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After reading through yesterday's post you might feel a little lost. You follow the 10 commandments but something seems to be missing. You may be right on that one as I did not mention a single word about the tools you should use when you start Steemit from the beginning.

You don't want to be overwhelmed in any way as you need to stay focussed. Ten commandments is quite alot but you are not really there. As Steemit keeps growing you will find that, on a daily basis, there are tons of good people joining and there are loads of people who you want to connect with.

I was a beginner little less than a month ago too. However I'm still far from being "experienced". That does not keep me from sharing the knowledge I have gathered over the past 4 weeks. Yep, in a way I'm just as noob as most of my readers. Which is fine really, because Noobs are allowed to make mistakes. No learning without mistakes, right?

Basically all the tools are free of charge. Some may need a validation token of 0.001 SBD and others will need you to use your posting or active key. In any way, these are the tools you will be working within a few weeks, wether you think you need them or not. And if you follow my lead you will get momentum after this day already, which will help you stay on course of the 10 commandments.

The Tools

  1. By far the most used tool of all: Steemd. This is where you can keep an eye on all the activity around your account. You can also check on other accounts too. If you add your username like this www.steemd.com/@cem you will be able to see what's going on with your accounts. Voting Power, Upvotes you received, Replies and Comments, basically everything you need to see to keep track of your account is in here.

  2. eSteem is one of those tools I've learned that I can not live without. Built by @good-karma eSteem does not only bring Steemit to your mobile but also brings some other great options. First you can choose the option to get notifications when you get a new (un)follower, comment, upvote, mentions and/or resteem. Further your profile overview shows your Reputation behind the comma. Mine is 54,8 right now. Also you can see your voting power and the number of posts in a glance. eSteem really comes in handy if you want to create a bond with your followers. I've set eSteem to notify me whenever I get a new follower and I try to welcome every new follower on their blog. I must confess that I only started this yesterday but I might have to continue it anyway. Furthermore it's great to see where the love is coming from in terms of resteems. That's one of many things on Steemit that is missing so far. Therefore I can only recommend installing eSteem on your mobile (Apple or Android).

  3. Discord. I've talked about this a lot and can not point it out often enough. Join Discord and start networking if you want to get somewhere on Steemit. In fact, I've decided to set up Discord Channel myself so that you'll at least have a start when it comes down to finding the correct channels on Discord. If you click the following link you will join the "WTF" channel. I'll see you there: WTF DISCORD CHANNEL

  4. Another Tool you'll be using alot is Steemwhales. You can check your own progress for example. But you can, if you use the filters correctly, find all kinds of information on all the users of Steemit. I seek and find my people for the daily Who To Follow right there ;)

  5. Steemdb is one of those websites where you can find everything about anything you need to know about Steem. In a way it's the same as Steemd.com but much more appealing to the eye. You can look at the growth of your own account in a diagram. Isn't that cool?

  6. Autovoter If you want to set your account to automatically upvote accounts of your favorite authors just head over to autovoter, sign up for an account en connect your Steemit account. In the rules you can set account to be upvoted whenever they submit a post. You can choose to do it immediately or wait some time before the upvote. I'd be amazing if you'd choose to set a rule to upvote my posts. I would really appreciate that!

  7. Streemian is one of those tools that will make your life easier as you continue to grow. You can set rules to follow great authors, great curation trail or simply set them up yourselve. To follow my curation trail go to Streemian - Services - Curation Trail - "Cem" (Look for my trail on page 4)

  8. This post by @Scrooger where you will learn how to use the markdown in your advantage to create great visually appealing posts. Add the page to your favorites as you will be using the tips on that page a lot! Trus me, I know you will.

  9. ChainBB is forum where you can connect to other Steemians and use it to submit posts to Steemit. I've seen a lot of people use it but I must say that I haven't had the time to test it out myself or even use it frequently. I have to go on instinct telling you that this is a very useful part of Steemit Tools.

  10. Your brain. I believe this is and will be your most important tool not only on Steemit but in life altogether. Use it!

Again, a list of 10 things that can and will help you on STeemit. I should call this Who to Follow "10 things you should do" but then the name would loose all it's appeal. And it's only for now so let's keep it at WTF.

Speaking of which:


@geoffrey Not the most consistent poster but his curation game is strong. His posts are somewhat financially oriented but his writingstyle can be descibed as easy to read. No deep stuff so it's really a soothing blogger between the heavy financial stuff. He drinks coffee, and likes to experiment with it :)

@etcmike One of those users who I believe get too little attention. Posts kinda regularly about two times a day. Judging by his recent posts he is somewhat into Crypto. He posts alot of videos. So you only have to watch and listen. When you know who Gerald Selente is than you might now what he mostly posts and resteems about. But don't be deceived by his seemingly lower payouts. His curation game is on spot!

@piedpiper No nonsense guy who helped build the community from the start. Streemian from the heart. You can read all about him on his blog but I wanted to quote one sentence that struck me:

I'm a community builder, gathering high-caliber people to a real estate development here in Chile were we intend to demonstrate what a real, high-quality community really looks like.

If you take this quote and translate it to this community this father to be actually says exactly what a lot of us think: This community needs high caliber people to join and stay invested into Steemit. So bring quality and good content and you are one the right way of bringing Steemit to another level.

