What a fucking sadistic, dystopic platform

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@themarkymark is at it again,

proving that children run the witness nodes and that given a seperate, weighted, downvote pool they'll use it like children to impulsively and vindictively downvote those who cross them and out of pure jealousy. This system has no checks and balances to ensure equilibrium and so a power hegemony of "whales" (children) terrorize anyone that speaks out against them. That is the exact opposite of freedom. That is the epitomy of tyranny exposed beautifully for all to see. And @steemitblog (Steemit Inc.) is 100% to blame by creating this new downvote pool.

Here's what going from 75/25 to 50/50 curation rewards really means:

Whales get twice as much while minnows get 1/3 less.

Wake up people

The price of Steem is swiftly headed to $0.00 and in a vein and irresponsible power move Steemit Inc created this last HF in a bid to keep their personal finances afloat. They said "fuck the users who bought steem. We need to keep our own paychecks coming in."

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Term: Candela

Definition: A unit of luminous intensity

equal to 1/60 of the luminous intensity per square centimeter of a blackbody radiating at the temperature of solidification of platinum (2,046 K). Also called candle.

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@jacobtothe what's your take on this behavior?

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@joe.public you know, I can still see you on Partiko and as well as any other platform besides steemit.com. Only on steemit are your posts hidden. All the protest bot posts are perfectly visible too. It's why I use it. ;)

@themarkymark what are you doing??? Twice now you have downvoted legitimate upvotes. I did not use a bid bot. SOMEONE ELSE thought my stuff worthy. You're only hurting yourself.

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