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Calling all multidisciplinary artists: 5 SBD on the line! Submit your genre bending art before this post expires!

I love art that mixes genres, breaks expectations, and tries to contribute something new to art forms that have been around for centuries! Innovation is essential. (FYI: all images from Unsplash!)


I often find myself wondering questions like...

What happens when a poet adds video and animation to their work?

What happens when a photographer and a dancer collaborate?

What happens when a rapper meets a puppeteer?

What happens when a sculptor becomes a choreographer?


Multidisciplinary art shows up in a lot of different ways -- so rather than making a single post about it, I decided to RUN A CONTEST FOR ARTISTS OF ALL STRIPES to share work that blends two or more artistic genres!


(1) Create a post sharing a piece of your own work (or a collaboration you played a key role in) that mixes 2 or more artistic genres! This might mean sharing a video, an image, writing, a sound clip, or something else (who knows!).
(2) Write at least 100 words describing the work and the artistic techniques at play
(3) Drop the link to your post here in the comments. This is the only way I will accept submissions! Deadline is next Saturday, when this post expires!
(2) Extra credit: I’m always very interested in seeing documentation of your artistic process, and will award “extra credit” accordingly!


The top artists post will receive 3 SBD and 2 runner ups will each receive 1 SBD. I will comment and upvote each submission to let you know I saw it!

Good luck my artist friends, may your great work continue! <3


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This is awesome! If I don't enter (time is the only factor here) I will definitely be keeping track of what comes through. Thanks!

Awesome! Glad you think it’s interesting and I KNOW I am excited to see what’s submitted!

Whaaa? This is amazing--and the process photos are absolutely INCREDIBLE. Holy wow. I’m so honored that you created this post for this competition! :)

Without your post as an inspiration, I wouldn't have even done it! So thank you! =)

This was a fun challenge. Thank you for hosting it. Here is my entry:

Yay, awesome, thank you for submitting! :)

This contest is going to inspire a lot of people. I know it inspired me!


Great stuff @lilyraabe. Although I am not really an artist, I admire those who can do it. And this is a different Take on it by blending two or more genres together. Really neat ! Look forward to seeing some of the entries

Thanks for stopping by to check it out! I’m excited to see the entries too! See you around. :)

You have a wonderful gift for creating creative contests. Already I see comments showing people are excited about participating. Keep steaming dear friend.

Thank you so much! <3

hello all Steemians friends... here is my entry for the contest :

and also give the video link on dtube:

i hope you all like :D

have a nice night....

Awesome, thank you so much for submitting. :)

wow excellent ! Love it

Thank you again for the invite to your contest @lilyraabe. Here is my entry:

Life of a Fish (Visual Poem)

This was a whimsical, delightful entry! Thank you for submitting. :)

This is a great idea! :)

Thank you! :)

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ooh that sounds like something that I love doing ! I'm Experimenting making Cinemagraphs-3D-Gifs-Quotes... lol for the lack of a better title.
Here's one:

Omg, that’s so rad! Please submit something. :) Note the rules up above on writing up at least 100 words to go with it, but YES to more of this!

Oh Lord! I used to animate and produce electronic music years ago and make animations to go with the music. The files are on an old computer with a corrupted hard drive! This contest is officially inspiring me to burn a data recovery bootdisk and see what I can salvage.

PLEASE DO. That would be so rad.

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Esto es una iniciativa interesante... bien hecho

Yay! No hablo mucho espanol, pero art es internacional! Por favor envíe. :)

I want to participate in this competition :) I will look at what I can do :)
Thank you dear friend. It's a great contest.

AWESOME! I hope you do, can’t wait! :)

I mix audio and music with poetry, and i also make visual art. Are you looking for new art for this contest or can we submit something we have made in the past? Thanks!

You can totally submit something you’ve used in the past! Awesome, looking forward!

Great contest @lilyraabe! I will try to participate, if time permits. LOL.
I am also sharing this with my community so they can also try.

Amazing, thank you so much for the interest and support!

