dropahead Curation Report - Best posts from 2018-03-19

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dropahead Curation Report - 2018-03-19

Our best picks from 2018-03-19, upvoted and brought to you thanks to our curation team:


You Asked For It! 😘 Mouth Watering, Creamy Cashew Alfredo Pasta Sauce! 🍝
by @heart-to-heart
curated by @mandolincarls, QA by @cessarespinozaa
Have Goals and Dreams but, Do not attach your happiness to it. 🙂☘✌peace.
by @atishdarpel
curated by @mandolincarls, QA by @cessarespinozaa

Castellano y tag #castellano

Drawing experimentando en digital Probando colores / Primera vez
by @alcidsmujica
curated by @dailyfuenmayor, QA by @cessarespinozaa
Análisis narratológico de la obra "Cuatro cuartetos para un fin de semana", de Gao Xingjian. (2/2) (Bitácora_MDE # 007)
by @leveuf
curated by @dailyfuenmayor, QA by @cessarespinozaa
Y las amigas?
by @gasparcha
curated by @antoniomontilva, QA by @develCuy

Português e tag #pt

Almoço com Amigo
by @pataty69
curated by @lpessin, QA by @develCuy
by @tmarisco
curated by @lpessin, QA by @develCuy


Colorchallenge-Red Monday-Sweet for the soul.
by @ionutciobanu
curated by @ana-maria, QA by @develCuy
Photo Fun Contest Funky Hair and Painted Faces: @sallyswitchblade (4 images)
by @jasonrussell
curated by @ana-maria, QA by @develCuy


STEEMIT OPEN MIC semana 77 por @danielmonteso - Canción infantil tema (Antonio Lauro)
by @danielmonteso
curated by @ana-maria, QA by @develCuy


CaskCoin: Cryptocurrency for Whisky Lovers
by @ramsteem
curated by @joyita, QA by @develCuy


Spring Bunny Tracks Confetti Blondies - FOOD PHOTO SHOOT
by @gringalicious
curated by @marilia, QA by @develCuy

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Introducemyself introduce writing blog life

I love your post abour helping others keep it up 😊😊

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thank you @dropahead and you are doing a great job as always :-)

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Thank you so much for featuring my recipe here :) I love sharing healthy food ideas and hope that more people will give it a try <3

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