PeerPlays Crowdfund Explained By Pears.

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PeerPlays is having a contest to promote the crowdfund of the innovative game blockchain running on Graphene, is what I heard through the pearvine.

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I'm already in, at PeerPlays, but if I was wavering, this would have sent me running to the crowdfund!

I used Electrum wallet to transfer Bitcoin to the PeerPlays crowdfund address because it is easy to find your private key for the bitcoin address you use on Electrum. Try it and get in on this if you feel it is a good investment!

thanks, I was thinking of investing through a self generated bitcoin address & pkey which I would later import in for example electrum (if poss) or to verify my funding.

Maybe there is an easy way to know the private key if you are importing it into I was just moving bitcoin to as it is a recommended wallet to send to PeerPlays crowdfund from.

I found out that has a newer wallet in which is is not easy to get your private key for any given bitcoin address! I contacted Jade at blockchain,info support on March 20th. This is my tweet about a doc you will need to read:

Jade told me, "There is no user-friendly way to export individual private keys from the wallet, but this guide will walk you through the steps"

Go with Electrum, which was much easier, in my opinion and experience, at least with the way I did the transfer. But best wishes with whatever route you choose to get in the PeerPlays crowdfund!

Thanks, I ment generating my one disposable Bitcoin address and priv key using these script:

Then later on you can import that single use bitcoin address by importing the private key.

KennyCrane KennyCrane tweeted @ 21 Mar 2017 - 02:59 UTC

Guide is here:… Gotta use console (hit F12) and enter a line of code. Just do steps 1 and 2. Good Luck! :-)

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OMG this is hilarious! Totally made my day. Love the voice over. I also like how the pear on the right has cool Mohawk hair :) If all tutorials were taught by pears, I would understand everything in the world. Please make more of theses!