This is really amazing contest, great initiative and I can't wait to se how this turns out 😉

Thanks for stopping by to check it out! :)

My pleasure my friend 😉 Happy Monday!

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Wahoo! Awesome, thank you! :) I really appreciate the support.

My pleasure. Just want to get you more entrants for a successful contest :)

Ohhh excellent initiatory, this merger of arts, it is one of the things that more I enjoy in the photography. Here my contribution, photographic record of the intervention of body with poem, I was the fotographer

BEAUTIFUL project, I love it. Thank you for submitting. :)

thank you @lilyraabe

This is really contributing to the steemit society at large.
Thanks for this great opportunity.
Here's my entry:

This is a beautiful entry! I love that it is personal to you and your family...there is a lot of meaning in what you have shared. <3

Thank you

A very cool idea for a contest you should get some really interesting entries

I’m so excited to see them ! :) Thanks for stopping by.

A pleasure to visit

This is a very inspiring contest. Really wish I could participate. Thanks for giving back to the community through this contest.

Thank you so much for stopping by to check it out! <3

Amazing! Thank you so much for submitting. :)

Hehe You're welcome fam..

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O.O .. You make such irresistible contests!! ... I'll certainly be taking part in this and I believe I know exactly what I'll be using... ;)

Hurrah! So awesome, I’m excited for you to participate in this one!

Lillyyyyy, I'm working on it ;P ... And also, you've been tagged several times, lol. Gonna have to go find you on Discord again. Parts 1 and 2 of our collaborative story are done =) It's your turn now! ^^

Ahhhh! I just went and read Parts 1 & 2. I have GinaBot now. ;) Give me a bit to think about it, and I’ll get out Part 3 asap.

Great idea for interdisciplinary art and creativity!
I'd like to enter my new instrumental track into your fab contest....
'Escapism' along with the cover art photographed by me.

Dsound link -!/@mrbloom/20180228t154121279z-escapism-instrumental-track-exclusive-for-dsound--steemit-mrbloom

Awesome, thank you so much for dropping this here. Will comment and respond on the post properly on Saturday as I write up the results!

Hi Lily. Thanks for the link.

I'm submitting my piece which combines sculpture with creative faction.

The sculpture story And then I got a smack is my precarious first steps into the world of sculpture and comes full-circle to the day of stone carving as an adult.

For my first attempt, I found an abandoned and very dirty concrete block. Then I raided my dad's toolbox and methodically went through all his chisels, screwdrivers and awls until all were rendered useless.

At the stone-carving course, I selected a large piece of limestone and traced a beautiful Celtic knot (contorted skinny cats) onto the flattish surface. I then proceeded to butcher the stone with a range of chisels and a hammer, the traditional tools used in stone carving.

The end result was not quite in line with my ambitions, but that's the story of my life.

Here's my submission: And then I got a smack.

Thanks for reading.

Best wishes
Anj x

Awesome, thank you so much for submitting! I’m real busy the next day, but I’ll check out everyone’s posts on Saturday when I write up the results! :)

Awesome! Thank you so much for entering! I’m super busy today but will be dropping by and checking out all the posts on Saturday when I do the final contest!

Well, here's a link to the motion comic of chapter 1 of the horror comedy graphic novel I wrote and lettered: Lesbian Zombies from Outer Space.

Not only does this take a static medium like comics and try to make it multi-media with music, SFX, voice actors, and panel movement, but the story itself starts with a movie within the comic. :)

Apart from the writing, I also edited the video on Final Cut. That meant cropping all of the panels and laying them out on the timeline. Then doing the sound design and grabbing appropriate music. I hired voice actors (and I did one part myself).

It's inspired by 80s R-rated B-movies, so be prepared.

Awesome, thanks for entering this! I’m super busy today, but I’ll be dropping back to everyone’s posts tomorrow and Saturday as I write up the competition!

Aah! I only just saw this competition, hopefully you hold some more in future. I'll throw this in anyway last minute. :) So cool to see this community grow.

Awesome! On my end it made the deadline so I’ll review with other entries today! :)