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Before I left the Steemian Ocean, I threw bottles in the Atlantic Ocean with a message in it. @sunnylife is crazy yeah#@. This is normal for me LOL. I used to write messages on the sand even before Steemit. 

"Everybody has something to offer"@surpassinggoogle. "Everybody has a mirror", The Sky is the limit with Captain @schamangerbert. "Gratitude and Attitude" #grafulvibes by Papa Bear @paradise-found

I have the Atlantic Ocean:) What would you do if you see the endless Ocean everyday? Enjoy it right? But one day, while my husband and I were walking. I said to him "I really want to send message to the Whales. But how? [email protected]#$!  lights came on. Yeah, why not  send them message in a bottle?? My husband didn't say much. He looked at me and said "Oh ok". He knows me well.:):)

These were the  bottles that I threw in the Ocean

Why people sent messages in a bottle? Some says, they have been doing this for over 2,000 years. Oceanologist released messages in a bottle to study the ocean currents. Other did it as a joke, curiosity, love and others confessional farewells, apologies or SOS. Source

Did you know that the oldest message in a bottle found was 108 years, 4 months and 18 days. amazing isn't it? Source

In 2005,  86 shipwrecked migrants mostly teenagers were rescued by the fishermen. The vessel was abandoned by the smugglers after they discovered that the ship got into trouble. The migrants, didn't have any means of communication. They were saved by the sending message in a bottle. Source

Did I really threw the bottles in the Ocean? Yes, I did. I made 3 bottles. I threw 2 of the bottles with messages in it. The waves brought them back many times at the seashore. We went at the beach late in the afternoon when the sun went down. The waves were strong that time. I kept throwing until the bottles didn't come back anymore. I waited 1/2 hour and it was successful. Thanks to my very supportive husband and son. They enjoyed my craziness too! hahaha We had fun!!! 

Running away from the big waves nyahahahahaha

Throw it far...far....far...awayyyyyyy

Here's how to make the message in a bottle
1. Empty wine bottle
2. Clean it.
3. write message on a piece of paper
4. Put the message in a sealed plastic (ziplock is the best)
5. Put it inside the bottle
6. Close it tight. That's it then you need the ocean:):)

Actual bottles that I threw in the Ocean

I'm not here to impress nobody. I just want to share my thoughts and use all my imagination by sharing it with you. @suprassinggoogle taught me to get out of the cage and be free. I didn't know him before. But when my witty, funny, smart and beautiful friend @purepinay introduced him to us, I got a chance  to know him more. He's amazing guy with a big heart. It's the heart and soul that counts, no more no less. I believe in him and I want to support him.  I don't know how long is he going to be here on Steemit. Nobody knows....

But what was my message in a bottle??? 

Dear Whales in the Ocean,
My name is @sunnylife. I live in Spain. I'm writing you a letter to vote for @surpassinggoogle for a witness on @surpassinggoogle, contributes a lot in the Steemit community. He's a good listener, motivator, a humble and a very passionate person. He cares for his fellow Steemians but also for the platform. He treats it like his own family. 

VOTE for him: @steemgigs

 or visit:

Don't forget to message me back if you find this bottle.
Write me back: FB: steemitsunnylife


PG18 nahubaran na sensyahan nyo na walang basagan ng trip hahahaha 

Do you think the Whales and other sea creatures can read and see this message? I also don't know, how many days, weeks of years the bottles will  float in the Ocean. It can go anywhere. In Africa, America and Asia may be?.  But my message is, don't wait too long. Let's reach the stranded fish and Whales on the islands. Whether you're a galunggong fish, tuna fish, dolphins, nemo fish, shark, sea horses, or any kind of a sea creature you are. Tell them to vote for #steemgigs. Let us not wait for 100 years before that happen. Let's unite now, hand in hand, bayanihan. We can all do this. RESTEEM NOW. I'm calling all my family, friends, brothers and sisters from all over the world. Don't make me vex man LOL:):) Show me some love by spreading this message.

Wish you all well. Thank you all for your support. 

P.S. I'll do #Steemgigs Message In A Bottle SOON.


