Witness Update @c0ff33a and @derangedvisions 20.6 , dStors and More! 👨🏽‍💻

in witness •  5 months ago

It seems to have been some time since my last Witness update, time as usual is against me and between long working days and family trips just keeping up with comments and posts is hard enough let alone treating myself to creating a post!

Around two weeks ago Steemd the software that processes the Steem blockchain was updated to version 20.6, it actually fell when I was away with the family for a few days at LegoLand so I was a little slow to update but only 3 days or so behind the top Witnesses. Swift adoption of new updates I feel is an essential part of being a Witness, when updates like this are released they can make changes to what is, or is not, accepted when a post or transaction is made on the blockchain. 20.5 did not allow transactions that 20.6 now does, and it can cause confusion if blocks are still be signed on the old firmware - depending on the Witness signing the block your transaction is in it could be accepted or rejected. To me this causes confusion, while updates are not enforced and Witnesses are given as long as they need to update, my personal Witness votes will always be taking into account who is quickly adopting new updates when they are released.

Prior to the release of 20.6, I was really enthralled by v0.20.6rc1 Review by our Top Witness @lukestokes, this is the first time I have heard about a Release Candidate for the software being available and I think it is a superb idea to have pre-release testing. The methodical approach to looking at each change impressed me, and also the ability to run and test the software on a backup server in non production and also production. While I am not a technical developer, looking at what will happen when new software updates are fully released seems sensible to ensure all changes are bringing improvements and will not affect any of our existing accounts.

Thanks to continued community support for myself and @derangedvisions as a Witness team, I have moved up the ranks and currently sit at position 80 in the Witness list, I have always said part of my running as Witness was to support the Steem Blockchain I enjoy interacting with a wide variety of people around the world on, and that I would re-invest if I progressed to ensure my own support grew alongside my ranking. So I am pleased to announce today I have taken the step to deploy a Backup Witness Server which is now live and processing transactions.

Screenshot 2018-11-06 at 10.46.38.png

The specification of my Backup Witness is basic to keep costs down, but it is enough with a single 8 core processor, 45gb Ram and 250gb SSD with 500gb additional storage to process transactions smoothly. It is fully synched as you can see and ready to be used if for any reason my primary server goes down, it will also be updated to new releases first. Moving forward it looks like every software update will require a replay, which takes between 3 and 6 hours for a server depending on the specification. My backup can be updated and replayed to processing transactions, then activated as my producing server while the primary is being updated - this means no time spent in maintenance mode waiting for replays to finish and no blocks missed or passed over.

Screenshot 2018-11-06 at 18.34.46.png

My primary server is carrying the major load, 64gb Ram, dual twelve core processors and 500gb SSD with 1TB backup storage. Both my servers are hosted in the UK, which I think makes me unique as a Witness - we have other British Witnesses @ura-soul, @someguy123 and @pcste but I think I am the only one utilising servers on a UK IP.

And right now @derangedvisions is on a plane to Poland, to join in with SteemFest 3 and promote a project he has been working hard on for many months - if you have not already discovered dStors then you are in for a real treat.


Reading through the dStors introduction post this project will bring massive gains to the Steem Blockchain, allowing accounts to offer goods or services for sale payable in Steem, giving a better way for people to benefit from their earnings instead of paying fees to exchanges - buy and sell on the blockchain using Steem.

If this did not excite you enough, then read this from the introduction post I linked above.

The truly amazing thing about dStors is that we will be utilizing the Steemit reward pool to mitigate the shipping costs by distributing the reward pool in a meaningful way. We are hoping to secure some delegation for the project while I am at #steemfest in Poland. With that delegation we are going to "reward" the item listing once there is confirmation that shipping has been initiated. We feel that using the reward pool in this way opens the doors for true peer to peer borderless trade to happen. People across the world have been hindered by the cost of shipping, and this is a thing gives the keys to success for people everywhere to become business owners.

The potential for this is huge, I am fully backing the project and will be supporting @dStors with delegation to help bring this unique concept operational. But for it to truly work, @dstors will need massive delegation which is why @derangedvisions will be working hard at SteemFest 3 to sell the project and hopefully get the support it needs. If you are excited for this project - support it by resteeming the posts promoting it and using the dstors tag.

