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You go to a new place, you check-in with a hotel.
You start a new day, you check-in with yourself.

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What does "Check-in With Yourself" mean?

Start your day with intentions and purpose that you consciously decided for yourself.

Your days could be sweeping you like a dust, or tossing you like a ball, or playing with you like doll. A lot of times, instinctively and naturally you were swept by the flow and events. Then, your precious 16 hours are gone like ashes.

At the end of the day, you wondered "Where did all those hours flew?"

Have you ever had thoughts "I think I did nothing productive today."

Sometimes I do, that is when I don't check-in with myself.

Check-in = Set Purpose + Intentions

One way to affirm yourself to do the things you have decided to do before you leave your bed is to set your purpose and intentions of the day.

The action of setting your purpose and intentions of the day is CHECK-IN with Yourself.

"The purpose of life is a life of purpose" - Robin Sharma

Check-In Creates A Day of Purpose

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Once you've set your purpose and intentions, you are telling your subconscious mind and conscious mind that you will achieve your purposes and intentions on that day.

You have blocked the time and you're determined to live your purpose. Because you felt the pain and regret of failing them (purpose and intentions). Also because you felt the joy and fulfillment of achieving them.

You used your emotions to affirm yourself to live your purpose.

By using pain and regrets, you're strengthening the pushing force, that pushes you towards Life of Purpose.

By using joy and fulfillment, you're enhancing the pulling force, that pulls you from Life of Purpose.

A Day of Purpose makes up Extraordinary Life

An Extraordinary life is made up of every single day of your life. The way you live each day will either bring you closer or further away from your goals and dreams.

If you live each day fulfilling your purposes and intentions, you would have improved by 30% in a month and 365% in a year. Incredible, isn't it?

My purpose each day is Learning. As long as I have learned something that brings me closer to my long-term goals, I have lived a day of purpose.

What is yours?

Check-in From Within

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I always believe we need to define our own purposes and live our own lives, not someone else's. We may not hold the answers, but we can always choose to seek.

One action is to connect with yourself and ask powerful questions, questions that help you to craft or remind your purpose and intentions.

Personally, I ask myself these THREE questions.

1. What do I want to do for me to reach my goals in 3 years time?

2. How do I feel if I succeeded?

3. How do I feel if I failed?

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I list down top 5 items that I need to do and I commit to do every single day. The way I ensure myself follow through is by using my emotions. I want to feel joy, fulfillment, satisfaction and happiness. I never want to feel pain, regrets and disappointment.

These emotions became the forces that pull and push me towards where I wanted to be.

Check-In Takes Less Than 10 Minutes.

The most effective time to check-in is right after you woke up, brushed your teeth and washed your face.

Ensure there are no distractions in these 10 minutes you've blocked for yourself. Put yourself as "Do Not Disturb" physically and virtually.

Sit comfortably and be still.


Focus on the 3 questions. Ask yourself,

**1. What do I want to do for me to reach my goals in 3 years time?

  1. How do I feel if I succeeded?
  2. How do I feel if I failed?**

Let your emotions flow, do not attempt to stop them.

Once you're done, open your eyes.

You're ready to live your day of purpose!

Small Daily Practices is Tifa's mission to invite you to live an extraordinary life. She is not an expert, not a coach, not certified but she keeps learning and learning. She learns and shares. With the hope that she can make your life better. In a way, she has touched your life the moment you read her works.

You will find her past works on Simple Daily Practices below,

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She invites you to live an extraordinary life, starting from making each day extraordinary. Simple Daily Practices is the key she has discovered.


I love this! I love any reading material that talks about self development. And I found a great liking to your post! I will start to implement Check-in every morning.. since you stated there that it takes less than 10 minutes to do. Hehe Cheers! #teammalaysia

Hey @deborahneils, thank you so much for reading and commenting :)

Wow, you're the first few people who told me that would do what I wrote, I felt really touched by your words. I hope check-in could help you improve yourself and your everyday life.

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