Help! Our youngest witness needs it!

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Youngest witness needs our Help!

In his latest post ​our SteemIt friend says he is having some issues, we can help him!​

He is in need of our help, unless he receives our support he may have to stop being a witness. Everyone can vote for ​up to​ 30 different witnesses, if you have not voted yet you can vote here.

Currently he is sitting in position 58, I encourage everyone to look at their votes being some of the witness inside the top 50 either have a witness that has been disabled, or the price feed that they set is over 1 week old. These are both important jobs that the witnesses are sup​posed to take care of yet it seems a few of them are not doing their part.

Let us vote​ on the witnesses that are actually taking the job serious.

To vote for a witness inside the top 50 here all you need to do is click the arrow up next to the name. As for the witnesses outside the top 50 scroll to the bottom of the page and type the name of the witness into the box.

Scroll down to the very bottom of the page and type in my Steemit username - theprophet0

He has been extremely active as a writer for the SteemSports, he has also been donating his rewards​ to various causes in the community here. ​

Another reason I loved running my witness was because I donated all of my funds to charities and The Garden of Eden was one of my favorite charities. It's amazing how my witness blogs crowdfunded to feed and shelter the homeless!

He is also the youngest witness, at 15 years old. He has been very active in helping others here. Lets show our support and help him out. He has also been a supporter of the which is a platform that many think ​will be the next big social network, based on the SteemIt blockchain. ​

Other ways anyone can help out, I am going to send over any liquid rewards I receive from this post. Anyone can donate Steem or SBD simply by sending it to him from their wallet. All you have to do is click transfer enter the account name theprophet0 and the amount. of course you will also have to enter you​r​ password as well.

Don't give up hope

All the images above are direct from his blog with the exception of the first one, saying help which I got here. Just something to consider the efforts made so far @theprophet0 has moved from 11.971 PV up to 12.325 PV. In the last couple days. If you don't know you can see the list of witnesses here.

If you have not already you can follow, upvote and resteem his content as other ways you can help. Best of luck @theprophet0, and all liquid rewards from this post will be donated to him, hoping every little bit helps.

Thanks to and @elyaque

Follow @smysullivan
Thanks to @papa-pepper for the last gif.


I'm all about causes :) I will definitely give him a vote, I am sorely lacking in my numbers. And if you get a chance check out my post for @papa-pepper :)

Good stuff buddy, good to see posts the last 2 days supporting him. TY for your help.

I am updating my posts embedding Nolan's report in the post itself - not just the comments and here is what I am putting in

EDT/UPDATE -- A couple days after this -- Nolan sent out a GOOD NEWS update with his updated numbers and support!


The youngest... sure... but better than all the other witnesses and someone we want in the top 19?

There are a few people above him in votes that do not have an active witness so not sure why they are above him still. Lets see him move up.

How many Witnesses can I vote for? How often is the vote renewed if ever? I will try voting for this peson because I know they were one of the first to notice me here, I had no idea it was a 15 year old!

Ok you can vote for 30 people, dont use the line on top it give your votes to a proxy to vote for you. the one at the bottom the page you add witnesses not in the top 50. As far as I know votes never go away unless you change them. I still have 13 votes left, seems hard to find witnesses to vote for that stay current from what I have seen.

can you give the name of some witnesses that are disabled please as all of my witnesses are full curently at 30 ! thanks i dont know how to check that 😉👍

44 jabbasteem, 45 tdv.witness, 49 bitcube, 55 dantheman outside of dan all in the top 50

this is the link they are all listed here top 100 witness

wow ! thanks so much for that ! and i do have one of those on my list at least ! So i will remove at least one and put prophet0 instead ! if i have more then one i will remove them so i have space to add more later ! ive just been too busy to keep up with it ! thanks again !👍😉

You're welcome. Update list as one witness replied to my comment. Seems to much to keep track of at times guess that must be why they put the proxy into place for those who don't keep up.

im still full at 30! dont know how to remove someone and they DONT tell you how to do it when you go there!

Right now I'm on eSteem I will try tomorrow and let you know. Might make a post to help. Merej99 I'm the barn raising has the link to punk witness post not sure if that has the info.

never mind when i went back the blue upvote was gone now for chitty ! so i will try again ! should work this time ! but still it only shows 50 ! i dont know how to see the others to remove them ! anyways for now he will be added ! thanks again!

now how do i remove someone !? i tried to tap on it to remove them but their still there ! so i cant do anything and this is becomeing very time consumeing ! as my list is full at 30 ! no wonder people dont bother changeing them!

Click on the up vote button. Think it needed the password. I just removed my vote from the VIP and changed it.

if you mean the blue upvote beside the witnesses name I did that ! and it just keeps putting it back on again ! I will try later I have other stuff to do and this is takeing too long ! i havent even checked my feed yet thanks for everything

ok im all done ! hes added ! i took off chitty because i didnt vote for any of the others you listed . so good luck and thanks again for all the info ! much apreciated !😉👍

I am currently disabled because I am changing my hosting infrastructure. I am responsible I promise :D

Thank you for the heads up. Will edit in a bit.

Update reply.

UV and RS for you.

Have a good weekend.

Thank you, you as well.

upvoted , resteemit , good luck :)
also following you and him now

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Lets hope it helps.

I support this, thank you for sharing!

Lets hope we can get enough help for him. Thank you for sharing.

Forgot to resteem, but I think it is worth it so there you go!

Thank you, I hope we can all help him out.