You can read this amazing dStors bringing the Steem Community Together by @anutu and also this dStors and how the future of international p2p trade of goods on STEEM is already here post by @kaliju who has worked incredible hard to bring this amazing project to life with the help of an awesome team @julianmnst, @anutu, @derangedvisions, @ravijojla, @thedarkhorse and @crazybgadventure.

Needless to say I am super excited for the Steem Blockchain and what 2019 will bring, positivity is the future and we all really do have everything to look forward to.

I would like to say a big thank you to @pennsif for The United Kingdom of Steem where he organised a massive UK based Steemian voice chat last Thursday on @mspwaves. A throughly enjoyable evening and I discovered many new accounts, surprisingly a few literally on my doorstep including @cryptocurator and @ashtv. Primarily this event was to promote the Steem Blockchain and increase our British accounts, there were many excellent ideas suggested including some regional meet ups which I would like to attend and also making the show a regular occurrence so we can all get together virtually while enjoying our mugs of Tea and Fish 'n' Chips (with scratchings @darrenclaxton)

Communities are a key aspect of the Steem Blockchain, and I support a wide variety of groups through delegation to help them grow the many accounts they support. Recently I added @yougotsnekked to my list of Delegations to support their incredible curation efforts, a vibrant and fun community run by @poeticsnake and @thebugiq along with many others. I also support @mermaidvampire with her work to support a massive community of growing accounts, she is really bringing so much to engaging and encouraging new accounts. The @teamgood account has a delegation because they are a combined group of forward thinkers that look after others before themselves. @welcomewagon I delegate to because they find and grow our shining stars of the future, and every single one of the team is a shining star themselves - if you are looking for inspiration they are your first place to look. @steemitramble I delegate to because they curate and support people and community, and it is all about community as @shadowspub says. And I delegate to @friendsofgondor the support account for all the accounts on the Steem Blockchain that were fortunate to get a delegation from the Witness @fulltimegeek during his inspired project to encourage engagement and growth on the Blockchain.

I am of course also a member and support of @thealliance, led by the Witness @enginewitty who is an inspired leader and has consistently impressed me with his constant engagement, encouragement and activity throughout the Steem Blockchain and various discords - he seems to be in every single show that is on!

And I support @helpie led by @meno , another incredible community and I have to confess when I am in the discord and hear @meno speak - it is always truly an inspiration. He is always positive and supportive, encouraging the group to work hard and push forward.

Whenever I hear that engagement is down, the Steem Blockchain is struggling it makes me wonder what I am doing different that means I can't get near to a fraction of the posts I would like to. If I spent every hour of every day on here - I still could not read all the posts from all the accounts I see post incredible content every single day. I wish I could see and enjoy every post made by all the people I have met throughout my Steem journey. Making your own post is just a tiny part of a much bigger picture, engage with comments, be active with communities and in the varied Discords that are available. Make friends, enjoy each others content - the Steem Blockchain is a Social Revolution where you find friends from around the world - if you sit and wait for them to find you then yes engagement will be small.

This post has now gone on long enough, and I need to support all the wonderful posts using the #SublimeSunday tag, in the next few days I hope to do a Counting Beans post and will include an SBI draw from my Witness Voters list in that. Thank you all truly that have given myself and @derangedvisions one of your thirty Witness votes, every single vote from each and every one of you is special - it means you believe in us and what we are trying really hard to do for the Steem Blockchain. That appreciation is worth far more then producer rewards and positions in tables, it means real people like you have faith in and appreciate real people like us.

Some of my previous posts you might have missed

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I hope that one day I could buy from #dstors @c0ff33a and it would get delivered to me at my doorstep.


That is certainly the plan for @dstors , enabling people around the world to sell their goods via Steem, and for anyone to buy it and have it delivered - the essential unique aspect of the project is @dstors getting enough Steem Power to be able to mitigate shipping costs by giving an upvote on completing a sale equivalent to the shipping value - that is the game changer.

I am reading this above the Atlantic ocean right now on my way to a quick pit stop in Amsterdam. Then i will be off to my final destination in Polan for Steemfest. I am glad to be teamed up with such an awesome witness partner and have @c0ff33a be the official witness for @dstors. Big things are coming for the Steem Blockchain and the whole @dstors team has been hard at work to do our part for the blockchain.


