I can write anything and get paid :)

in writing •  10 months ago

My name is Vlad, I said that in #introducemyself section. Okay.

Never heard of a website that pays you for creating content. I thought that having a blog means everything, Apparently not.

Looks like posting for free doesn't motivate anyone. We all want to be rewarded for our content. Writing, photography, videos, we all want some value four our creation.

Seems like we play another soccer game in another world (I mean bloggers, vloggers and such).

We don't earn as much as it's advertised. We struggle. Trying to compete with each other without uniting amongst us.

Like I say on my website, UNITE. Do the impossible. Try to create a community that looks like you. And for every word written and any vote or like you give, get rewarded.

That's why I like Steemit.com

It offers me the ability to share my childhood with others while I get paid i cryptocurrency. That is the best social network.

Post it and get paid. People will appreciate a text written, a video created. 

Act and you will succeed.

Thank you for your time reading this....

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