Word Poetry Challenge #16 : "Patience" | English Edition | Win STEEMs! Prizes Increased 2x :)

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This will be an exciting times with #wordchallenge as we get another support from a notable community supporter group. We've been very much thankful to @donkeypong for being with us supporting the challenge. Now, we are thankful we got another support from @curie! Because of that, prizes will be increased as much as before! I hope to see your entries and win :)

Hello Steemit Poets!

Word Poetry Challenge is a contest that exhibits the beauty of poetry created by fellow Steemians and at the same time reward their excellent works published on the Steem blockchain. This unique contest utilize the creativity and talent of Steemit users with a theme. The theme will be selected by "Words" and will be the main subject of the poem created.

This contest runs every week with different "Themed Word" which will truly be exciting for the partipants.

How to Participate in this Contest?


Additional Rule :

The word "Patience" must be present in your poetry.
To make the contest more engaging and can be participated by a lot of Steemians, the Champion and the 1st runner-up of Word Poetry Challenge cannot win but can participate in the contest. This is to give chance to other users higher percentage of winning. You already proved your worth guys! :)

It's so Simple, create a poetry post that matches the theme of the contest (Patience). The themed word should be the main topic/thought of the poetry. Right now our Word Challenge is Patience. The following guidelines should and must be followed :

Guidelines | Rules

  • Title of the entry must start with : "Word Poetry Challenge #16 : Patience"
  • Your first tag must be #wordchallenge
  • Entries for this contest must be in English
  • You NEED Comment your post link on this post to make it valid.
  • Maximum of TWO Entries is allowed.
  • Everyone can participate in this contest.
  • All contents must be original and not posted on any sites (Automatic Disqualification if proven plagiarized).
  • Photos used should be properly credited or Original photo of yours.

Judge for this contest will be me : @jassennessaj


Winner - 10 STEEM

1st runner-up - 5 STEEM

2nd runner-up - 3 STEEM

2 Honorable Mentions : 1 Steem Each

End of Submission of Entries will be October 19, 2018 at 11:59 p.m. (GMT +8). Late submissions will no longer be accepted.

Winners of this contest will be announced on October 20, 2018 along with the prizes sent.

Thank you for our main Sponsor for this contest

@donkeypong | @curie

How to Support this Challenge :

  • Create and submit an entry for this contest.
  • Upvote on this post.
  • Resteem this post.
  • Donate for this challenge (in any kind)
  • If you wish to suggest a theme, contact me at Jassennessaj#9609 or email at ijassenn@gmail.com

Enjoy and Good Luck!

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Wow, this issue exciting

Although I'm not eligible for prizes, here's my entry



Hello @jassennessaj! Thanks for this news about the contest!
I love the new theme and for sure I will participate in the challenge!
Greetings, and good luck ...


I am looking forward to reading your entry


Hi my friend @four20!
Thanks for being attentive!
Lately I have had some failures with my PC that have affected my pace of work!
I will try to publish my poem for the date 18-10-18!
Thanks friend, I wish you good luck in the contest!
See you soon...
@nachomolina PRESENT!

I will also be happy to read your work this week!

Another exciting week for another theme.
Heres my take for this time.

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Hello po @jassennessaj. Sadya po ba na Happiness ang kailangan na kasama sa tula at hindi Patience? Napansin ko lang po kasi dun sa tagalog edition yung title (tamang panahon) ang dapat na kasama. Tnx po.

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Hello @czera. Maraming salamat sa pagpuna. Na edit ko na :). Patience yung saktong word jan.

@jassennessaj, Hope that you are doing great. Kindly find my piece below for this contest.


Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