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Spring is here, 18.1 is here! Time for a little witness update.

Yes, the reward pool is filling up nicely, and yes I also got a post downgraded from about $150 to $6 :) Let's see how the new payout-schedule will work out in the coming weeks! The hardfork 18 and the hardfork 17 "rejection dramas" made the platform even harder, faster, better and stronger I think. More dedication, especially since the unfortunate departure of @dan I find that it is not a "jump a sinking ship" but "let's upgrade and sail this ship around the world" mentality.

Ofcourse I have updated my witness node, backup node and public seed node (all dedicated machines accross 3 different providers in 3 different countries on 2 continents) to v0.18.1.

  1. Update my own Steem related apps: With the release of v.0.18.1 some of my own apps for Steem where behaving erratically and @fyrstikken pointed out that his apps / machinetools stopped working and suggested I should take a look to mine as well. Which is what I did and I am happy to say that SteemStream, Steem MVP, SteemFighter, Steemy or Not, SteemStory and Steem-O-Graph are all working flawlessly again.
  2. SteemTools Spring Clean: Just now I have sent out an email to all developers connected & listed on SteemTools to ask whether they are still actively developing and supporting their own apps and update their details accordingly.

In regards to @abit's voting experiment, albeit I am (IMHO) not a whale I have stopped my voting bot (I still follow some users via Streemian.com, but that is in no comparison to my voting bot).

Additionally I carefully monitor the Pricefeed / Quote bias "experiment" from some top 19 witnesses to alter the payout ratio in Steem/SBD to correct the SBD price and have offered my help in adjusting my bias should it be necessary. Until then I will stay with my current settings.

That's it from me for now. Tomorrow we are off to Portugal (Alentejo region, near Cercal do Alentejo) for some weeks of working in a bit higher temperature and comfy climate, and enjoying some Pasteis de Nata (depicted below) with our coffees. If you happen to be in the neighbourhood, be sure to ping me so we can enjoy a Sagres together. I will be online daily and keep monitoring my nodes.

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cheers! @roelandp

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Voted for you, a fellow Dutchman!

u def have my vote and my follow :)

You are a good witness. I support and vote for you.
I wish you more beautiful moments,
Friends of the best and compliments,
Happy, successful, let it be a day
And every minute you are more cheerful!


@roelandp wordt hier ook gefeest?
Proost! Op Abraham ..Ik bedoel - Oranje!!!

I bought some Peerplays ICO tokens because of your two pears ... LOL!


cc @peerplays here you go :) nice one!

Hey, I love those portuguese egg tarts.
I even get them from KFC in Singapore.

Well, who knew,....you got another witness vote, thanks for what you have done/do for us,.....

I know them by the name Pastel de Belém here in Brazil. They are amazing.


Yes Belem is a neighborhood in Lisboa with the original recipe. They are the best and the store overthere has long queues!

Pastel de nata lover here! And Sagres.
I live in Alentejo. It would be great to meet you.


yes wonderful! you go to the coast sometimes? We regularly visit Vila Nova de Milfontes when we are there...


Yes I go there. And the season it's just starting. It's time for me to go to the coast regularly from now on : )


cool, ping me on the Steemit.chat, or even better Telegram... and if we are there we can meetup at the wooden beachclub or something if we are over there. We are a bit bound by our 1yo son tho.



Welcome to Portugal.
Hope you are enjoying the weather and above all the good food.
I'm in Sintra Lisbon if you come around, please just message me.
I'm in Lisbon till Friday when I leave for the frekuency festival in Fronteira.
Total free festival (free as in free) and camping.


Hi great Charlie.. Will be in Lisbon tomorrow but directly to Alentejo. Our son is 1 year old... Maybe we hop to Freekuency, it looks nice! I see it is not yet finalised, its location, definitely in Fronteira?


Hi, I'm almost sure I going to Freekuency Friday morning with my kid that is 3,5 years old.
There is a place for babies and kids and free camping. It's confirmed that it is between Fronteira(1.5 Kms after) and Cabeço de Vide.
The weather seems to be with us.:)
I'll give you my contact on discord when I see you around.
Have a pleasant stay and show-up.

One of my post earned reward $3 before changes was made. Only 2 days left to get reward and the current potential payout is $0.10. I don't think it will reach $3 within two days.

Good job, all the best and thank you for everything.


Thx M!

thanks for the info

Wish you a great trip and thanks for your good work :-)

I love Sagres beer @roelandp, nice choice. Viva Portugal!


opening one as we speak.. Was a long trip but we are here :)

Enjoy your vacation Roeland!


thx Eric! will be a work / holiday combo :)


You're welcome! Awesome, enjoy your time away! Sometimes a change of scenery is very inspirational.

If you swing by Lisbon give me a shout and come say hi @roelandp. You can send me a private message on Steemit.chat, where I'm just... 'mitchell'. Impactful username, I know. :)

Hi my Friend

Almost new updates results for me
I did not see the results after making the payment after 7 days + what I see is a significant drop in the value of each post
Hope to have good updates for everyone


Hi Mars, I am not sure what you mean atm... We will see how rewards will go after things have settled within a month or so! Exciting changes!

Pasteis de Nata look fab, not the only good thing you will be looking forward to. Enjoy!!


nope, also: Sun, Sea, fresh fish from the grill!

Nice update, I always appreciated your odd vote I saw and comments, I hope you have a nice trip and or whatever you are doing, goes well man.

ATB to you and yours.

I think you will spend a great time there. I only heard that Portugal it's amazing!


most def!

hi!!@roelandp thank you so much for upvoting my intro post..i would like to follow you if you dont mind.thanks a lot my friend..

Can you explain a bit more of this 'filling up'. My posts are constantly at a few cents. Is it because I suck or I should just wait till the last day to see some rewards?

Those pastries at the end look so scrumptious... What are they?!

Hi roelandp, I´ve voted you for my witness. :-)

voted for you:)

Hello Roelandp, I just downloaded steepshot and so far so good :D

I want to become a witness on steemit and help the community with some dedicated servers. Feel like server needs will be increasing with newcomers and interesting applications such as steepshot. Is there a good tutorial on how to be a witness that you know of. Thank you for your time and help.

I don't understand any of it but I do try🙃 I like the picture did you make those?

Hello Ronald what is a witness? Mag in het Nederlands 😀,

You have my vote and always loved the food and its seems pretty delicious

Now, we needed more information about steemit change. Thanks for the witness update. @roelandp :)