Full Time Steem Witness Update #4

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I am doing Steem full time now as a witness which includes my work as an author, curator, video producer, advertiser, etc! From December 2014 to August 2017, I was spending most of my time creating, filming, producing, and selling video courses online. A month ago, I became frustrated with my inability to both give everything to Steem and my video courses. I realized I either needed to drop Steem to go back to focusing on filming courses or go all in on Steem. With the generosity of the upvotes on my posts and my witness, I have taken the leap of faith to stop filming video courses and do Steem full time!

I work about 6 hours a day seven days a week from about 8:30 am to about 2:30 pm in Florida, USA which is on EST or EDT depending on the time of year. Around 90% of that time is now devoted to my service on Steem and related activities such as uploading free tutorial videos to YouTube which reference Steem. Most of what I do involves making posts, research, reading comments, replying to comments, checking discord chat, managing advertising campaigns on Facebook and YouTube for our Steem video ads, and filming videos which consistently find a way to mention Steem.

With the change to doing Steem full time, I now consider you that are reading this, upvoting my posts, and upvoting me as a witness at https://steemit.com/~witnesses as my boss or manager because you are a part of paying my now full time salary in Steem. Given that I am working for you, it is my responsibility to provide you with an activity log once of week summarizing what I have done quickly in a way you can easily review.

Review of Full Time Service as a Steem Witness!

September 13, 2017 to September 20, 2017. All links are posts on Steemit.

  1. Continued education aimed at increasing witness voting participation in Our Top 20 Witnesses Earn 250 Steem Power A Day and Meet Steem's Top 20 Witnesses.
  2. Prepared a complete investor pitch post in Top 10 Reasons to Buy and Hold Steem in response to questions asking for advice on how to explain the value of Steem to friends.
  3. Added to existing discussion about curation rewards in The HF19 Maximum Curation Rewards Strategy with a look at the current power of autovoting and a hope we can find a solution that provides greater rewards for manual curation.
  4. Launched a video ad for Steem in Steem Video Ad #4 for Facebook and YouTube featuring my latest price prediction video which takes more of a gentle approach pitching Steem in a popular format that has reached over 100,000 viewers for free on YouTube in the last two videos of this type.
  5. Paid out a total of $240 SBD to newer authors and curators helping find the most undervalued new Steem posts in Out of Clever Titles for Upvotable #33 and Our Curation Teams Rock in Upvotable #34.
  6. Started my first contest $100 Graphic Design Contest: Make My First Header offering graphic designers a chance to win $100 SBD to make me a cover image.
  7. Made my third attempt in Cryptocurrency Price Predictions for October 2017 to bring a lot of Google users learning about cryptocurrencies to Steem with the previous two posts like this having brought over 50,000 views to Steemit mostly from Google organic search traffic as explained in 1,000+ Views a Day from Google to Steem: Witness Update #3
  8. Shared a tutorial showing what I use to do my accounting in QuickBooks Self Employed Review and Tutorial.
  9. Posted regular updates to my Happier People inspirational blog series with Cheapest Way to Feel Rich? and What Makes Me Feel Most Vulnerable? #167 and Why Grow Grass and Buy Food? #168
  10. Tested a travel post format in Residence Inn Marriott in Nashville SE/Murfreesboro, Tennessee
  11. Discovered 16 Steem users with $63,278.28 in Steem, Steem Power, and SBD at risk because of compromised private keys in memos. I contacted each of these users in the comments urging an immediate password change and will make a post about this tomorrow to give each user time to make the change in addition to asking Steemit to make a UI update that blocks transmitting private keys in memos. I believe I have seen this request made before and I will make it again until it is done.
  12. Paid the invoice to @privex for my Steem witness, seed, and backup server for three months in advance to help ensure I do not miss an invoice and have my witness drop offline because of failure to pay! All of my servers have the specs listed below with the backup on a different continent than the witness and seed.
  13. Returned from evacuating hurricane Irma without missing a day on Steemit!
  14. Bought $8,000+ more Steem with the price drop including mostly funds from my wife @laurabanfield who withdrew a big part of her savings from the bank and is putting it into Steem Power!
  15. Submitted new Steem ads to Facebook and YouTube along with analyzing results from previous campaigns and planning new ads to improve on existing results.

