What Does Your Daily Schedule Tells You?

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"What you do every day tells a lot about you, your priorities and your values." - Robin Sharma

When I first heard this from Robin Sharma, I didn't expect how easy and obvious it is to know whether am I living true to my values or not, or whether am I living the way I wanted it to be.

Ya'know, all of us have dreams and goals. Our lives would've been great if we have achieved those goals right now, right here. But in reality, without effort, strategy, and discipline, goals remain as illusion.

Writing down your current daily schedule is like a big pat on the back or big slap on the face, or it can be both.

I felt like a big slap on the face.

The big slap was lecturing "What are you doing, Tifa!? You're wasting your time by being distracted! Are these going to inch you closer to your goals? Are these aligned with your values?"

When too many days my answers have been "No", I knew I've gotta change the way I am living my days. I've gotta do more of stuff that are aligned to my goals and values.

My Past Daily Schedule

After I wrote them down, I read again and again, about 5 times. It's not because I don't understand the words, it's because I wonder why am I living this way.

Look at the amount of time I've wasted!

  • 1 hour on my phone
  • 1.5 hours on games
  • 3 hours on social media and anime at work
  • 0.5 hours extra on lunch

That was 6 hours out of 24 hours, 25% of my day was flushed down the toilet bowl, contributed to nothing.

When I can see how I spent my days, my motivation to change soars up. Like I heard the siren sound beside my ear drums. It was the "Danger" warning from my instincts.

Definitely a day that I did nothing and achieved nothing. Not an extraordinary that I wanted at all.

Then, I started to ponder "How would an extraordinary day look like?"

I started writing down a daily schedule that I wanted to live in.

Am I too ambitious? I don't think so.
Is it unrealistic? I don't think so.
Is it doable? Yes, of course.
Will I do it? Hell yeah!

In my version of extraordinary day, I wanted to do daily meditation, journaling, reading, writing, gaming and exercise.

All I need to do is just follow the schedule and definitely I will be one step closer to my goal, no matter how small that step is.

An action that is so simple that I don't need to think at all leaves me no excuse to escape.

Hmm, this could be an interesting topic to experiment on.

"How to follow through daily/weekly action plans?"

Personally, I found that writing down your current and envisioned daily schedule does help you to realize that you're not living the way you wanted to and it motivates you to live your envisioned lives.

Write down your current daily schedule and compare it with your envisioned daily schedule. How would you close the gaps?

Small Daily Practices is Tifa's mission to invite you to live an extraordinary life. She is not an expert, not a coach, not certified but learning is constant for her. She shares what she has learned in hope that you live your version of extraordinary life.

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She invites you to live an extraordinary life, starting from making each day extraordinary. Simple Daily Practices is the key she has discovered.


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