine(9) competent minnow individuals(@iamchijamz @desmoniac @burlarj @donnest @adabless @michaeljerry0 @acheever @sammyswt @steemcenturion) aimed at reaching out to less privileged Steemians and non-steemians around the globe in areas pertaining to education by funding tuition fees in percentages that will be proportional to the genuine need of the beneficiaries.

Who is a farmer without farm tools and who is student without writing materials and textbooks. It is on this note that we have decided to embark on our very first project which is


Our target is to distribute writing materials (exercise books, pen and pencils) to primary and secondary school students in Abuja and Abia state, Nigeria, as a gesture to inculcate both reading and writing habits to the students and celebrating Children's day with them, thereby heightening the value for education in their hearts and minds, and also spreading the good news of Steemit.

The project will span from 27th of may, through 5th of June, 2018.

Big things start small and we hope to do more in the nearest future- we plan to help as many people as we can reachout to, and we believe that with your support, we can go places.

Below is a brief but detailed explanation on the estimated core expenses minus the transportation and other little expenses that the community leaders have decided to task themselves to fund.


  1. 1 exercise book cost #80
    So 1000 exercise books is #80,000

  2. 1 pack of pen is #90(40 pieces)
    So 15packs = #13,500 (600 pieces)

  3. 1pack of pencil is #200(12 pieces)
    So 40 packs = #8,000

Total expenses = #80,000 + #13,500 + #8,000 = #101,500

Current value of sbd and steem to Dollar according to whale(SUBJECT TO CHANGE)
SBD = $2.6785 | 0.00030647 BTC
STEEM = $3.1944 | 0.00036550 BTC
#101,500= 110 SBD
#101,500= 92 STEEM

Above is the detailed explanation of all we hope to actualize and so, we plead for assistance and donations of any kind from we meaning steemians; @sircork, @surpassinggoogle @air-clinic @ejemai @dimimp @teardrops @sourcehope @ehiboss @surfyogi @danielsaori @eurogee @infovore @y001900 @sistem @papa-pepper @damarth @michaelcj

We call upon well meaning Steemians to Help put a smile on the face of these Children and secure the future for them.

Written by @desmoniac for @backtoshool project, editted by @IamChijamz

We are a Community aimed at helping Students on the Steem blockchain Pay their school fees from Steemit platform.

Help us reachout, Join our curation trail using this link https://steemauto.com/dash.php?i=15&id=1&user=backtoschool


You have my support on this, I'll toss in a donation later. Please remind me.

Thank you boss, i know we can always count on you...God bless you

Thanks boss, we are highly appreciative of your nice gestures.

This is really great Sir.... We appreciate

Thanks alot boss, we really appreciate

Wow! It's an honor getting your support boss.... Thanks @ehiboss

Thank you sir, we really do appreciate it

This is really a great project that would make great impact in the lives of children and the society itself ... Education is surely the best legacy.
Keep it up guys
Upvoted and resteemed

Thank you sir, your support is highly appreciated


We support the @BackToSchool Project because we believe in charity and education.

Thank you very much @air-clinic, we appreciate your help and support.

It's really good to reach out to the less privileged out there. Wonderful project from you guys. Hope you get the donations needed to carry it out

Amen sir, thanks for your support, we really appreciate

It's a reasonable programme, I believe it will go a long way to help students both B.Sc and M.Sc students, I know if the post is promoted very much it will yield the desired aim. Let's do this together...

Education is powerful...
Thanks @backtoschool

Yea, we can do it only with your help, support and encouragement...thank u

Hi Murph,its been a while, thanks for stopping by.

This is a very good initiative. You are not only empowering nigerian children, you are empowering the nation. I hope you get all the assistance you need.

Thank you all for the amazing comments...
We hope to take this to the top soon...

Of course sir, we are being positive and we believe this will soon moon

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Wow, this is a mind blowing project... Of a truth education

plays a major role in the growth and development of not just a community or country but also empowers an individual to be universally competent.

I pray this project will get necessary donations needed.

We pray so too...God bless u

Thats right.

This one of the best innovations on Steemit so far.
I encourage the effort of @backtoschool and implore you to do more.

That's an outstanding project at hand.
Grace to finish is released upon you guys.

Upvoted and resteemed.

Wow, thanks for the kind words... We appreciate

Wonderful and innovative.. God who's our helper will sure see us through

It us written that blessed is the one that giveth than the one that receiveth ....this is a good start and by God's grace we will achieve more

Of course, by God's grace we will reach out to more people with time.

This is just the beginning, more good things are coming

Oh now I understand. I thought this project is meant to pay school fees for undergraduate students, which I really don't fancy. But since it is unwinding this model of supporting primary and secondary school peeps, I think I love it. This is a good cause. Let's see what happens... Resteemed

@eurogee of Euronation community


Thanks boss, we hope to help as many as we can reach.

We really appreciate your support.

Thank you very much sir @eurogee for the support, we really do appreciate it

This is a wonderful project, by God's grace, this project has come to stay.

I believe this project would go a long way to impact the important of education and charity to the minds of these children. Good project.

Well said sir

This is amazing, I truly love to see people work to help others. Please keep the candle burning.

You can't take away education from the development of minds and talent....

Supporting education is an investment for the future.... Beautiful concept of greatness

Calling everyone to be a stakeholder in this