If you haven't vote your witness yet, please vote Terry now. He needs our support NOW! 
Write @steemgigs >>>
Other witnesses @rcarter.witness @cloh76.witness @precise @blocktrades

Yours truly,
The village girl @sunnylife by the Steemian Ocean 


how cool is that!!! Great stuff, you are awesome @sunnylife - name and personality fit by 100% :-)

thanks so much @uwelang for the kind words:)
I did it with all my heart, my son and my husband enjoyed it as well hehe

Thanks for stopping by.
Have a great day!

Ganda, ganda ng sunset. Layu-layuan mo naman ng bato lola lolsss
Nice touch!

thanks nay,hehe naka ilang hagis ako dyan grabee , yong 1 binato na ni hubby
kz bumalik ulet. Hinintay namin tas kinabukasan binalikan namin baka nasa gilid hahaha
wala kaming nakita, cguro nandon na sa africa haha

Malamang! Sana binulungan mo and made turo kung san sya go lolsss

hahah natwa ako don sa bulong, pero sabi ko punta sya Africa!
2 bote hinagis namin para cgurado haha

Hala..dami dami pwedeng mapuntahan sa africa noh.Egypt and Morocco are Africa din..baka malito.

haha basta kahit san dyan, baka mamaya bumaon lang pala sa buhangin bumalik baka after 100 years pa madiskubre haha

Possible lolsss where ka?
Go me lisbon bukas

oh wow!!! waley ofw ang mode ko nay.
Back to work ako haaist sayang tlga lapit ko lang sana.
sino kasama nyo? Enjoy post kau ah para updated kami.

hahaha you are simply incredible. I loved what you did. @surpassinggoogle is really touching lives, I wish I had heard from him three years ago.
I live far from the sea, however I believe that whales have an optical fiber communication system with freshwater minnows, so the message will reach all corners of the planet.

thanks, He is amazing and doing wonderful things on Steemit.
He needs our support now and hope the Whales and other sea creatures can read my message.
Did you vote for him?

I heard from him through who I am. I fell in love with his human quality.
he is wonderful, he transmits so much love, is a great motivator and has so many ideas hovering in his head to grow this community that even if he had time to sleep, his thoughts do not allow it. Yes, I have voted for him and I am also doing steemgigs promotion with friends and social network, faith moves mountains and I believe in him and all this wave of positive energy that brings us all around him. Between all we are going to support steemgigs so that it transcends incredibly to all parts of the planet. You are incredible, and I embrace with affection.

@samic, I saw that you voted for him. Thanks for your support!
Thanks for sharing it with your family and friends:)
Let's support him big time!

"At the end it's not all about us" @surpassinggoogle

Wow what a way to show love. I think i have learn a great lesson today. Am happy i came across this post. Much more love to you all.

@sunnylife i have been able to add to my knowledge to day. Message in a bottle,i think i will try it out but in another way round,just to make mine unique

Aww so sweet:) . Everybody has something to offer @surpassinggoogle. I'm sure you have special to offer too:) You can try it as well, anything, use your imagination and let it flow:)
Thanks for stoppiny by and tell our friends to vote for him as well.

Yes who stay idle thinking they have nothing to offer are the most greedy and stingy people on earth. Let your imagination work and you will see a lot of hidden talent in you. Lol

I think i have to travel to have mine done in an ocean. Here in my state we have just river,stream. Thinking mode activated..............!

yeah that's what I'm talking about!

How about this, make a kite? Then write something on it. BOOOM! You only need a paper and a thread:):) and the wind hehehe then release it...let it be freeeee like a bird...

Use what you have in your environment, don't travel that far. But it's up to you:):)

Wow, i most confess you are full of great potentials and idea. I was not thinking to that direction. Thanks for the vision,i think i have a way to express my own idea too now

I'm a village girl, lol when i was young I played whatever i got from the nature :):) the idea of river and stream, you can try that too. I don't have the ocean at this moment but I have the small stream, i will make a paper boat :) you see you give me an idea as well:) Wait for it and I will do it soon. Is that alright?

I'm sure you got plenty more can do it too!

Please don't flatter me. I think when i see someone better than i do,i can easily detect that .

