Cor blimey, this is fascinating. I love wood (do a bit of carving) but this is woodwork on a grand scale!

You want grand scale, dig back and look at his giant jenga game set. It was pretty cool.

It was a quick find, the search engine after all the ads he was number one from ten months ago;

I got it! And the lemongrass beer post as well that was linked at the bottom!

It's pretty awesomely done

You might like this post.

It is a review of our ESB and some pictures of a pair of priests blessing the brewery just before opening day. Blessing a brewery would have never crossed my mind, but it is hard to argue with the results. It has been a very good year for us.

I shall have me a look!

goodness me, you are right. It is very impressive, I do like a chewy bitter!

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Good to see people still building the old ways..... I have recently been forced due to power tools being inaccessible to me at the moment..

Looking forward to seeing the chair. What kind of chair are you contemplating, just a dining room chair or something more formal?

I made a pair of these just after I moved to Virginia. The back legs are very long and are straight. My current design is derived from this one. The back legs are a bit shorter, they have a bend in them, and there are only three back rails.

I'm not sure if I will do hickory bark seats again or Shaker tape this time. The hickory bark is a miraculous material to work with, but harvesting it is a lot of work.

Someday I will try my hand at making a Windsor chair. The wood for the seats is waiting in my shop already.

That is a cool looking chair. I figured it was some sort of bark for the seat, but that looks like it would take a lot of long pieces, we have a lot of paper birch up here, but I am not sure you could get strips long enough for a chair.

Hickory bark is thick and very tough. When it is wet you would think it is leather, but when it dries it is hard like wood.

My daddy was a wood worker craftsman also. Can’t wait to see the progress that comes with future posts.

@mhm-philippines left a reply that shows up on steemd, but not steemit. I've never seen that happen before. Thanks for the comment, though.

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