Writing Prompts: The first time I realized I was a wizard.

Rock and roll were all I knew how to do, I was happy entertaining people and letting them have fun through my performance. Rock and roll was my life! I had no idea that I could have anything within me aside from that until that day.

We were at rehearsals with the rest of the band members when suddenly the drummer started beating the drum in a really bizarre way that didn't quite fit. I stopped singing and told him to stop but he wouldn't. It was like something has taken over him and making him play in such a disorganized and unprofessional way and to make matters worse, he wouldn't even listen.

Out of exasperation, I moved a little bit closer, moved my hands carelessly in the air with a finger pointing towards the drums, I suddenly noticed some sort of glow at the tip of my finger and I wondered what it was and when I looked towards him, I noticed that his hands and the drumsticks were frozen. I was terrified!

The rest of the band members were amazed, they came towards me asking how I did it, me, on the other hand, kept saying I didn't do anything but they all saw it and they were sure I did something. The drummer with the frozen hands kept freaking out about his icy hand which didn't feel like it was part of his body anymore but everyone else was more bothered about how I did it.

For a second, no one cared about the guy with the frozen hands, I was staring at my hands while they kept bombarding me with questions, questions I had no answer to. Minutes later, I told them we needed to find a way to unfreeze the guy, which they agreed to. We tried melting the ice using different heat sources, from room heaters to even naked flames but all to no avail.

“Maybe only a similar power that froze his hands can defreeze him”, someone said

And he was right! They told me to do the “magic” again but i wasn't sure if it will work this time. I moved my hands, in the same way, I did earlier and all it did was add another coat of ice to the already frozen parts and now, even some parts of the drum. I moved my hands again in a totally different way, and this time, his body moved like I was controlling him. I didn't know what I had done, and I didn't know how to undo it. The other band members kept watching like it was some fascinating show while for me and the drummer, it was more like a terrible experience that we will rather not witness.

It was after several trial and error, (one which actually made him fall off his seat, that was when I used my eyes in some way) that I finally succeeded in defreezing him. I released some sort of heat when I moved my hands (together with one of my legs I guess) in a way that I can't even remember, it was just luck.

I have always thought that magic and all that comes with it was lost centuries ago, in fact, I never believed in it. For me, they were tales and not reality but there is magic, staring right back at me. I wanted to get rid of this thing, to get my life back into order but I didn't know how. Every move I make with some sort of emotions kinda make something happen. I had to go home….

I took my guitar and headed home being careful of my every step as I walked home. I have been unusually quiet since after the ice incident, I was filled with so many unanswered questions, uncertainty and a bit of rage. I had asked the band members to keep it a secret and I believe they sure did.

As I walked home, I heard this woman shout for help I tried tracing the voice and found out that she was being robbed. I decided to help the woman out since I at least could do some sort of magic. I moved my hands in the air as I did earlier, and this time, his whole body of the robber was frozen. I didn't know what to expect when I lifted my hands in the air but I am glad it did work, the woman was thankful and unlike most people, she didn't bombard me with countless questions which I was grateful for.

I left the man in his frozen state, just maybe, someone will come to help him out tomorrow. Who is gonna approach a frozen man on a hot summer day anyway? Oh well! I went home and went straight to bed, I didn't want to cause any more havoc. I didn't want to freeze my bed and I definitely didn't want to burn it either. I would keep my hands in my pocket all the time and walk with my eyes half closed, they seem to have some sort of powers too.

The next day, I stayed home so I could research on places to go find help. I was wise enough to know that I wasn't gonna receive any help from the hospital, for all I know, they are gonna make fun of it all, well, until I prove them wrong. I kept searching the internet but it seemed like it had little to no details about such powers, I needed to meet someone, someone that can understand all of these. But there was none!

I decided to go for a stroll around evening time and that was when I saw someone use their power. I am sure he didn't know I was looking at him plus if I had seen that on any other day, then I would have thought that he did some kinda trick to make it work. Well, that was my breakthrough….

I rushed towards him (with my hands in my pockets) telling him I need his help. I told him my story but he wouldn't believe me, he thought I just wanted to trap him. It seemed like there was someone after them (and now, probably me). I decided to prove to him and then, he believed me. I told him I wanted to get rid of these powers, I wanted to live my normal life once again…

He took me to this place that seemed like an underground building, it was the school of wizardry, as they called it. I was scared at first but I needed to trust him if I wanted to receive help from him. He seemed like one of the good ones but I couldn't say for sure.

He introduced me to a few more people there and then, his teacher. he told the teacher how we met, who I was and what I wanted, the teacher sat me down and explained what the process entailed and an alternative too.he said I have the genes of wizards and even though there is no recent family member that is one and the last could probably be centuries ago, that gene have chosen to be dominant in me.

He said it would be possible to get rid of the powers but it could wipe away my memory or even cost me my life but there was an alternative, which is learning to control those powers, he asked me what my powers were, he said there could be more which I am yet to discover. He brought some books (a ton of them) and told me that if I do want to control those powers then should read through.

I had no patience of going through those books and I certainly didn't want to be at risk of losing my life or my memory. But I had no option but to stick with the book. “It's crazy how we never know about the existence of a certain group until we become part of them or need their help”, I thought. I didn't know whether to be fascinated, scared or amazed at all that has happened. One thing was for sure, I love performing and I wanted to do anything that will let me get back to my old self.

This teacher told me a whole lot more. He told me about the different categories of wizards that exist and this happens to be those that are out to do good. I was glad that I fell into the right hands because I definitely wouldn't wanna harm anyone. Well, except for the guy from last night, maybe?😉

After months of studying, I was able to discover more of my powers, control them and use them only when I need to, it seems like the powers most times are connected to my inner state. The old teacher wanted me to stay and work with them, using my powers to help others. I love the idea of helping others but I would rather perform on stage. Maybe I will change my mind someday but for now, I am back to "rocking and rolling".

I was back to my normal life once again, actually, life wasn't as normal as it used to be, my friends will bug me to do some “magic” for them or do task they can easily do with my new powers but it was still life anyways and I love it.

Much Love — Audrey❤


ǝɹǝɥ sɐʍ ɹoʇɐɹnƆ pɐW ǝɥ┴

Thanks for stopping by....🤗

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That's quite a story, nice twist at the end despite all that magical learning - the true calling remains to be an entertainer on the stage!

#thealliance #witness

Oh, yes! I am glad you did enjoy reading the story. Home, they say, is where the heart is. I guess home in this case is on the stage...😃

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What a great story!🤗
The end made me really surprised~
You are so creative.

😊 thank you so much! I am glad you did enjoy the story.❤

What a cool story, Audrey. Well written, interesting and funny enough to keep me glued until the end. Thanks a lot for sharing your creativity with us. 😁

Thank you so much for taking out time to read, I am glad you enjoyed it!😊

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Thanks, C-squared😘😊

What in interesting read. Thank you @audreybits for sharing your imagination on Steemit with us. I really enjoyed that!

I am so glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for stopping by!!😊

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One way of saying “cool band “ 😂😂😂👍👍

Right??😃 I am glad you enjoyed reading through!

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