Introducing '@Woodworkcurators'

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Today I am proud to announce the beginning of a new curator dedicated to the woodworking community.

From now on all quality woodworking posts will be available in one place, and that place is @woodworkcurators.

The aim is to promote the woodworking category by resteeming and eventually rewarding good content.

This can now be a foundation from which we can build the community.

The woodworking category has seen explosive growth recently.

My hope is that we can build an extensive and comprehensive resource here on steemit.

A library of woodworking so to speak.

The curators are myself @jist and @skycranehandwork.

The weekly woodworking post competition will also be held on this account.

It will take some time but with your support @woodworkcurators will be able to increase sp and upvote.

I will still be personally upvoting quality woodworking posts everyday as @jist.

There are some rules to observe.


In order for a post to qualify it must;

  1. Be related to woodworking.

  2. Be original content.

  3. Not contain any swearing etc. ( All posts should be suitable for everyone).


We actively encourage you to use dtube rather than youtube in order to help grow steemit.

We also encourage detailed posts, where applicable, showing or explaining the making process.

When your post has been resteemed you will receive a 'seal of approval' in your comments section.

And there we have it, This should now make it a lot easier to see all woodwork related posts in one place.

I am always open to ideas and suggestions so please feel free to contact me on the Woodworking on Steem Discord Channel

@woodworkcurators Daily curation for the woodworking community.


Thanks for reading,



This post has been resteemed by @woodworkcurators


Check me out :) Happy to lend a chainsaw to the cause

I'm new to steemit, and have tons of pics (stuff that I've made ) that I have not yet posted. Happy to share with y'all

Cheers to that!

Great we will look forward to seeing and hearing about them.

Here’s hoping this really takes off!

Well we are off to a good start.

Wooo hooo the more the merrier

Buckle up it's going to get busy.

This is a great idea! I follow a couple interest curators, specifically for the posts they share. I look forward to seeing what my fellow steemians are capable of!

Thank you. I look forward to seeing your posts.

I am very impressed by the work you and @skycranehandwork are putting into the woodworking community here on Steemit. Can't wait to see the community keep growing

Thank you we are doing what we can. It is the time for action here on steemit. Very exciting times.

Nice job @jist and @skycrane! This is a cool thing. What we over at #steemsilvergold did was set up SP delegation to a similar account, it built over time and with the help of delegation and a so lease, the votes from it are pretty big.

Thanks man. Good to hear from you. We have a similar thing in mind. Like you say it will build slowly and I think that is good for it to be stable and long lasting . Looking forward to seeing some more of your woodworking posts .

We're over the half way point for winter now, so my power tools should be thawed out once it starts to warm up!

Good to know, I shall start to use this from here on in. Thanks for being a great ambassador for the love of all things woodworking

Great and thank you. It will take all of us to build the community.

I'm stoked about this. good job! I look forward to participating!

Great thanks.