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" If nothing ever changed, there'd be no butterflies. "

From an office girl I choose to be a full time mom. Do you know how hard it is? Like for years you're having a work home work home routine then suddenly you stay in the house with kids. My husband is in far away land so I need to take charged. My mother used to take care of them but it is time for me to take over the job that is really mine. So I have Jigen, he is 6 years old turning seven this Sunday (Got his name from Lupin The 3rd lol) he is on primary school Grade II student and my wee baby girl 1 year and 4 months named Tia (she's lovely). The transition was never easy till now I got exhausted, working but a never ending job. No more putting on make up just an oily face. No more hanging loosely hair just a messy bun! Waking up early to prepare Jigz for school, when Tia's awake I need to prepare both. No more sleep when you want. You can sleep when the kids asleep. Since Tia just learned to walk she's unstoppable. She is curious about everything. She will put anything to her mouth that's why I need to make sure I'm always there looking at everything she do. Need to do the homework, teach him read and write and lots of stuff at school. But best of all I teach him to be a good person. To share and give to other people and I'm so proud of him. One day while walking in the streets with Jigz, he sees an old man sleeping on his wooden dirty cart. He stops, look at me and say,"Mama let's buy him food, if he don't have a house to live in maybe he has no food to eat and must be hungry too!" I was moved. So we buy him food and drinks and aside from that he get the coins from his pocket which he ask from me to buy some sweets and give it. Wow. I'm raising a good man here!

Working and meeting quotas gives me satisfaction they reward me with incentives and international tours but being a full time mom taking care of my kids and seeing them grow is so fulfilling. The happiness within is priceless. I thought leaving job is the worst decision I've ever made but no. Let me tell you, this is the wisest decision I'd made!

For now, I'm just a caterpillar. But I will do my best to become a butterfly. Different changes that I need to make, I will dare to become a better one. I will be their model. So I will be a good one.
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