Witness Servers!

I have a witness, seed, and backup server all with the following specifications.

2x Intel Xeon E5-2630 V3
2x 240GB SSDs
1Gbit/s connection

The witness and seed have been online for more than two months with thankfully just one missed block! With gratitude for huge witness upvotes at https://steemit.com/~witnesses in the last month from @clayop and @pumpkin along with reaching over 1000 votes total for my witness, I invested in renting a backup server and will be getting it online soon with automatic failover setup to ensure I am prepared to act as a top 20 witness at any moment.

Here are my current parameters.

steem witness sbd peg update 4.jpg

Projects In Progress!

Read this to get a preview of what will be coming out in the next week or two!

  1. SteemJ! After speaking with @sarasate and taking a lot of time thinking about how to best bring the values desired in SteemJ to life, I realized that what we really need is to just build a peer to peer USD exchange with no fees and the ability to post jobs into existing apps instead of competing. I will soon do a post requesting the features from SteemJ to be built into eSteem, ChainBB, and/or busy.org along with also an ask for a bounty to be paid by Steemit in the crowdfunding marketing protocol for finishing these new feature updates because while adding a SBD to fiat exchange with no fees and the ability to post jobs should add a lot of value for Steem users, these updates in the foreseeable future are unlikely to generate much revenue for the developers of these apps!
  2. Meetups! As I have been struggling to plan the next meetups, I received an amazing idea to just do a regular meetup once a week at a university. I am currently working one university at a time to see if I can book a room to host a weekly Steem meetup near Tampa, Florida. Once I have this done, I will show exactly the steps I took to make it happen and make a system for anyone to duplicate these efforts in another location along with making a request to Steemit to make a landing page or location where anyone could immediately find every local Steem meetup.
  3. Backup and Witness Setup Video Tutorial! In setting up my backup witness, I am planning to film everything and put a full length tutorial out on YouTube showing every single step needed to setup a Steem witness for use by new witnesses which I hope will bring many technically skilled developers and Ubuntu Linux server managers to Steem over the next year or two.
  4. Data! I am planning to learn how to directly pull my own data from the Steem blockchain and make custom reports similar to what @lukestokes does with his updates about the voting power participation. Wait until you see some of the data I show when I learn how to actually gather it :)

Witness Votes!

Who is voting for my witness? https://steemdb.com/@jerrybanfield/witness

Who am I voting for as a witness today? https://steemdb.com/@jerrybanfield/witness

jerrybanfield steem witness votes sept 20 2017.jpg

I update my witness votes almost every day to help ensure my votes are going for witnesses I see contributing the most to maintain and grow Steem because I ask readers in almost every post to set me as a proxy as the easy way to participate in the witness voting process. I am very grateful for witness votes from @pumpkin who is proxied by @freedom who is the largest single Steem Power holder outside of the official @steemit account along with @clayop, @roadscape, and @klye who are top 20 witnesses along with @teamsteem who was one of the very first to vote for me as a witness and help me get my first block.

For getting witness votes, updates like this and posts adding significant value to Steem appear to be the most effective method of helping witness voters with a lot of Steem Power discover us and make upvotes for our witnesses.

Thank You for Reading!

I appreciate the chance to be of service to our community here full time and will begin writing my next post immediately after publishing this one!

Jerry Banfield

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PS: Witness votes are the most important votes we make on Steem because one vote for a witness lasts indefinitely! Would you please make a vote for jerrybanfield as a witness or set jerrybanfield as a proxy to handle all witness votes at https://steemit.com/~witnesses because when we make our votes, we feel in control of our future together? Thank you to the 1012 accounts voting for me as a witness, the 237M VESTS assigned from users trusting me to make all witness votes by setting me as proxy, and @followbtcnews for making these .gif images!

