The Woman Who Moved | Story-writing Collaboration - Part 3

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A week ago I was approached by 2 friends on steemit (@mandelsage and @insideoutlet) and asked if I’d co-write a story with them!

The idea is that we write the story round-robin style.
@Mandelsage started us off with Part One.
@Insideoutlet followed up with Part Two.
And, here I am with Part Three!

There will be one more round! We aren’t consulting each other between each post, so this is creative-writing improvisation. Hope you’ll follow along for the full tale!


For those first few weeks, as time stood still, the solitude was pleasant. I grew bold.

I did things I never dared to do when time was passing. I wore britches and boots. I wore my hair, messy on top of my head or wild and loose around my shoulders. I explored inside of mansions I had walked past as party-goers dressed like peacocks paraded in and out of heavy, carved wood doors. I stood on the stages of the opera, the theatre, and the national ballet. I went to the top of the grand cathedral and rang the bell.

I have never been one to let opportunity slip past and when time stopped, at first I reveled in my newfound freedoms, foolishly believing everything would go back to normal. I lived, and explored the city, in a state of blissful denial. The truth is: nothing would ever be the same again.

After what felt like several months, a deep abiding sense of panic began to set in. I could go wherever I wanted, and do whatever I wanted, but I was alone. My husband stood, a statue in our kitchen. His face frozen in concentration as he reached towards the cupboard began to look like a deathly grimace to me.

Nothing I could do would make time start again, and I have never felt more powerless or terrified in my life.

At that point, I will confess, I found a depth of darkness in my soul that I have never known again. I saw my future laid out before me, condemned to walk forever amongst statue-corpses of those I had known and loved. I wondered what I had done in my short life to warrant such a punishment. I wondered if I would age, or if time stopping would sentence me to an eternity of solitude.

One day, I found myself wandering the streets of the oldest parts of the city. I had wandered past the main streets with their fine estates, to twisted avenues and side streets leading to older buildings that house a wide variety of people who choose to call the capital city their home. This is where the artists, the magicians, the bards, and those just passing through are most likely to frequent. I had come to the end of a particularly narrow alley, when I saw a flash of red speed past the passage outlet.

My heart stopped. You must understand, for months I had seen nothing move except for what I moved myself.

I raced to the end of the alley, flinging myself into the bright, permanent daylight to see what had just raced past, and stumbled face first into a woman who would change the course of my entire life.

What to find out what happens next? @Mandelsage will have Part 4 ready for you soon!

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Wooww! perfect cooperation
You have created a great story :)
I congratulate all authors. I hope to read more.
see you dear friend :)

Thank you so much for stopping by to check out the story. I appreciate you! <3

Thank you for the kinds words ;) ... You can read more now... I've just posted Part 4 ;)

Being able to stop time and either - one, catch up on learning, etc, or two, cause some real hijinks - has long been a fantasy of mine. :) Not being able to restart things would be a drag though.

Right?! It would be so fun...for awhile...then I think it would get old. Being able to control it at will though--would be AWESOME.

I've thought about it long and hard and I really think that, bar immortality, instant teleportation to anywhere you want would be the best superpower.

Part 4 is ready, btw =)

The story is surely taking new turns - good work people - I'm enjoying reading your work :)

:) Thanks for reading and showing the #dolphinschool love.

Anytime - that's what it's all about :)

Glad to know you're enjoying it =) ... The story continues in Part 4 which I just posted ^^

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So cool! Thank you so much for featuring this series. :)

Joys of being part of the team lol... If you haven't already do follow us @asapers :)

Done! :)

You captured my attention and I wanted to read more. @lilyraabe

:) Aw thank you for saying so and thank you for stopping by too! I never write fiction, so this was fun for me.

And now you can! Hehe .. Just got done posting Part 4 ;)

Good. I will go to your post andcontinue [email protected]

Cool to work together like this:) I hope it will inspire more people to make collaborations on Steemit.
Great story and well written:)

Thank you so much! I really appreciate your support and you stopping by to check it out. :)

Oooh, yes, exactly what I hope for too. This platform can only be successful if we all work together. Adding quality content is a must, of course, but the real magic happens when people get involved in communities and collaborations. Thanks for reading! Part 4 is now up, btw =)

I will definitely check out the first two parts.
I love the suspense in the story.

Ya! I had no idea what I was going to get, it’s been so fun so far!

=) ... Well, the suspense just got even suspensier ;P ... I just posted Part 4 if you'd like to check it out ;)

I will check it out. No need to miss any part. Thanks

Very captivating writing @lilyraabe. Look forward to seeing where the other writer takes this intriguing and mysterious woman.

Thank you for the good read

Thank you so much! :)

The other writer would be me! ^^ And I just finished posting Part 4 ... Hope you like it ;)

Love It! Awesome job on bringing in a new character. Well, @mandelsage where shall you take us now!

:-D Ahhhh...and we’re off. Who IS SHE?!

If only we could collude Lol!

Haha, RIGHT?! But I also love the element of surprise!

me too, it makes reading the story extra interesting lol. I found it easier than I had originally expected it to be. I forget I can be creative when required lol.

I actually think that having the “structure” of other people’s ideas makes it easier for me and releases any need to get it “right” because I'm just improvising off the offers I've been given. So fun!

It really is fun! ... Awesome continuation!! =D I NEVER expected to find another person moving, hehehe... But I know exactly what I'm going to do with this ;)

I found it both frustrating and liberating at the same time, writing the beginning like that and then having to "set it free" as it were... It's working great so far, I think =)

I think setting the beginning would be the hardest part! What an awesome set-up and I can’t WAIT to see where you take it! :)

I don't know if I can handle the pressure of working on someone's else work (even if they tell me to have gun* and not care about the result.) I'll be too afraid of ruining it to come up with something.

Other than that it's fun to write in already established works, and it's proven to be easier.

EDIT: Have gun above is supposed to be "fun".. It's funny so I left it.

I'm so glad this happened! Maybe we can do another one in the future, with you or Lily starting us off. ^^

Are you saying rhis story is finished? Who's the lady in red?

Oooh, no, sorry! I meant, once we finish this one ;P ... As for the lady... You'll have to wait and see ;)

That is the question! And the answer... Is in Part 4 .. ;P ...

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the 3 part are too good I like! following ^^!

Awesome, so glad you enjoyed! :)

Part 4 is ready! ^^ Hope you enjoy it.

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I enjoyed reading, thanks for sharing.

Thank you so much for stopping by to check out the story. :)

Part 4 is out if you'd like to know what happens next =)

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After reading the first two parts, I knew the third will be like this. This is terrifying to think of, several months of nothingness!! She found another woman in the end? I can see the title drop coming,

I was going to ask about Part 4 but found the link myself. you're the one who should write part 5 right... is it out yet?

Finally I should tell you that I mentioned this story in my Daily Picks, and I think I'll comment on the whole story in the next one.