Benefits of Yoni Eggs as a Practice

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Yoni Eggs are polished semi-precious gemstones that have been carved in the shape of an egg. They are inserted into the vagina during Kegel exercises to assist in strengthening and toning the pelvic floor muscles. They have been used as an ancient practice for royals and and higher societies up until recent history.
Yoni is the ancient Sanskrit word for “sacred seat”. In ancient times the woman’s reproductive organs were praised and worshipped for its divine role in creating life.
The benefits of adding Yoni eggs to your daily practice can result in an increase in natural lubrication, even after menopause, balance of hormonal and pH level, increases libido, and assist in overcoming infertility.

They come in variety of gems. Below are my two personal favorites and the properties they carry:
#Rose #Quartz


To learn more about Yoni Eggs and their healing modalities follow my blog.
If your are ready to add this to your daily practice email us at [email protected] to get you started!

We look forward to sharing more on these ancient secrets!

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Happy Yoni Twerking lmaoooo, Love it

We sure shall ;)

What a great share this is...most women have no idea about this technique and it could save our lives, not to mention our pride. God bless you for sharing this.

Yes, this ancient secret is no longer a secret! It feels great to share information that is beneficial for the mind, body, and soul.

This content will help tons of women I am sure...Great Share Chica!

🙏🏽 Thank you. I’m happy to be a vessel

Interesting... so how long do you keep them in? Are they required to touch the vaginal walls or could you put it in a diva cup and insert it? Also do they come charged, or are you required to charge them in order to aide in the cleansing process?

@tigeriseye Greetings, for basic exercise they can stay in for as long as 5-30 minutes. For best results the eggs come in three sizes, Large (38mm), Medium 30mm, Small 20mm; and they are held within by the vaginal wall and pelvic floor muscles. My eggs come drilled so that they can be stringed for easier releasing and/or for adding weights to it. You may opt in having them charged.

How wonderful. Interesting idea with the gemstones.

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