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Crypto Revolution is here for everyone to benefit the world with out boarders

crypto evolution is the future for everybody

even beyond mexico border

Hey Jerry, are you home in St. Petersburg yet? How bad is the damage? Will you make an update post about that? I am sad for your losses, but I wanna know and I bet others wanna know too.

So far everything looks good and thank you for motivating me to do an update about this!

Great job Jerry

Getting thd wife involved is always a good sign. Double bubble steem rewards! Always good to support one another! She will fly up the ranks with your stats!

Hmm dude you deserve to be up there, as I see you doing much for Steemit, thanks from all of us @jerrybanfield.

I would aso request to please upvote @jerrybanfield as a witness :)

Yes I am very grateful @laurabanfield volunteered to invest her savings and got her dad to sign up also!

Wow! That's really great @jerrybanfield. Since, you are my proxy.

Yo ,
Thanks for the great content

Wow you are really getting up there. I voted for you. All the best.

@jenash thank you very much for voting for me as a witness at https://steemit.com/~witnesses

Thanks, Jerry, for all you do for the platform. You have gotten such a huge amount done in such a short time.

Great job Jerry.

Returned from evacuating hurricane Irma without missing a day on Steemit!
That says it all Jerry! That says it all! You are ALL IN and then some!

Thanks Alex I might be too far in lol!

we ALL are.. what to do!? we can only follow our hearts...

6 hours a day seven days a week - such an easy share of users
I already voted for the witnesses. Do I need to vote yet?
You are happy to greet you in St. Petersburg. I should have told you I invited you to tea :)
Chita is certainly far from Peter but still one country :)

@andrianna thank you for asking here about the witness votes! You have used 28 out of your 30 witness votes! Would you add a vote for me at https://steemit.com/~witnesses because your vote there would give support indefinitely for which I would be very grateful?

with pleasure :)

@jerrybanfield , have you been hacked? i see you are sending many messages to random users that post in photography...

Hi Jerry, thanks alot for all this information, i wish you good luck in your leap of faith. But seeing how well you are doing here i guess it should work out !

Alot of very interesting projects are coming, iam quite enthusiastic about the news! I really would like to see one project that is caring about the communication about steem itself, most of the users are barely scraping at the surface with what they are doing here.
Voted for you as a witness and wish you the best of luck !


Thank you Jan!

Keep up the good work!

Well done Jerry... and, Yes, it's always Good to have the wife involved to some degree.

Thanks 4 the UpDates !!

Cheers !!

You're welcome and thank you for the upvotes!

I didnt know any thing about witness it was the frist time for me which i could the read something about witness thansk for sharing my nice friend wish the best for you and your family.

This feel like a good decision for you Jerry, best of luck ahead

Absolutely steem is the future of social media ;)

Your doing a great job @jerrybanfield , just voted for you. Keep up the good work.

@jerrybanfield I want STEEMIT to be VERY SUCCESSFUL and so I just made you my PROXY for Steem Witness voting. I know that you will be diligent in making the BEST choices. One Day at a Time my Friend Life does get BETTER. STEEM ON !!!

Probably the most pro-active person in the community spreading awareness and good info. I hope this all pays off for you and your family.

This post has received a 0.06 % upvote from @khoa

thanks to: @khoa[email protected]@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@----------------------------------------------SEND ANY AMOUNT TO GET AN UPVOTE

Jerry, question! Why do you so rarely vote for the other Steemians?

I love your work ethic and the dedication you put in for the Steemit community. People like you keeps my hope high for the success of Steemit and Steem. I have voted for you as a witness and now I am seriously considering to set you as proxy after reading your post. Upvoted and resteemed!

Well well, i remember like 2 years ago watching some of your youtube videos, all of them was just great for me, no matters if you was uploading games or any cain of stuff.

