It's the time to vote for the right witnesses !

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I voted for a lot of witnesses when I was new to it. Now I am here for almost 11 months and I know more about steemit and what is useful for it. So I removed my vote for a lot of witnesses because I think they don't deserve that vote if they are not doing anything important for our community. I am just a minnow and that's why I won't talk about those who aren't worth being voted, but only about those who deserve it.

So I am leaving my vote to these useful witnesses because they are doing good things to our platform, not ruining it like others :

  1. @jesta he is the first in the witnesses list because he really deserves it. He is the creator of chainbb, the forum that served a lot of steemians and helped them grow, but it's down now. He is the creator of Vessel, the amazing wallet for steemians where you can keep your steem and steem dollars or even transfer them to someone. He is the creator of steemdb the website that shows all the details about everything happening in steem blockchain. He has also a good plan to improve steemit and even a witness roadmap is written for this year.

  2. @good-karma is the creator of the application esteem, it's an application that you can use in both android and ios to post and it has a lot of options.

  3. @timcliff is also an amazing witness who makes very useful witness's reports. It's good to follow him because he seems to care about steemit a lot.

  4. @aggroed is the creator of the big project @minnowsupport that helps a lot of minnows and fishies to grow and even provide them with free upvotes.

  5. @pharesim is always supporting new steemians by upvoting them. He is the creator of, the website that can help you to invite anyone to steemit and to make him register faster than if he registers directly in steemit and wait for a few days.

  6. @curie deserves to be a witness because he supports the quality in steemit and he has a big team who recommends him people to upvote.

  7. @utopian-io is a big project for open source developers where they can contribute their work and get rewarded with a very good upvote.

  8. @teamsteem is the most active witness who improves steemit by his social interaction.

  9. @ocd-witness has just been upvoted by me because I saw a post by @timcliff recommending to follow @ocd and he is asking to vote for @ocd-witness , I also support the quality, so I've voted as well.

  10. @steemitboard is an amazing project that rewards steemians for their achivements and I think it's very important for us because it really motivates us to grow and to do more in steemit.

  11. @arcange is the Project Designer of @steemitboard , so I voted for him too. He is also doing ''Daily hit-parade for newcomers'' and very good statistics about steemit.

  12. @jrswab is a new witness who was voted by me because he is writing good quality posts and motivating steemians to improve. He also has a good project that support creators in steemit called ''Steemit Creators' Guild''.

  13. @mahdiyari is the creator of both the website that can help you get more followers, and that can help you set up your automatic upvotes if you can't do it manually in case you don't have time.

  14. @blockchained is supporting the Russian community in steemit. He has a lot of useful tutorials about steemit and very good articles written by him.

  15. @krnel always supports good quality posts. He writes good and useful articles. And he takes care of steemit blockchain.

  16. @libertyranger is also a new witness who cares about steemit and supports steemians.

  17. @steemgigs is one of the best whales who is helping a lot of people to grow on steemit. He give very good upvotes for them and he is the creator of @teardrops so when people use the tag #teardrops he may help them. He has also an amazing project called steemgigs , so if you will use the website to post, you may also get a big supprot from him.

  18. @justyy is a new witness who made amazing contributions for steemit and tutorials as well. More details you can check here in his wesbite :

  19. @gtg is also a witness who really cares about steemit. So you will find a lot of posts wrtien by him about the steem blockchain and he is now running series of posts explaining to people how steemit works, you can check them here #steem-pressure.

  20. @pfunk is an interesting witness to follow, because it's clear that he cares about artists and good creators in steemit.

  21. @cervantes cares about Spanish community in steemit.

  22. @roelandp cares about meetings in real life. He post a lot about #steemfest.

  23. @anyx he also cares about steemit and he is the creator of @guard it's a bot that limit fishing websites in steemit and takes care about our security.

  24. @netuoso cares about steem and steem dollars prices by providing good data through his posts.

  25. @roadscape he is the creator of and we just have to vote for him.

  26. @drakos is the creator of , a website that shows a lot about steem blockchain.

  27. @blockbrothers are the creators of ''Steemify'', the application that notifies you about everything happening in steem blockchain. For more dtails check

  28. @stoodkev is the creator of the extension steem-plus that helps a lot navigating in steemit.

I unvoted those witnesses who became upvoting bots because I think it will not improve steemit. The witness has to take care of the platform and the community, but not to earn as much money as he can.

If you know other witnesses who deserve to be voted by steemians and who did a good work for the community or steem blockchain, tell me about that and I will vote for them and add them to my list and share it in another post.

To vote for the witness you like, use this link :

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Thank you alot for the effort and for that passionate video. My witness name though is "steemgigs", to represent community. Many confuse it and look to vote for "surpassinggoogle" instead. I knew this would be the case but i want to rep community instead. The first interface is still being built on
There will be two more interfaces and one smt token across these interfaces called "teardrops".


You are very welcome, I edited the name. ☺

I need to figure out if I'm following the right witnesses... I do know that I voted for many of those you have mentioned...


Yes that's important, the community doesn't have to support those bots, and even if it's created by a witness, the witness have to support the community but not to rob it.

Glad to see that I already voted for most of these. I will look into the others


You are very welcome.

Hi i'm @renny-krieger Welcome all sworn in to Steemit for Resteem..... greetings @curie and @pharesim and others


Steemit for Resteem, not Steem for Resteem.


Ready! I corrected and placed the real slogan Steemit for Resteem.... I also gave resteem to one of the members and the article I sent had their respective banner on it...

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Be sure to leave at least 50SP undelegated on your account.

Thank you for your conscious votes and bringing voting for witnesses to attention.


You are very welcome, glad to be commented by you. ☺

I am a very new minnow with no idea of what's going on in steem world. I found this very helpful! Thank you!


You are very welcome, even me being here for more than 10 months, I still learn everyday something new. ☺

Everything is so good! Thank you!


You are welcome.

Sorry being late to pop up here. You may know I have been busy fighting scammers.

Thank you so much for mentioning me and my work in your post and being among your trusted witness.


You are welcome, you deserve the best from our community. ☺