“Q” – Vocab-ability – A More Powerful Vocabulary (This post includes the single entry beginning with the letter “Q”)

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This short post comprises the sole “Q” entry of the Vocab-ability series. It includes several English words whose etymology can be traced to the Greek and Latin roots.    

If you learn this one root, you can learn, understand, and use each and every English word derived from that root. Vocab-ability is an easy-to-use resource guide to help you understand those roots.   

In total, this Vocab-ability post features the single entry that begins with the letter “Q."

Free Use: 

Please feel free to download the following material, copy it, print it out and distribute it for any and all educational purposes. If it helps you or your students increase your English vocabulary, it will have served its purpose. And I will know that my efforts have proven beneficial. (Please see my additional comments and notes below the entries.)  

  Vocab-ability–196 (quer, quisi = ask, seek)  

Note re Copyright / Free Use: 

I hold the copyright to the original Vocab-ability guide, which was published in 2002. I hereby grant free use to all the material contained in this post and all other Vocab-ability posts on Steemit.    

Note re Copying each Screenshot: 

Each separate entry (including those in this and other Vocab-ability posts) consists of one screenshot (since making screenshots was the only way I could properly format the individual entries for uploading to Steemit). To use these entries for your personal study or in any classroom, you can download any or all screenshots by clicking and dragging the screenshots that you want to use, and then print them out.   

Note re Passing on the Vocab-ability Links:  

Alternatively, you can simply pass on one or more of the following links to the Vocab-ability posts:

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I knew it all! Yeah! I wish I would use all this words in my current vocabulary. I feel the "internet blogging" has made my way to speak very poor and simplistic.


Don't worry. It's difficult for anyone to use all the vocab they know. Generally, we used a limited number of words, over and over again, every day.

The only way to actually USE and SPEAK the expanded vocabulary terms that you learn, you need to have repeated exposure to them. That way, those words will eventually float to the front of your mind, and you might begin to use them in conversation. It takes a long time, or lots of study / exposure. Lots of reading helps ... because then you'll pick up more and more vocab, almost naturally, without studying.

As for the internet simplifying your speech, there is that danger. One strategy is to AVOID simplistic and shitty internet sites. There's a lot of garbage on the net, but there's plenty of great material on some fine sites. Bookmark the good sites, and avoid the crap.

I'll do what I can to improve your English vocab during 2018! Keep learning.


Thank you! Sending positive vibes and a happy new year to you!

I'm really enjoying these travels through the maze of tangled roots of words we commonly use.

no "question" about it - here's another one to add to the list > question < from Latin quaestionem (nominative quaestio) "a seeking, a questioning, inquiry, examining, judicial investigation," noun of action from past participle stem of quaerere "ask, seek" (see query (v.)). - source https://www.etymonline.com/word/question


Pleased that you enjoy them all.

I did not include "question," for several reasons. First, Vocab-ability is targeted to higher-level students, and they would all know the word "question."

Second, the sample – definition would have read "question – question" or "question – query," which would have been kinda pointless.

Third, I included the example "query – a question," and figured that was redundant enough.☺

Still, thanks for your editorial input. Always appreciated.


touché - point well taken

When I grow up, I want to be a literate Minotaur-Slayer just like you!
Cheers! Have a great year of 2018.


This one pic alone has taught me more than my English high school education ever did!

English not being our first language, our schooling system doesn't put much emphasis on learning English well. The standards of public school English isn't great and thats where most people go to for education due to financial reasons.

Keep em posts coming man. Really helpful. Will be checking out the other links as well.

And wishing you a happy new year!

Wow great writing vocabulary ..Actually your total content i like this..Cause this post very helpful for us..Please carry on your creativity ...I will wait for your new writing ..Resteemit

useful and interesting posts

wow!very nice post..carry on my friend,,,,,,,,,,

Awesome writing..

Very interesting and instructive article. Perhaps this is the shortest of your articles in this rubric. Thank you that you continue to give knowledge to people. A huge success to you in 2018.

Очень интересная и поучительная статья. Пожалуй, это самая короткая из Ваших статей этой рубрики. Спасибо Вам, что продолжаете дарить знания людям. Огромной Удачи Вам в 2018 году.