Let give honor to whom honor is due to. You are the first person i see who actually do such a thing in a grand style . At your statement "village girl" from which country.

ok, ma brother I got you:):) I'll do the paper boat and I'll tag you hahaha.
I'm just a crazy village girl lol. nothing special, @surpassinggoogle once said, "get out of your cages" and I did. "roaaarrrrrrrr"hahaha

I'm originally from the Philippines and u?

This is very creative

thank you my friend:)
Tell friends to vote for him:)

Okay, will do that my friend.

Cool idea and very creative @sunnylife 👏 well done ☺

Thanks so much.
Let's support @surpassinggoogle and vote for him for a witness.

Have a lovely day!

Nice [email protected] 👏👏 @surpassinggoogle will like this soooooo

thank you:) don't forget to vote for him:)

I love this sis! Beautiful shots!!! You are such a happy sight my dear sunny. Natawa ako dun sa PG 18. hahahaha!

thanks sis. bumaba rank nya sis kaya gorabels baka lang makatulong sa kanya. PG 18 naburleshan hahaha lakas ng trip ko sis haha


You're the sweetest talaga sis. Go @surpassinggoogle!!!

I tell everyone I recruit to follow and vote him. Checheck ko din kung ginawa ba nila.

thanks sis:) hihi trip trip lang daw hehe
cge para makahabol sya.

Yea right. He is worth it.

@surpassinggoogle is a good listener and that's one of the best virtues of life.

Hahaha... I look forward to dropping my own message in a bottle too

yeah, he is amazing guy.
Please share it to us if you do so.
have a lovely day:)

ayyy bongga sis! haha makagawa nga niyan message ko din si Nemo ko :)
ang ganda naman diyan. infinity ocean tapos may sunset pa! tapos may waves pa, sarap magtampisaw! haha
ang ganda ng pictures mo dito yung may bottle sa shore with sunset. tamang tama sa name mo sunny life :))

Thanks sis. sinama ko tlga si nemo dyan kz gusto mo si nemo hahaha
dapat kasama sina sushi lol gorabelssss
Let's promote #steemgigs and tell friends to vote for him.
Bumababa ang rank nya:(:( kaya kapit-bisig!

Thnx sa dalaw, ofw ang peg kaya limited ang chika:(

Kanya kanyang trip hehehe at ang cool ng trip mo ha. :D

cool talaga, basa eh

lol wala ganen tlga pag iba ang trip haha
ok rock n roll kabayan!

Welcome on steemit

hahah thanks sis. naligo ako pag uwi haha
lakas ng trip hehe PG18 naburleshan haha
Encourange everyone to vote for him.
bumababa ang ranking nya.

I have already voted for Terry. :-D
But today I was thinking like you.
Why are no whales voting for any #gratefulvibes posts?
The idea is a positive one that is great for Steemit.
A grateful community is an inviting community for potential new steemians.
A grateful community is an inviting community for investors.
Maybe I need to send a message in a bottle as well.

Thanks for voting Terry Papa Bear. He's awesome like you:):)
I'm wondering too why no whales voting for #gratefulvibes?
Maybe they are stranded on one of the islands? Drinking daiquiri's?
Maybe we have to send bottles of wine to them? haha

But to be honest, #gratefulvibes tag is doing great, me and my friends are using this for additional tags.
More power and thank you for supporting other little bugs like me:)

Have a lovely day, Papa Bear.

Sis musta na? Subrang sarap naman jan nakakamis ng dagat🤔😇

sssiisssss welcome backkk!
good to see you miss u!

Salamat sis😄
Miss you to sis ko...
Medjo ok na ako ngayon kaso medjo bz parin hindi maka pag esteem.

what a marvelous post that touched my heart...woow thanks @sunnylife

thanks so sweet of you:)
Please don't forget to vote for him for a witness.

Have a lovely day.

he is:) did you vote for him?

I always vote in Because my guides do happen.

No, I don't see your vote.

Write @steemgigs on the white box

click this link and vote.

thanks for telling!

very nice information! thank so much

I'll check later if you vote for him or not haha

Hahaha, I like this post, its fun.

hehehe walang basagan ng trip lol
gorabels kabayan!

