How to Prepare for you Yoni Practice

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Before starting your yoni egg practice, make sure to cleanse the egg in a bath of hot water with no soap or detergent. Depending on the preciousness of the gemstone, boiling water may be poured slowly over the egg, then immerse the egg into hot water, not boiling, for approximatley 10 minutes. Be aware to not boil the egg for that can cause damage to the healing qualities of the egg. This should be done before the first use and as often as you feel it afterwards. It is recommended to cleanse it after each use.

Other ways to cleanse your egg is washing it in salt water (pink himaylan salt for best results), immersing it in a river or ocean, and you can place it around other stones to discharge it, such as near clear quartz, amethyst or hematite stones. Vinegar may be used to clean the egg and clear it energetically for charging and discharging. Other ways to charge or program your egg is performing a New moon or Full moon ritual by conciously placing the egg into the path of moon beams. Inserting the egg into the ground for it negative energies to be absorbed from the crystal. Stating affirmations over the crystals is a great additive in charging the crystal with your intentions that align with the stones personality.

Yoni eggs can come drilled or undrilled. As a novice practioner, it is recommended to start with a drilled egg and stringed with unwaxed and tasteless dental floss. Ensure that the string is long enough to be threaded through the ends of the egg and tied with a tradiotional knot. When removing your egg, push it out with your vaginal muscles and only slighlty tug the strong to help guide it out. It is highly recommended to never pull the egg out.

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