Are There Any Writers Groups

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Do you know of one?

I know there are 1,000's of Steemit groups on Discord. I am looking for a writers group that is made up of writers to discuss writing. I don't need a group to proofread and edit. I'm not looking for a ring of circle jerk voting or to mentor a user. I need an actual room of writers made for writers. 

Writing seems to get the short end of the stick on Discord. I am in a few writers channels, and they are for help with writing or to help with writing. Are there any rooms that are compiled from writer's to chat and discuss writing without the mentoring?

There are chat rooms, gaming rooms, token rooms and art rooms. None of these are mentoring based, so is there a writers room that is a none mentoring writing room. 

I am erodedthoughts#6809, please message me if you know of, run or are in a writers room.


It's been mentioned twice and it deserves at least a third. Check out The Writer's Block:

You can find the Discord link here:

It's a great place to talk about writing or how salmon can turn evil. And what evil salmon would taste like. Hint: it's pretty salty.

I am in that group already, it is great. It is just not what I am looking for as far as a non-mentoring chat group. There should be a separation in rooms for writers and mentors, not different channels under the room.

I don't mind having a mentor chat room to join, I think it is a cool and very useful. However, I was really looking for a room where fiction and poetry writers can discuss what they are doing, get to know each other and help if wanted. Like my husband stated, the writing tag is the most used tag, but it is not all fiction and poetry writing. It could be blogging, art, life, contests, etc. Really good stories someone may be looking for could get lost in it all. Well since there is not one, I will figure out how to start one :) I'll keep everyone updated :)

Thanks everyone for responding :) Hopefully we will be chatting soon :)

Mannnn you are speaking my language! I joined a poets group on discord looking for something similar but it ended up being post promotion and no one wanted to necessarily have a discussion unless it was about a contest or pp, etc. which is fine just not what I was looking for. I would love to find exactly what you are describing! Let me know if you decide to create one or find one!

Byyy the wayyy... that wouldn’t happen to be a Nahko quote you got there at the bottom would it? If so, that’s what I’m talking about! I believe in the good things coming!

I am hopeful that there is already one where writers are doing more than grammar and spelling help. It just never really dawned on me how the writer's rooms were set up until I tried to find one for my wife. I mentor in a few of the named channels and as I was never looking to discuss writing as a whole it was never clear that they fell short in that respect.

Yes! That is Nahko ~ Black as Night ~ off of Dark as Night

Sorry so late on my reply here, but it so nice to meet another like mind on here! We’ve (my husband and I) saw him in concert twice and it always leaves me with a smile! Last year was at Shangri-La at Harmony Park in MN, it was beautiful! If you and your wife make a group to chat about writing as a whole I’m in 100%! Would love nothing more to chat with other writers and geek out over some Chaucer quotes haha! Have a great day!

Lucky! I wish I get to see him sometime soon. My friend Jack introduced him to me and it was instant love with almost every song. There is a lot in there to take in with each listen there is a new truth revealed.

I will keep you updated on the room.

Let me know if you end up going to see him! We can have a SteemIt Nahko meet-up! Haha! Thank you for keeping me in mind on the room! 😊

It would indeed be in a fantasy world that I got to attend a concert. Too much life is going on in our home to take a chunk of change and go do a concert. I hope he is still around and the little ones like him by the time a concert is in my future. I've got my fingers crossed!

I completely understand! My husbands family is in MN so it worked out for us to go to Shangri-La last year and they kept our 2 year old, they brought her to us the last day and she got to hear some music and had fun in a drum circle, so that was pretty cool to see. They do a thing called Project Earth for kids every year before the festival I’d like to go to. That’s the good thing about his music and others like his is that so many people have their little ones there. But, it’s not always financially feasible, not sure if we’ll have the money to make it this year. Maybe they’ll accept cryptos soon! Haha!

There is the Writers block, The Isle of Write, Steemschool has some poetry and fiction sections
Steemit Creator's guild as well.

I am in a few of them and they are mentor groups. They are not what I am looking for. Thanks for the suggestions. Once I find what I am looking for I will let you know.

I was about to suggest the Writers block, but then I saw the comment maverickinvictus left. Don't know if there is anything like that around...

Me either, that is why I threw it out there in hope that there is one.

Yes, this kind of group is difficult to find, dear my friend @erodedthoughts ...
Most (or may be all?) of writing groups are mentoring group where seniority such groups we actually never discuss cause all the members except the mentors are babies who need a mum's milk to grow...😀

Hope you'll find the group soon...and it would be great to discuss and criticize each other writings equally...

My warm regards...❤

Do let me know if you find out. I would like to join too. I joined The Isle of Write a month back. They helped me with my current post of fiction story. I intend to learn more. Doesn't look like my story was interesting enough.

This one, I have not joined yet. I think the route to take is to speak to the heads of each of these and see if they want to do another. Not everyone needs a mentor in these groups, so why not an experienced writers group after users pass the mentoring stage.

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