True Presence Should Not Be A Luxury, But An Essential

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It's a luxury you're talking to a person who's not using a phone during conversations.
It's a luxury you're talking to a human, not a bot behind a helpline.
It's a luxury you get an organic vote from a human reader on Steemit.

Why has an essential become a luxury?

What triggered this post is a TEDx video by Happiness Coach, Charnita Arora. She asked herself,

What happens if an individual made a decision to be with someone completely?
What happens if I go to someone, with only one intention, to be with this person, completely?

Charnita and I had the same answer, MAGIC happens.

Things that were overlooked were now taken notice of.
Details that were ignored were now remembered.
Feelings that were lost were now ignited once more.

Offering your true presence to your loved ones, is the greatest gift.

And this gift can be given by anybody, everybody.

Make this your daily ritual, at the very least.

Spend 5 minutes (minimum) of uninterrupted, distraction-free conversation between you and your loved one.

Catch up with each other, ask "How was your day?", "Have you eaten?", "Did you slept well?", any questions about the other person.

During the conversation, take notice of your own breath, the other person's breath, the slight differences between yesterday and today on his face, his hair, his eyes, his tone, his expressions. Touch them, if you want to.

The time and space is all about re-connecting with your loved one.

If your loved one asked about your day, be open and share your thoughts and emotions. It's not just him, but it's about you too.

Sometimes I feel guilty of not offering my true 100% presence to my boyfriend.

I would be organizing my table, typing on my phone and/or computer, thinking about something else, dozing off while I was talking to him.

I admit it is not easy to offer 100% of true presence 100% of the time. But, it's actually easier than you think to invest 5-10 minutes a day to create a uninterrupted, distraction-free space for the both of you.

I forgive myself for failing my expectations, and I appreciate myself for making the decision to commit to our daily ritual.

Sometimes we gave advice to each other, we talked about stuff that annoyed us, we talked about our achievements, we congratulate each other's achievements, we appreciate each other's presence and effort, and more.

The tiny little things are essential events that make a relationship flourishes, and eventually our happiness. They're not luxuries, they're something everyone can offer.

Here's a question to your heart,

Does your loved one feel loved from you?

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Above are all first world problems and those who are lucky to be have a decent life... we are truly blessed to have such problems as opposed to famine, war, etc..

Yes, you're right. Those are first world problem that are blessed with accessibility to technologies, which are problems waiting to be solved :)

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