Unfortunate News Regarding My Witness...

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Hey guys, unfortunately, I am leaning on making the decision to shut down my witness for the time being. As much as I'd like to keep my witness up, being fifteen and unemployed in the real world, I am having a tough time financially. I also have not moved up from the 58th spot in over a couple weeks. The 'FINAL DECISION' will be made in a couple days or so, so if I were to move up a couple spots, I would keep my witness running. But, I most certainly will not be powering down! I still believe in Steem/Steemit very much which will affect my choice to not power down!

Proof of Donations


Converted the STEEM to SBD because @busy.org prefers SBD donations.



POTENTIALLY, The Final Witness Update

Courtesy of SteemDB.com

Once again, I'd like to thank everyone who votes for me and especially @berniesanders who has been supporting my witness every since my journey began! I hope this is not my last witness update, but, only time will tell.

How to Vote For My Witness

1. Click Here

2. Scroll down to the very bottom of the page and type in my Steemit username - theprophet0

3. You will be asked to authenticate with your active key, the main key works too. Once you have done that, you just voted for theprophet0 witness!

Another reason I loved running my witness was because I donated all of my funds to charities and The Garden of Eden was one of my favorite charities. It's amazing how my witness blogs crowdfunded to feed and shelter the homeless! Just amazing... I insist you check out this video below! P.S. I'd like to give a big shout out to @jamesc for donating to The Garden of Eden with me!


I saw @barrydutton post on the subject, resteemed it, and voted for you on witness as myself and with my @chaospoet account. Good luck.

I let you know elsewhere but I am msg everyone in this thread with the update to be fair.

Successful Donation Report for @thepropheto is just out --


I have been voting for your witness since you announced, and I don't want this to be taken the wrong way. Especially since I think you've been doing great work by sharing the rewards from your witness posts with charity. But, if sharing all the rewards with charity prevents you from being able to maintain a solvent witness, I don't think it's necessary to continue to do so. I'd scale back some of those efforts somewhat, and use more of your rewards to pay for your witness server. After all, if you can't continue to run your witness and those posts discontinue, those charities you have been supporting will stop benefiting from your witness activities entirely. Take a break from donating everything until your witness project is stable and then resume the charity work in a more sustainable way.

That's it.

I have decided to do a post to ask people on here to support you, I cannot sit by while a nice kid like you and one of the great people of Steemit needs support.

I have struggled on here too and with my issues and injuries in life but you are making a difference Nolan, and at 15 years old.

We need to support you. My post will be up in a bit.

If everyone wants to Resteem and Upvote it --- and keep it in the newsfeeds and the hot/trending, we can likely get Nolan here @theprophet0 -- the support he needs and has been open with us about.

Thank you so much for the support Barry! Appreciate it a lot! :)

Thanks fyrst! Appreciate the support!

Have upvoted, resteemed and voted for you as a witness @theprophet0. I do hope you will be able to continue. The world and Steemit need you. :)

Thanks Rebecca!

I saw your resteem @rebeccaryan!

I also have witness voted for you, upvoted and resteemed.

Thanks. I just think that @theprophet0 needs support so he can stay active on Steemit and keep going. Ambition and compassion for others, like his at 15 years old, needs to be encouraged. It was what I could do.

Resteemed, upvoted and witness upvoted... good luck and thank you for putting in the work you do on this platform... douchebags like me wouldn't be successful douchebags without you guys and everyone busting ass to make this platform great.. keep up the great work and don't give up. You got this

Wish you well in taking a break or finding support in the community for your witness to carry on. Looks like we're leaning more towards keeping your witness going already.

Donated I hope that it will make some difference now

I have been voting for you ever since I find out that at 15 you were acting as witness. I did have to learn a new trick to do the vote - and I love learning new tricks. Well done and we do hope to see you here - would be great to get you up the rankings somehow.

you did some great contributions so thanks to you @theprophet0 !

I just voted for your busy.witness also to support you guys.

Hi there, I know you are with busy.... can you check my comments here, I am doing something now to help him, would really appreciate your support and awareness. I know we can do this for Nolan. Thanks @ekitcho

I've voted for you as a witness but I'm a minnow, hope it helps. I was too busy playing Super Nintendo at your age!

I think Nolan here @theprophet0 is one of the most interesting people and stories on here, I am like you-- at 15 I was not into anything like he is LOL, I started early at 18 when I incorporated my company and played the stock market and then got into real estate that same year but man, Nolan is ahead of the curve, he is a neat story.

Haha, I appreciate your support man! How the tables have turned! ;)

Upvoted brother, I hope it helps. Thank you very much for supporting the networking. Following you. Happy new year!

Good morning.

You will know what to do when the decision will surface. You are active in many fields. If some of them are not performing to your liking then it is the most prudent move to close some areas and move on. Nothing wrong with that. In fact, it is a learning and maturing process :)

Good luck!

wow just 15 years old and already capable of hosting a wtiness? amazing! voted up :)

It has been an honour serving with you as witness, I'm glad you will still be on Steem as a friend and valued core member of our team. God bless you my friend!

Already have voted for you. If things don't improve and you stop the witness stay active let's try keeping people involved here. Either way thank you for the work you been doing.

I won't be happy about this, it shocked me.... but I understand. Regardless I hope you will still be on here and keep in touch. I still plan to do my story about you if you are still willing.

My numbers on here bum me out too 9/10 days, and so you know I understand that end of things.

We want only the best for you buddy. I still want you to run for school president LOL

Upvoted this post and witness. Good luck with all future endeavors!

Thanks man! :)

Anytime, I have only just recently started understanding the importance of me voting for witness and how my vote actually counts!

Haha, you got that right!

Yeah, totally didn't realize that my 10,000 Vest were so valuable until someone told me it can make the difference of them being in the top 21 spot.

Wow, I am genuinely sorry. I was not aware of your witness account. Let alone the good deeds that you do. I have voted for you now. I hope its not too late and you keep on going

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