The State of Steem Forum #1, supported by DSound - Thursday 13 December, 8pm - 11pm UTC - MSP Waves

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There are interesting times ahead for Steem.

Steemit Inc is looking to hand the running of the Steem blockchain over to the Community.

But there is no established mechanism in place for the discussion, debate and decision on the important choices that need to be made.

Therefore I thought it might be useful to repurpose my regular Thursday radio show on MSP Waves for a few weeks to facilitate a series of State of Steem forums.

These are likely to evolve and be refined but this is the current schedule for the forums...

  • Forum 1 (13 December) : The State of Steem - where we are, where we are going, Steem v Steemit Inc, defining roles, community 'takeover'

  • Forum 2 (20 December) : Technology - nodes, RocksDB, SMTs etc

  • Forum 3 (10 January) : DApps, Apps & Developments - nodes, business plans, delegations, marketing

  • Forum 4 (17 January) : Attracting investors, revenue streams, advertising

  • Forum 5 (24 January) : Marketing, onboarding, PR

  • Forum 6 (31 January) : Content creation, curation, retention

All are on Thursdays 8pm - 11pm UTC/UK on MSP Waves.

I am working with a team of @llfarms, @paulag, @teamhumble and @imacryptorick to bring the forums together.

To make the numbers manageable we will be inviting certain witnesses, developers and community leaders to participate as speaking guests.

Everyone is welcome and encouraged to join in the discussion through the live chat on the PAL/MSP Discord channel during the forums.

I am keen to make the discussions as inclusive as possible so if anyone would like to come on air for any of the particular forums please do message me in Discord (Pennsif#9921) and we will do our best to include you.

Forum 1 (Thursday 13 December) : The State of Steem

For the first State of Steem overview forum this Thursday the steemians coming along to speak are...

  • @aggroed - Top 20 witness and Steem Monsters co-founder
  • @anomadsoul - witness and co-founder of SteemOnboarding
  • - developer of Partiko
  • @exyle - Top 40 witness and leading steem vlogger
  • @fredrikaa - co-founder of SteemPress
  • @hr1 - expert in AI-enhanced curation and founder of Steeve app
  • @imacryptorick - co-manager of the Israeli Steem community and founder of the Steem Promotion Task Force
  • @llfarms - Curie Community Manager, and co-founder of C-Squared
  • @lukestokes - voluntaryist, programmer and Top 20 witness
  • @nathanmars - DTube empowerer
  • @paulag - Witness, and steem data expert
  • @shadowspub - community leader, Steemit Ramble
  • @starkerz - co-founder of Oracle-D and Promo-Steem
  • @taskmaster4450 - tecnologist, futurist and leading steem blogger
  • @themarkymark - Top 30 witness, developer, spam fighter and owner of Buildawhale
  • @therealwolf - Top 30 witness, developer and owner of Smartsteem
  • @yabapmatt - Top 20 witness and Steem Monsters co-founder

A number of other prominent steemians will be in the Discord audience chat including @acidyo, @crimsonclad, @drakos, @gtg and @birdinc from Steemit Inc.

I will be joined by @teamhumble as co-host of the forum.

We will be looking at the 'big picture' of how the community can take an increasing role in the running of Steem blockchain as Steemit Inc moves back to its original core blockchain development role.

We will be exploring who is doing what so far. What else needs to be done by the community and who might take on the required tasks and roles.

The broader discussion of this overview forum will lead on to more focussed and detailed talks on the various themes and topics in the subsequent forums.

The next few months will be extremely important for the Steem Blockchain.

There will be much to be discussed and much to be done.

It is hoped that these State of Steem forums can play a useful role in helping to bring the community together to explore the issues at hand so that Steem can move forward as fruitfully as possible.

Do please listen to the forums and join in the discussion.

If you have any questions about the forums please comment below, or better still message myself or any members of the team on Discord...

@pennsif, @llfarms, @paulag, @teamhumble and @imacryptorick

SOS Daily News

To provide a quick and easy reference source of all the latest posts and information about what is going on on Steem I am producing the SOS Daily News. This is the latest edition ...

Where to find the forums & how to listen in

The forums will air on MSP Waves Radio on Thursdays from 8pm to 11pm UTC.

If you need to convert UTC time to your local time visit World Time Buddy

You will be able to listen through the PAL Discord server, via, Vimm.TV or on Twitch at

To join in with the chat during the forums please join the PAL/MSP Discord server.

My DSound Picks of the Week

Mingled in with the discussion I will be playing a number of my top picks from DSound this week including...

This show is supported by DSound

[ graphics from @pennsif & DSound ]


Steem all star? Excited!

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It should be an interesting one...

Thanks for the invitation! Looking forward to it :)

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Thank you for coming on the forum.

Hi @pennsif, it is very good for Steemit what you are going to do, but it seems to me strange in the list of whales there is not @knircky, which is co-founder of @steem-bounty, i think it could be very useful for Steemit ecosystem involve him too...:))

Calling @originalworks :)
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I've not come across @knircky - I will follow and see what he is about.

Dear @pennsif, he is co-founder of @steem-bounty and he is driving witness service too in the top 100's if you need more info...:))

Sounds very good, I will listen in......👍
Resteemed 😊

That will be great, and thank you for the resteem.

These are some very influential members of Steemit that will be taking part in this... I will definitely be there to see this, will find some time during my holiday to stop by :D

@crypto.piotr What do you think will be the response to this?

Upvoted and Resteemed :)

That will be great if you can listen in.

looking forward to helping out. cheers!

Thanks Phil for helping me with the hosting of the forum. It should be fun.

you bet, whatever ya need, see ya there later on.

I would like to listen in,,ill try to make it,,thank you

That will be great.

Looking forward to this!

That will be great if can come along.


Thank you.

Hey, hi @pennsif! When @crypto-piotr introduced me to his delegators feed on Steemit, I thought that it is just a matter of time to see you here and I am happy of the fact. Love your support for #Barbarella :-)

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Okay, now I'm starting to understand what's going on... Having been gone for so long, it amazes me to see all that I've missed out on, of which I'm probably still just getting glimpses. Good reason to listen to your show, and give you a huge props for being so involved. And sure, later on when things have settled down, I'll be up for talking about other things. Two thumbs up, @pennsif!

What do you know, of course I missed the show! Though I really would have liked to know what these great steemians have to say about the state of steem. Is there a recorded version of it somewhere? Are there re-runs?

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