Do Brain Exercise to Make More Money !!

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  1. Physical Exercise: Everyone knew physical exercise is healthy for the brain. Exercise will pump up
    your blood and oxygen in your body.

  2. Handwriting activates are unique neural brain booster, making learning easier. Many ideas are shown up when you sit down & write, and it’s also a more productive for memory than typing on the keyboard.

  3. Shine your brain by testing the limits of your cognitive function contribute to excellent memory.
    Even do things like combing your hair with your wrong hand. You’ll active neurons that have been

  4. Taking deep breath meditation: Normal mediators tend to experience a semi-permanent to permanent brain-wave spectrum shift toward to Alpha, Gamma and theta as they recondition their neural path-ways. Taking deep breath is perhaps the effective and more easiest strategy.

  5. Green tea has long been famous in Japan, China and other ancient cultures. It’s rich in L-Thea-nine, antioxidants agent which can shift brain waves into alpha spectrum. Improved brain function, fat burns, fight with cancer.

  6. Cooking: Learn how to cook if you don't know. Cooking activity uses a number of senses: like touch, smell, sight, and taste, which involve different parts of the brain. and boost up and make you more active in you life.

  7. Learn foreign languages or New Languages. Listening and hearing involved stimulates the brain cells. A rich vocabulary has linked to a reduced risk for cognitive abilities to decline.

  8. participate in new sports: Find a time and do an athletic exercise that help to utilizes both mind
    and body, For Example as Table tennis, Soccer, yoga, golf, or tennis.

  9. Challenging your own taste buds, While eating, try to identify food's individual ingredients in
    meal, including subtle herbs and spices anything which is present in meal.

  10. Mathematics : Do math in your head create cloud and solve math. Figure out problems without the aid of Stationary; you can do practices by running or walking at the same time.

" The human brain is an amazing, Creative and pattern-matching machine."

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