Weekly Woodworking Competition #11

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Week 11 is rearing to go!

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Spring is in the air so it is time to get woodworking.

Give it a go, whatever your level of skill or experience.

Come on you know you want to.

If you are new here this is to encourage writing within the woodworking category.

The Judges are myself @jist and @skycranehandwork. (In the interest of fairness we are exempt from entering)

Because people of different skill abilities , from novice to master, will be entering the winner will be based on many things not just end results.

Things such as ingenuity, personal improvement, original ideas/ designs and technique.

We also encourage the use of DTube and detailed 'step by step' posts where applicable.

This is a lot of fun and promotes a healthy competitive spirit within the community.



The prizes will be:

1st Prize: 50% of the total SBD (after curation rewards) of this post, plus a link to your post in next weeks winners post.

2nd Prize : 25% of the total SBD (after curation rewards) of this post, plus a link to your post in next weeks winners post.

3rd Prize: A link to your post in next weeks winners post.

The winners will be announced here every Tuesday in the 'Weekly Woodworking Competition Winners ' post.

Prizes will be transferred into the winners accounts every Tuesday.

SMALL PRINT! As we know the pay out for a post is partly in sbd and partly in sp after any curation costs. The prizes will be a percentage of this sbd amount and not the amount shown on the post. Any pay outs can be verified by looking at the wallet transactions.

The rules are:

  1. This post must be resteemed and upvoted.

  2. All entries must be received by 8 pm GMT Sunday.

  3. The post must be woodworking related.

  4. Please leave the link to your entry post in the comments section below.

The competition is now officially open so get writing.

Good Luck!

@woodworkcurators is a daily curation service for the woodworking community.


We have a woodworking community here on steemit and would welcome you. We have a discord channel, link here: Woodworking on Steem Discord Channel




Good morning cheetah. How are you today?

May I link your competition announcement article(s) and feature your username @woodworkcurators in the Weekly Homesteading Newsletter? Please let me know, thank you! :)

Hey! I just wanted to let you know that I linked and mentioned this article with proper accreditation in my most recent post! Hopefully it helps spread the word about your contest! Have a good Sunday!

It's not much but here is my sign video I said I was making forever ago

It's pretty basic but here's the link to the DIY Cedar Raised Bed I just posted.

Thank you for your entry