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RE: Message In A Bottle - MESSAGE TO THE WHALES!

Wow what a way to show love. I think i have learn a great lesson today. Am happy i came across this post. Much more love to you all.

@sunnylife i have been able to add to my knowledge to day. Message in a bottle,i think i will try it out but in another way round,just to make mine unique


Aww so sweet:) . Everybody has something to offer @surpassinggoogle. I'm sure you have special to offer too:) You can try it as well, anything, use your imagination and let it flow:)
Thanks for stoppiny by and tell our friends to vote for him as well.

Yes who stay idle thinking they have nothing to offer are the most greedy and stingy people on earth. Let your imagination work and you will see a lot of hidden talent in you. Lol

I think i have to travel to have mine done in an ocean. Here in my state we have just river,stream. Thinking mode activated..............!

yeah that's what I'm talking about!

How about this, make a kite? Then write something on it. BOOOM! You only need a paper and a thread:):) and the wind hehehe then release it...let it be freeeee like a bird...

Use what you have in your environment, don't travel that far. But it's up to you:):)

Wow, i most confess you are full of great potentials and idea. I was not thinking to that direction. Thanks for the vision,i think i have a way to express my own idea too now

I'm a village girl, lol when i was young I played whatever i got from the nature :):) the idea of river and stream, you can try that too. I don't have the ocean at this moment but I have the small stream, i will make a paper boat :) you see you give me an idea as well:) Wait for it and I will do it soon. Is that alright?

I'm sure you got plenty more can do it too!

Please don't flatter me. I think when i see someone better than i do,i can easily detect that .

Let give honor to whom honor is due to. You are the first person i see who actually do such a thing in a grand style . At your statement "village girl" from which country.

ok, ma brother I got you:):) I'll do the paper boat and I'll tag you hahaha.
I'm just a crazy village girl lol. nothing special, @surpassinggoogle once said, "get out of your cages" and I did. "roaaarrrrrrrr"hahaha

I'm originally from the Philippines and u?

Haaaaaaaa,i laugh in naija.that will be look like i won a contest of 30 billion steem to my account,when u tag me.lolz

I am all the way from the giant of Africa at Nigeria.

I love the philippines movie, i hope one day i will make a visit to that country