7 days of Non-Steemit Reminded Me of My Purest Intention For Steemit

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For 7 consecutive days, I have stopped writing for Steemit. My brain didn't look for inspiration.

My body didn't block a time to write. My mouse didn't visit my Steemit profile at all. I am behaving the way I was before I met Steemit so that I have the time all for myself to really connect the depths of my heart and ask,

"What was it that I really want to write about?"

Throughout 108 days since I'm in Steemit, I have been writing a lot of different things. From self-help to finance, from contests to contests. Diversification should be a good thing but I felt I have strayed off from my rightful path.

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When I first got started on Steemit, I was crystal clear about what I wanted to write and share.

However, along the way, I got distracted. I started to follow the trends, readers, and contests. I'm starting to lose sight of my real purpose. That's why I've decided to take a break, a full pause from Steemit and reconnect with myself.

7 days of Pause is very long but fruitful. In these 7 days, I focus on myself, my learnings and my surroundings. I began to incorporate what I've learned into my life consciously, naturally. I was inspired to make my life extraordinary and in order for that to take place, every day got to be extraordinary. The inspiration came from Robin Sharma in his Mindvalley Quest: Hero, Genius, Legend.

My mission was inspired as well.

Writes simple daily practices to make our lives extraordinary.

Simple, realistic and powerful.

Robin Sharma reminded and inspired me the importance of Simple Daily Practices that you all do every day. If you want to be successful, if you want to be loved, if you want to grow, if you want to do anything, there're always actions accompanied by goals and change.

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If you really desire something, you gotta change and change always start with actions.

And these actions are not big actions done once or twice a year. Actions that can really change you and bring you closer to your goals are small daily actions that you do EVERY SINGLE DAY, consciously or unconsciously.

Because every day is so important, 24 hours of your life could've been flushed down the drain that you would, later on, regret.


Each day are strung together to make a month, a year, a decade, a century. They basically make up your life.

You have 24 hours. Imagine you have 24$ to spend in a day. Once the money is spent, you'll never ever earn that money again. How would you spend those 24$?

It's scary when you see your time as money, especially knowing how much you spend on things that are not helpful to you.

Small steps are the foundation of big changes in the long run.

Imagine yourself working on ONE thing every single day, you would've improved by 30% in one month, 365% in one year. Remarkable results yet not many are able to see them through. Bear in mind that,

Consistency is the mother of mastery.

Living an extraordinary life is what most of us want, we pictured who we wanted to be, what we wanted to have and how we're getting there. But dreams remain as illusions if there are no executions.

I need to start designing my day to be extraordinary in order to live an extraordinary life.

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With great respect and humility, I want to invite you to live an extraordinary life authored and designed by you.

There is no "extra" day. There is no meaningless day. There is no normal day.
There is an only extraordinary day.

Read on only if you're determined to live extraordinary days.

From now on, you will see Small Daily Practices with step-by-step guides that don't take more than 30 minutes a day. Sometimes you'll experience thought-provoking reflections, real-life stories, belief-crushing questions or even quotes that wakes you up.

It's really difficult to change in the beginning and it's really messy in the middle because you'll try a lot of different things, frustrated because some didn't work and anxious because you've failed some, but it'll be extremely beautiful at the end. You'll be so beautiful and dazzling because you've finally become the hero you've always wanted to become.

Be the hero you wanted to be and create the extraordinary life that you deserve.

This is a wake-up call.

With great humility and respect, I ask of you, to design your extraordinary days and embark this journey with me, that we exchange knowledge along the way, we support each other and we are the best hero of ourselves.

Disclaimer: I am no expert, no coach, no certifications. I am a student of life and I deliver what I've learned, what I've tested and what inspires me to you. I too want to live an extraordinary life just as you want to and I have started my executions. Now I am inviting you to live your version of extraordinary.

She invites you to live an extraordinary life, starting from making each day extraordinary. Simple Daily Practices is the key she has discovered.


Follow @tifaong for daily practices that will create extraordinary lives.

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I would love to learn what you have learned to make your life extraordinary. I have just finished, the Superbrain quest by Jim kwik at mindwalley and I am thrilled to meet a fellow self improver like myself. Thank you @tifaong for the inspiration

Hey @eugenekul, I was taking Jim Kwik's quest too! It's rare to find a fellow Mindvalley learner too XD
Thank you so much Eugene, I'm be excited to share what I've learned too! So stay tuned :)


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