Feed the poor and put a smile on their face

in youarehope •  10 months ago

Hello everyone am your boy Fredrick also known as @fredoski on steemit.com, yesterday I and my friends @prettyjules158 decided to go out and feed the poor. So many people are suffering today all because of lack of support and love, many die due to hunger and staving. Helping someone won't cost you much what matters is for you to change lives create an impact , save a soul today and put smiles on their faces.



Many are privileged to be rich while many don't have such privilege that's why we all need to go out to the streets and help the poor by giving them clothes, foods , money and many more you can give.

Remember we are the hope of this world join in supporting the poor especially the children in the streets because children's are the future leaders of tomorrow, so therefore help them to achieve their dreams, never you look down on the poor .




I really want to appreciate my dear friend @prettyjules158 for a great and wonderful support she is indeed a woman with a good heart .

My dear steemains you can help the poor in any form of donations or supports to put a smile on their faces.

Thanks for understanding am @fredoski

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Keep up the good work

Good work everyone.


Thanks sir. Is good to help others in need

What a nice gesture.
I would like to encourage you never to be reliant because for every giving there is a reward.
Nevertheless I want to urge to always give from your heart and not for any eye service, when you give with a true mind God will definitely reward you.
Keep the good work, and lets all support this good work with a full upvote.

Kind gesture. Ride on


GOD bless u sir

nice to see <3

it is really good to give help to those who cant even pay for the help i n return, heaven will reward your act of kindness

Buen post, @fredoski ayudar siempre es de mucho agrado, y sobre todo a quien de verdad lo necesite.