Well, @ned Didn't Show Up -- BUT -- The Rescheduled Witness Chat #10 Will Happen on Time in the Steemit Ramble

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I had originally scheduled the tenth Witness Chat in the Steemit Ramble for today at noon EST/5pm UTC. @ned had scheduled his fourth livestream to take place last Thursday at noon and then rescheduled it to today at noon. To accommodate it, I moved the Witness Chat to Wednesday Dec. 12th at noon EST/5pm UTC

I’m writing this at 1pm EST on Tuesday and guess who didn’t show up and do a livestream? — @ned and no word on why. Seriously @ned… did you lay so many off that you have no one to take a minute to make a post alerting us to your lack of presence?

Witness Chat #10 is Wednesday, Dec. 12 in the Steemit Ramble starting at Noon EST / 5pm UTC.

These chats are a designed to bring together the community and the witnesses who keep the blockchain functioning. As members of the community, we are supposed to place our votes wisely to determine which of the witnesses rise through the ranks and which don’t. Every vote counts.

I was sorry to read this morning that @swelker101 and @isaria are shutting down their @steemcreative witness. They are great folks who do some great work on the platform. I expect they will continue the work, it’s the economics of the current market that led to the shutdown.

Here is the list of the witnesses who have participated, their witness accounts (if applicable) and the number of chats they have attended. Would be great to see you all at the chat on Saturday.

@abh12345 (@steemcommunity) - 2
@anarcho-andrei (noblewitness) - 8
@angelveselinov (poetsunited)- 2
@alexvan (ro-witness) - 6
@ats-witness - 2
@castellano - 3
@c0ff33a (c0ff33a/derangedvisions) - 4
@derangedvisions (c0ff33a/derangedvisions) - 3
@crimsonclad (followbtcnews) - 5
@drakos - 5
@elear (@utopian.io)
@enginewitty - 8
@followbtcnews - 2
@fyrstikken (fyrst-witness)
@guiltyparties - 2
@Idikuci (Comedyopenmic)
@jackmiller - 8
@jrswab - 3
@lukestokes - 3
@mahdiyari - 3
@mcfarhat (@actifit)
@Meno (helpie)
@MiguelV (Castellano) - 2
@morkrock (adsactly-witness) - 3
@patrice - 4
@Paulag (SteemCommunity) - 2
@qurator (@scrooger)
@sircork (noblewitness) - 4
@therealwolf - 3
@timcliff - 4
@ura-soul - 3

As for everyone else. Come on along. There is much to learn and an opportunity to hear and interact with the witnesses is a great way to get to know who you want to place your faith in.

steemit ramble

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Is it true his hair turned up but wouldn't go on camera without a fresh coat of Grecian 2000?

I'll try and make it from 6pm, 5pm I will still be working and at the moment it's so busy I'll be lucky to even get out the building before 6pm.

#thealliance #witness

I be there😎

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yes fixed thanks

Love these witness chats, thank you for hosting them. I'm really looking forward to this one!

I'd especially like to hear from the likes of @gtg, @crimsonclad, @utopian-io, @lukestokes, @timcliff, @aggroed, and @yabapmatt. Damn, I start tagging witnesses and I want to keep going. @drakos, what's in your head as to current growth? Some of y'all are quiet, and I'd rather devs focus more on code than chatting, but I like hearing what's happening behind the scenes.

The big question: How can witnesses/devs/investors better organize blockchain-wide growth that isn't reliant on one entity?


I appreciate that you care so much about listening to what people in the ecosystem think. This one is tough for me, as I'm currently working with so many people on so many fronts to keep these fires up and stoked, but this chat is basically completely impossible for me to do. It's even more impossible to pick a day and timezone where everyone will be satisfied :(

I'm hoping to at least show up in text for a bit, but maybe it's for the best as I feel like I ran off with the joint last time.


I like hearing you "run off" lol! You have a lot to contribute and I like how you explain things. But yeah, this one is right in the middle of your workday. Thanks for showing up everywhere you do and working so hard for Steem!

I'll just be finishing up at work by then so should be able to get along...

Maybe play this opening tune by Ned and Andrarchy before they changed their hair styles...

Yep my man @enginewitty always 'going to work and putting his nose to the grindstone'
Wish @ned was more like that :(


Thanks brotha😎

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Basics of good business.

Show up for appointments!!

....or a least give as much notice a possible if you have to cancel a meeting, to reschedule...

But I guess I'm just old fashioned that way...

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Thanks for letting us know.

Maybe by then @ned will have his excuse.

Maybe his hamster chewed through his wifi connection?

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Thanks for letting us know.

Maybe by then @ned will have his excuse.

Maybe his hamster chewed through his wifi connection?

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gonna start a hangout in the Ramble soon .. we'll be considering his excuses .... might as well have some fun with it eh LOL


Sounds good.

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really hoping to make it. Thanks. Resteemed

So Ned didn't show up, hmm? Well color me shocked. His contempt for the plebes that keep Steemit .com running has about reached critical mass.

kind of lame to blow everybody off


Unbelievable ... Yet, nearly par for the course.


Our Moon-Boy has left the building... hey whatsup!!! :)

One thing I love #Steemit Ramble so much is that it is an amazing place for contribution. Never before in life I felt so comfortable in a parlor like your, @shadowspub. Thank you for all the things you do, I'm obliged to follow you. :-)

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Dear @shadowspub

This guy is simply so not professional. I really hope one day someone else will take over Steemit and STEEM. It's clear that it's to much for @ned and he has absolutely no work eithic and no respect to people who are still trying to support him.

As members of the community, we are supposed to place our votes wisely to determine which of the witnesses rise through the ranks and which don’t. Every vote counts.

As a members of the community we should have a chance to choose if we want some witness to replace @ned as he clearly doesn't care.

I don't want to complain and put more oil into fire, but lack of communication can destroy any project and any business. And regardless of @ned skills and knowledge, he really doens't put much effort into communicating with community.

He already lost most trust that we all put in him and he is just losing it even more.

Anyway I admire what you're doing here @shadowspub. I feel blessed (not that Im believer) to get to know you