Always with a smile, and explaing things in the right way.

Good luck mate, enjoy.

Well done Sir. Please let me go and vote for you. Continue being an inspiration to us all.. Resteemed

Hello sir @jerrybanfield, I just want to ask, How many witnesses can I vote? Thanks ^_^

you are doing a good job. Thanks for sharing

From vegan to vegan i will give you my witness vote :)

jerry you have always been a mentor i can say , keep the good job coming.

Jerry, thanks for all you do. Took a 1 week break from Steemit. For me reenergized. Upvoted resteemed and my first witness vote for you. Thanks for being an inspiration to us all...

Hey @jerrybanfield I bought your course on the introduction to steem and i'm in the process of setting up my server at the moment! I'm currently a student at the university of central florida, not too far from tampa. Congrats on switching to full time!

I'm kinda new here, not sure what is witness yet, but your commitment seems true. Voted!

really! intresting

i was watching all your uploaded videos.you have amazing speech and mindset generally.congrats Jerry

Jerry Banfield All The Way To The Top...
You'll lead steemit in the near future...

This is something special, in this Age you get paid off something that's given free, creating with creation, it's a playing field with the arts in time. Enjoy The Moment!!!!


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I greatly admire your commitment to double down on steem. :D

@jerrybanfield I have been following your videos on YouTube and Facebook for awhile now. Great content. Looks like you are making great progress on Steemit too. Good luck man! I upvoted this post and voted for you as a witness. :smile:

Nice update jerry thanks for shairing @fkofficials

Great stuff, I bought my first STEEM today, buying BTC from Coinbase and transferring it to Blocktrades as STEEM (-:

We hope doing full-time too
Good job nice

Thanks fo making that had decision of choosing between your 6 year old online business and Steemit.

I am sure you have made the right decision to help us here.

Your Facebook Ads are very effective,as i am a product of your Ads.

I just also just voted you as witness,continue marketing Steemit.

thanks for sharing boss you are the legend in steemit

Another Floridian who survived the wind last week. I am glad you and yours made it through okay.

It is my pleasure to vote for you as witness. My take is that you are doing a wonderful job on here. Thank you for all that you do. I do hope you are correct on the future of Steem. It seems you have your hands deep into this platform so I am going to presume you speak from knowledge about some of the plans. (your video about 10 reasons to hold Steem is excellent).

Please let me know what I can do as a newer person to the site to help make it grow.

Well done jerry you do have a nice post up there , its absolutely great to have wife as a supporter. I have did a little upvote there

a very useful write up for me who is the infant steem bloggerer

steemit must surely be a full time job of every one...its so lovely and has the best of ideas everyone needs...am a good witness and broadcaster....thanks @jerrybanfield

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its a active person in the community spreading awareness and also give huge information.Thanks man Keep it up and Follow me @seoteamexpert

Just made my witness vote for you. As a new user to Steemit I do appreciate how active you are. Thanks for all that you do.

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Very informative post, thanks for sharing.

Hi jerrybanfield. Hope everything going fine at your end. How can i make you as my witness what are the benifits? I am new here and confused 😔

Sorry to day. I am new to steemit. I read your post and got very much interest to upvote you as a witness. I just upvoted you. I dont know what i did is wrong or right. But i did heartfully. I hope can guide me if i am wrong.

@jerrybafield gave me positive vibes to work more on steemit with confidence.Like he want to say "no matter if you struggle to earn some Cents, no matter if you get attacked just try to keep some positivity around you"
You are great .I like your cheerful smile 👍

Always enjoy reading your articles and seeing you ALL IN. I'll keep reading and upvoting as you always provide great content.

Hey thank for the special mention. This is a very enlightening post. You're very productive.

Congrats again on how much support your witness is receiving. You merit this!

