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The time has come to rebrand my early witness test @paynode (#49) and reveal my intention as witness @roelandp and upgrade all my efforts for this. I want to seriously add my fair share of server support to this blockchain and have prepared for this in the past weeks:

I've run @paynode for about 7/8 weeks without any downtime and 2 blocks missed because of initial misconfiguration 1 block missed and 2 blocks missed because of a replay of the blockchain after a hardfork update. I know this shouldn't happen but I was a backup witness without a backup node... Those things have changed now.

If you want to learn more about me, I recommend you read my introduceyourself post. It deals about kitesurfing, windmills, pancakes, festivals and how I enrolled in computer life.

Through my company, Shoudio (a badly chosen "Shout-Audio" acronym), CMS and app production for location based media and numerous other web apps I've gained considerable knowledge in the fields of server maintenance and cloud based intense usage "solutions". At home I have some Raspberry Pi's with Arch Linux, Raspian, Kodi XBMC. Here is a RaspiCam to Youtube stream tutorial for you.

Witness Infrastructure:

My @roelandp witness infrastructure is ready to downscale :) when needed. All my servers are firewalled and properly protected following best practices in server security.

Witness node:

ProcessorIntel i7-6700
Ram64 GB DDR4
HDD2 x 250 SSD
Connection1 Gbit/s

Seed node (seed.roelandp.nl:2001):

ProcessorIntel Xeon D-1521
Ram32 GB DDR4
HDD2 x 2 TB
Connection1 Gbit/s

Backup Witness node:

Processorx86 64bit (8x)
Ram16 GB DDR4
Connection500 Mbit/s

What I have brought to Steem to date:

What I want to bring for Steem in the future:

  • A reliable seed node and block signing through my witness infrastructure
  • Continued promotion of Steem as a great base for decentralised apps (a job as developer evangelist I would see fit)
  • Bring future SteemFest's across the world
  • Promote Steem as the alternative, reliable and fast confirming cryptocurrency

    Do I earn your trust and support?

    Vote roelandp for witness
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I can get behind you on this. Witness upvoted. I appreciate the fact that you testbed yourself as a witness prior to asking for votes. That wins points in my book.

You've also taken the careful consideration to have redundancy built into your solution. Thank you for that.

Easy witness choice... I already voted for paynode and I just switched votes for roelandp.

Good Luck!

I acutally used your tools before I even knew you (sorry for that :P). In my opinion you did a lot for the Steemit community and I am sure much will follow. You can count on my vote and support. You have all it takes to be a top-witness!

Voted! Don't misbehave or we'll hit you with that big book, @roelandp! ;)

I wish I would be a whale !
Easy decision to vote for you... again ;)

You have my vote

Sounds amazing!! you have my vote :)

You have my vote.

Got my vote @roelandp! You are surely one of the most valuable STEEMIANS .. the first, or one of the very first, STEEM tool developers!

You have done a lot for the community already. You have my vote.

You have my vote roelandp. Keep up the great work!


You've already brought a lot of great stuff so far man.. looking forward to what else you come up with in the future!

Up-voted and witness voted. Thank you for your support.

You have my support, voted you for witness. Thanks for all that you have done for the community. See you at steemfest :)


P.S. Love your steemtools.com you put together. So simple yet it really does help all these amazing creations for steemit all being in one place.

I love this push for new witnesses!! My votes not worth much but you'll get it. I hope you get whale support


I was a witness with @paynode for about 7/8 weeks. I choose to rebrand and setup the full infra!

Hey cool thanks for the info. Good luck with that.

@roelandp for president top witness!

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Clearly one of the best, and a far far far better option than that f***ing crook, dollarvigilante!

Interesting. Up voted and up voting my new blogs will be appreciated. Following.


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