Feminine Friday February: Rest & Receive

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Welcome to another edition of #FeminineFridayFebruary

Every Friday for all of February we will share insight in the Divine Feminine Principles

Today's Insight is Rest & Recieve

Many times we struggle seeing or reaching breakthroughs in our lives. We often get so busy with striving for our goals and desires that we get swept away by the habitual consciousness of the routine of trying, doing, fighting for, driving and moving, that we begin to feel drained and worn out. In all our doing of we are sometimes left with little or no avail.

While it is important to strive and work towards achieving, we are reminded by the Divine Feminine principle of the importance of Rest and Receive

The Divine Feminine reminds us that Universe/God loves us deeply and our every need is awaiting to be met, however, we do not stop and do this enough. We are constantly giving or exerting our energy, but how often do we take time to receive?

Now, rest and receive does not necessarily mean laying down or sleeping, although it may come in that form too, we are more likely being gently tugged to break from our routine completely and do something different. Whether it be adding some variety or change that will foster in some fresh new energy to your heart, mind, and body. Stealing away time to allow our own cups to be filled, nourished, and cared for creates within us new channels of energy and creativity to be expressed.

The Universe delights when we care for ourselves and allow ourselves to be cared for by the Universe.

Please know that you are deeply loved and deserve all the love, care, dedication, and attention to yourself just as you give love, care, dedication, and attention to your goals and desires. Take time today and Rest, Receive, and Replenish.

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Thank you for this reminder. I often become so focused on other people that I neglect my own needs, and struggle to take my own advice.

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