Wow this is so great for you and for the whole crypto community I was just saying today how great it would be if steemit sign a big youtuber onto this platform. Love your great content keep it up and good luck

Thanks for the list, Jerry. This should provide me with an item or two to add to your witness listing.

It helps us a lot of, than jerry for your work it is really amazing.

Hi @jerrybanfield, i just recently watched your video tutorials shared by my friend @julstamban. It was a huge help for everyone who's planning to join and invest in the steem community.

Hope to see more of your blogs. Thanks a lot for your guides! Thumbs up! 👍👍👍

After your post about using voting bots, I am sorry but you lost my witness vote. You say you are curating, but not if you are using a bot. Maybe I will feel differently in the future, I am still so new I hardly know a witness from a minnow but I see EVERYONE agreeing that we need better curation, then I see you encouraging the use of vote bots.
And there is the view from the peanut gallery, or the fry tank, or whatever. I know no one cares or is likely to even read this, but as Jerry says, witness vote is the most important thing I have so I took it back.

could you help me on how to evolve more? @jerrybanfield

Nice job on making steemit full time. It is people like you who will make this platform a huge success.

You really are a cryptocurrency master. Keep it up bro!

good job I love this kind of work

I am starting to learn a lot more about Steem, thanks to your videos. It helps a lot

Very good that you're able to make a living from working on Steem(it).
I intend to go that way as well someday, unfortunately I hit quite a big bump in the road last week that needs to be taken care of first.

Still, I'm working on it, keep pushing the envelope.

Very inspirational to read about someone managing to do this, everyone needs a boost every now and again.

I put you as my witness proxy, do some good with it ;-)

And now, as your boss, back to work!!

i am learning much your videos on youtube, now best wishes for you to get more success in steemit @jerrybanfield

Great post as usual , am your fan @jerrybanfield

What does it mean?? What is this Service?

Receive 72.000 SBD from jerrybanfield --- premium for 24 months please!

Awesome stuff @jerrybanfield! Your videos have been so much help to me as a new minnow finding my way around this great new platform. THANK YOU!

Why the number is -ive? "- 38,164 SP" -> [63,515 + 146 - 38,164 SP]

Can you please explain Step-by-Step following:

1: Who can setup Witness Servers? Anyone? Any Steemit user?
2: What are the requirements to setup Witness Servers?
3: Do we need to have some minimum level of STEEM Power to be eligible for setting up Witness Servers? I mean how much stake we need to have?

4: I understand that you need to be within top 20-21 to have good block/work/earnings. But if someone is not among top 20, then, does anything he gets to setup a Witness Server?

The best way to exceed in something is by giving it your undivided attention, thus FULL TIME is the only way, I mean I get so busy at work and then miss two or three days to write some post, hectic hectic

if someone help someone unconditionaly he or she will get it back anyhow.I am also hibing my full time in steem hoping that one day I will be sucessful. I appritiate your dicession.

You've got my witness vote! With the work you do to expand the network I feel it is only fair you have my vote. Is there any pro/cons with voting for multiple witnesses?

Please! Donate some ETH or ripple to help Mexico. #PrayforMexico. You can use Bitso ETH address

You are always putting in the work, day after day, keep it coming. One more witness vote for you.

I've been following what you've been doing Jerry, and I think that you are most deserving of a top 20 witness slot.

Your videos and posts show an obvious love for the SteemIt community and a real passion for what you do.

Your advertising campaigns and your pledge to use 80% of your witness proceeds to grow the community is impressive, to say the least.

You have my vote, and I set you as my proxy vote.

Keep up the great work. You have my utmost respect.

Gave you my witness vote and look forward to reading and watching more of your posts.

its not fair unless I am there. (in the list)

As always another great post @jerrybanfield I am behind you all the way, keep up the great work and attitude!

You did very great.

Thank you for your service to the community. I have been researching witnesses and you are the first I voted for.

Following you and watching the guide to be a witness. thank you for the posts and keep helping others. Good luck in your work :)

Very informative post. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.