@myfirst From China, not that does matter a lot here on Steemit because we are a diverse community. What matters more is that his or her pictures give a cool insight in a world we actually don't know much about. China has been hiding from the western world for thousands of years and suddenly: Boom Chinese people everywhere. And we are about to expect a lot more on Steemit. One more reason to take "Mandarin" classes.

@herzmeister German Master of Hearts. That's what his name really means. Michael enjoys talking about Cryptocurrencies and can be found on Bitcointalk for example. If you think that he is not that active you might be mistaken. He is just busy with all the things in the world. Loves to take trip and gladly shares the pictures with us. If you like Germans just as much as I do you might want to consider following him. If you don't like German you should know most Germans don't like Michael because he is from Bayern. So take it easy on him really...

@haphazard-hstead If you the BIO than you will know exactly what you can find in here. All about nature and the love for natural things. In a great way really as he uses cool .gifs to show you what he is doing. Like making vinegar for example. Chopping up spruce tips never looked so satisfying

@jerrybanfield If you haven't heard of Jerry Banfield by now you either live under a rock or you just joined Steemit and haven't been looking at trending posts yet. It doesn't matter really because now you have heard of him and you have no reason whatsoever anymore to not follow him. He is the reason why I am on Steemit and he is the reason why there are so many others on Steemit since the last two months. Follow his ass and don't miss out the chance to get the bestest updates on Steemit you can get. Research, predictions, contests, motivation, it's all right there on his account.

@tamim I think we might have found the first Sheikh on Steemit. One look at his account tell's me that I should have taken the Quran lessons when they where offered to me. Maasallah. Luckily for us he also speaks English which makes him my second best friend today on this list. Next to Jerry of course. LOL. Anyway, from what I can figure out he loves to engage with the community looking at the number of posts he has (Which contain posts and comment mind you). Better try to get his attention as he might throw you a hefty upvote now and then. "Insallah" I hear you think. True, Insallah. Selam Brother

@mindhunter One of four Scots I know, next to @meesterboom, Sean Connery and William Wallace. Still not having his well deserved freedom so he started blogging on Steemit. Good Choice Lad, You might finally get your freedom William Died for. His fingers must burn considering the amount of posts he made. Yes you read that right, almost 30k posts. And here you are whining about your 500 posts. Stop it, be like @mindhunter. And he posts about everything and anything really. Also about a Polish town buying Tom Hanks a car :D


I want to conclude today's WTF Daily with a special word for @OCD. If you are on Steemit and believe you have good quality content but feel it's underrated feel free to contact me or any of the @OCD teammembers. If you struggle with getting the right attention we might be able to help you out. If we find your post of high quality but you haven't gained any attention in the form of upvotes and rewards we will take your post into consideration. Internally we then will decide which posts will make it to the daily top 5.

We delibaretely search for Gems that are forgotten and we feel deserve extra attention.

Cheers y'all and Steem ON!

Check out yesterday's Who To Follow

Don't forget to follow my Streemian Trail - Services - Curation Trail - "Cem"

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Wow! Awesome!

I am very honored to be considered and mentioned.

Upvoted and re-steemed!
Have a fantastic week!
Steem on,

Hi Mike,

You are welcome! Have a great week yourself. And please keep us entertained with your posts :D


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WOW! Thanks!

This is awesome! Thank you for the mention! Really appreciate it!

I see the link you are using is the older one where the codes were not included in the actual post. This is the updated one:

Thanks again! You are delivering a good service for all the users!

Thanks mate, I changed the link ;)

Thanks again!

Every bit of help is appreciated! It's a new world to me...

I actually took notes this post is so useful! As a newbie I will check out your recommendations. All help is appreciated...following

Whats up @cem I just followed you. Hope you will stay with me & follow me..

This is good. I especially like no. 10 haha, it's really important! If you set your mind to a task you'll end up suprising even yourself. Plus it's free.

Thanks for sharing this tools, exactly what i need :D

Wow. Thanks for the info and tips. Good stuff. Very detailed. Upvoting and following.

Thank you for sharing. Gladly, I know a lot of these already. I started a month ago and happy to see that I am making progress. 😊 You have my one cent (upvote). LOL

Awsome info 👍🏼

A lot of great tools and I'll add them to my bookmarks. Thanks for sharing :)

Thanks for sharing..upvoted and followed

Good summary of the tools there, I've tried them all but missed the notifications on eSteem so I'll be showing back there. Will it notify you when a follower/favourite blogs?

'@mindhunter One of four Scots I know, next to @meesterboom, Sean Connery and William Wallace.' ha! I think he'll be happy being in this list!

He actually said "spot on" 😎

haha :D hunterlegend

Thanks for the shout out, @cem! I'm glad you liked those gifs. They can show how to do things without making people watch a whole video.

I liked @etcmike's bird feeder reports during the winter. He took good care of the squirrels, too, lol.

And I think you did find a sheikh! That is an interesting blog and wallet! I hope you can get on that guy's good side! ; )

And thats how I try to connect everybody 😁 Now you found a sjeikh and someone who cares about squirrels, what a day!

Yay! @cem the Connector!

been off a while, but lol, thx