Wow! I think I should do it as well! Hehe

ok yan mas marami mas masaya!
tara na!

Wonderful Pic and places dear .. Just follow you now too and hope to you be happy everyday

thank you so much:)

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” -Mark Twain

With respect and love!

Thank you Captain, that is really a nice quote there!!
I'm exploring, dreaming and discovering a lot of things here on Steemit.
And You are one of them who gave me a chance to explore! Thanks for that!

Have a lovely evening and see you soon.


Awww....this is such a nice post...sorry for not checking in busy with trading and learning as usual lol...wen i started reading this post i felt really happy and excited then wen i reach the ship wreck part...i felt a little sober then ur ending video and message in the bottle just made the rest of my day smiling now and guess i will still be smiling for sometime hehe...great job @sunnylife am really glad i actually met u...u are awesome ☺😙

ma brother, where have you been? No worries, I'm also busy here working, but all is well.
As long as you take it easy ok. I'm glad i made you smile today lol
you never know maybe the bottle will be there somewhere..heheh write me back! haha

Sure back on steemit now😊
I would have tried the bottle message thing but no ocean here lol

great idea sunnylife, a person who can get it will be lucky if he/she will join steemit =).

thanks so much! Support natin po si terry thanks

this was really cool, i enjoyed every second.

Thank you so much @stellabelle
I appreciate his hard work and endless support for the community.
Hope everyone will do the same...continue to support him.

Thnx for stopping by.
Have a lovely day.

A-M-A-Z-I-N-G !!!!! Love this concept. I used to do this too. Love love love it to the highest level, sis <3

Thanks you sis. hope this the Whales can read this post.
Terry, is a working hard man and he's doing a lot for the community.

Share mo samin pag ginawa mo ulet para mas marami mas masaya!
Thnx fr stopping by, hope arianni is ok now.

Nice whales.

where? we are looking for whales:)

Wow sissy! Galing-galing naman! 😀 Very touching! Love overflows! 💖💖💖 I'm very happy and proud of you sissy! 😀 Love much!

thank you sis mana lang sau:):) gorabels ganon tlga pag walang makita puro dagat lang walang mall, walang pasyalan lol thanks for ur support sis love you too!

Hahaha. Baliktad sissy! Ako ang nagmana sau. 😀😀😀 Gorabels ng gorabels lang! Thank you din sa support sissy! Love much! 😀💖

its really nice and one of wonderful post i read here because its so interesting to read, let see who get this bottle and when get. he is really great user and through him i inspired to write blog here and i already given vote as witness too, but i am really enjoy to read your post and its is one of best post i ever read here.

thank you for your kind words:) very touching. I'm also curious about the bottles:) wait and see.

Thank you for supporting him, please share and tell friends as well.
Rock n roll and see you around.

Awesome!! Message in a bottle. That is genius. Damn! do I love this community. The people here are cut above the rest.
God Bless you my dear!!

Aww, so sweet of you:) thank you!:)
hope the whales can read my message:)
God bless you too:):)

have a lovely day!

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thank you:)

That was pretty awesome!

Thank you @teamsteem
A small gesture straight from my heart:):)
Have a lovely day:)

Thanks for stopping by.

Congratulations for the idea! Links to your post were included in the wiki articles about Steem Whitness and Whale. Thanks and good luck again!

What a big surprise for me:)
Thanks for letting me know:)

Have a lovely day:)

@sunnylife sanay bisitahin ang aking page at matinan ang aking mga post..maraming salamat po by @mrblu

Very great and funny post. I upvote :-)

thank you so nice of you.
did you vote for him as well?

ooh ohhh:) we need to call the sea ambulance:)
lots of love and hugs for Kuya Terry.

We can do it together!!Gorabels!!!

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I officially love you because you wrote a message to the whales. So cute! Maybe I will write about when I put a message in a bottle, now. It was also pretty funny.

I've done the same and a person found a message in a bottle I had set free:


wowww! amazing! thnx for dropping by this is an old post
hehehe but thanks

No probs! This is the internet :) It's timeless