It is certainly an exciting time, I know you and @kaliju and been working all hours to try and get all this done for Steem Fest - hopefully people appreciate it's still being developed but it's an incredible concept and deserves real support and consideration. I am also loving the picture in dtors at SteemFest post by @kaliju - I'm really jealous you got to meet @gtg our number one Witness and master of brevity with words.

very excited to see and know about the dstors project it will be great for sure and thanks for sharing the updates :)


Thank you very much, @dstors will enable all sorts of people to trade worldwide - it's an exciting project @kaliju and @derangedvisions have worked incredibly hard to put together.

Terrific post as always, Rob. Thanks for all you do as witness and managing to get around to so many posts. U&R. 🤗 @dStors - got to check it out.


Thank you very much, it takes me all week to get through all the #SublimeSunday posts to be honest - but I enjoy them so much I have to give every single one my full attention. @dstors is an incredible project, I'm super excited for it to go live and start building my own store using it.

Half of this was a foreign language to me with the whole server and blockchain and witness talk but I imagine if I keep reading, one day I'll understand what you're talking about. All I know is that you guys rock with what you do as witnesses and I personally want to thank you for the hard work and dedication you put in every day.

You're awesome @c0ff33a and very much appreciated!!


Thank you very much, like many other things in life you don't really need to know how the blockchain works to use it for your posts and comments and send monetary transactions lightening fast, we are fortunate with the Steem Blockchain to have so many active Witnesses supporting it - and every one is deserving of votes from the community in their own right.

And I have to say @monchhichi23 you are certainly keeping yourself busy - every post I visit recently you have already commented, people used to say I was an active commentor but you are certainly getting around all the posts - well done to you!


Thank you for noticing @c0ff33a!!! I am really trying to be more supportive... there are so many great people here, including you, pouring themselves into this. I figure it's well worth my time to show you guys that I love y'all and am reading your posts. Engines post really hit me and I felt like he was talking to me directly. 🖤🖤🖤

Thank you for all you do! 💞


Thank you very much, I try my best to do as much as I can - it might not actually be that much in the grand scheme of things but I am trying.

This is a great post! So many good news compiled, well-packed and delivered. Thank you, @c0ff33a and congratulations on your witness rang!


Thank you very much, I'm excited for @dstors and it's amazing so many people like yourself have joined in to support and push the project forward - @derangedvisions and @kaliju have worked so hard on it they need everybody they can get to get it full operational for them.


You are very right :-). Once these amazing guys get together, we'll have them as commentors at Barbarella extended. We have already collected about 12 questions related to dStors.com that I'm going to forward to them live on the Ramble radio. Feel free to DM, or comment under Barbarella promo posts in case you'd like to have an entry on the topic. :-)

That was fine! Family first bro... (^_^) How is the steemfest? What do you think was the event is?


Thank you very much, @derangedvisions is at SteemFest I am too busy working to attend. But it looks like an amazing event, I can see so many people I know there.


@kennyroy, Steemfest is amazing. It is awesome to meet all these other Steemians. Such a great experience.


I feel envy and excited for you... That was so fun... (^_^)

Great transparency post and yay Lego Land! They must be in every country? Hope you had a great time, how do you do it all? Family, job, meetings. Now I know why I do not see you around as much. Busy busy. Great post and you two have my vote.


Thank you very much, Lego is world wide I am sure they have a theme park all around. For sure I'm always busy it's often hard to fit in comments, posts and of course all the great discord shows that go with the Steem Blockchain experience.

it still kinda bums me out that everything on steem is centered around ned's big delegations. i hope one day steem would be more democratic and decentralized and possibly form an entire ecosystem for dapps and communities 😌


Thank you very much, that is a very good point but @dstors is a project everyone can get involved in - and benefit from. Whether selling physical products or digital ones - being able to use Steem to buy or sell is amazing. Hopefully the support for @dstors will come from the community - but for it to truly work the delegation will need to be massive. Thanks for taking the time to drop by and comment, I really appreciate you taking the time.


Yea man i talked with kaliju a lot on this. There were a few things that concerned me but overall if it takes off it could be something big :)

Thank you for the mention of the UK Steem Virtual Meetup. Next one now planned for Thursday 29 November, 8pm - 11pm UK time. Hope you can get along to it.

And thank you for your support of A Dollar A Day.


Thank you very much, I have made a note and will make sure I am there - I really enjoyed the first one. You are more then welcome of my humble support of @adollaraday - it's a superb project and I really can't believe I only just found out about it!

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