witness roadmap (potentially) for @jesta in 2018

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Being that January has come to an end, I wanted to take a bit today to write and explain where my head is at for 2018 and a bit of a recap on 2017. Man, what a crazy year for crypto overall!

Please note - none of what I'm about to say is set in stone, I welcome suggestions and discussion, and am happy to change my point of view if/when needed. I make a lot of assumptions throughout this post and you're free to call me out on them.

Looking back at 2017

To kick things off, I figured it'd be wise to look back at what 2017 was for me. In my 20 years of web development, I don't think I've ever created so many functional prototypes and products all within in a single year.

  • Vessel: Desktop wallet for Steem
  • chainBB: Forum interface for Steem
  • opBuilder: Transaction/Operation Builder
  • Steem Rewards History: python CSV exporter for accounting
  • Block Explorers: multiple blockchains, including Steem, Peerplays, Karma, Muse, Golos, Decent
  • Setup of dozens of RPC, seed and witness nodes
  • Powerbot (discontinued)
  • ICO Bot (Experiment, discontinued)
  • Steem Wallet API (in progress)

The year before (2016) also included SteemDB, Reprint (aka SteemPress), SteemStats, and a handful of witness scripts.

The point of this isn't to brag or beg for witness votes, it's to illustrate something I felt through most of 2017: I am spreading myself too thin.

A common saying I've constantly been thinking about in 2017 is "do one thing, and do it well", which I haven't been living by at all. I've been doing a ton of things, all that Steem arguably needs, but they've all been done with varying levels of "completeness" and there isn't a single one that's perfect.

I hope to change that this year and focusing on fewer, but more finished projects.

Prioritization with regards to other projects

When considering all of the projects I've started and all I'd like to do, I needed to take a moment and step back to consider what else is happening outside of my control in the larger ecosystem. In a very broad sense, what I see happening in 2018 (hopefully) is:

  • More frontends and websites being built with the Steem blockchain
  • Smart Media Token launch and some level of adoption within the year
  • Improvements to the onboarding of new users into the ecosystem
  • Technical improvements to the Steem blockchain software to assist with scaling

The development, progression, and adoption of many of these things are outside of my control as an independent developer. As a witness, I can push for these as priorities, but ultimately my only role as a witness is to approve proposed consensus changes via HF voting and to ensure the blockchain remains operational.

All of this should be accounted for when considering my own priorities.

Needs vs Wants

A lot of what I started in 2017 was things I "wanted" to see within the Steem ecosystem. To be completely honest, I don't think I knew exactly what Steem "needed" until I thoroughly explored every facet of the system. A lot of the projects I started, while awesome, aren't really what we "need" at this point of the Steem life cycle.

I think I have a better grasp on these "needs" today than I ever have before. It's a matter of analyzing the difference between "needs" and "wants", both personally and for the community.

Considering that, and considering I'd like to focus harder on fewer projects, I need to make some tough decisions about what to continue with and what to slow down on. I think I have a pretty solid idea of what's what, and I'd like to know your opinions on the matter.

Here's a list of what I've worked on recently, separated into what I believe are the needs/wants of the Steem community:

The Needs

  • Vessel: A desktop wallet for users to stay safe and secure.
  • SteemDB: A block explorer for users to reference blockchain data.
  • opBuilder: An integration tool for other developers to build upon Steem.
  • Wallet API: A secondary layer (besides the blockchain) for useful information within a wallet.

The Wants

  • chainBB: A forum interface
  • Reprint: A wordpress replacement
  • SteemStats: A fancy account dashboard
  • Powerbot: A delegation bot

Personal Needs != Steem Needs

This is something I've come to realize in this process. A common theme in the projects I've classified as wants is that they were fulfilling personal needs (primarily in the form of income) and really aren't needs to the ecosystem as a whole. chainBB, Reprint, and Powerbot were all projects that generated revenue to help me sustain my work with the ultimate goal of setting up a business around them.

chainBB - an example of a breakdown in its needs

For the past 8 months I've worked countless hours building the chainBB.com engine. I still use it, it has some great features, but fundamentally there are still roadblocks standing in the way of its success.

To illustrate this, let's talk about one roadblock involving account security. Two of the features I've been promising for chainBB's next release are: custom moderation teams and custom beneficiary payout structures.

These two features require a higher level of security - much more security than a posting key within Steem should be allowed to perform. You don't want an unauthorized user altering the payout structure of a forum you run, nor do you want this user to be able to change who's allowed to moderate its content.

For ultimate security, it's my belief that these operations need to be signed with an accounts active key. The active key shouldn't be entered on chainBB (or any website really) - which led me to develop the Steem custom protocol and integrate it with Vessel.

Projects like chainBB need Vessel to keep users safe.

For the past 3 months now I have been bouncing between chainBB and Vessel development, trying to unblock myself, and Vessel still isn't ready to support what chainBB needs. This unfortunately has caused chainBB to stall in development and leaving me needing to rethink many things about Vessel. A simple analogy to the situation would be that I'm having to build the highway before I can ship any products, and building highways takes time.

This isn't the only roadblock either, with others including aspects of account creation, beneficiaries, and the actual content organization itself.

The 3 projects of greatest importance

With all of the above considered, I believe I have 3 projects that really stand out as important to the ecosystem, and they really need more attention to be the best they can be:

  1. A desktop wallet (Vessel 2.0): an app users can download to secure their account
  2. A block explorer (SteemDB 2.0): an app users can use to reference blockchain data
  3. A dedicated API backend (SteemDB 2.0 API): an api that anyone can host, providing data to both the block explorer and the desktop wallet.

This trio isn't a new concept and I've taken a lot of inspiration from what BitPay has done for Bitcoin. You can see this same setup within their products:

  1. Copay/Bitpay - A desktop/mobile wallet
  2. Insight - Bitcoin based block explorer
  3. Bitcore - wallet services - API backend

Their API backend powers both their block explorer and wallet, the wallet references the block explorer, and the block explorer can be used to trigger the wallet.

Why version 2.0?

In retrospect, the way that both SteemDB and Vessel were built wasn't optimal.

Vessel at its core has some fundamental issues in how accounts are stored, the way electron is configured, and the way the interface is setup. Features were continuously added to support features with little regard to its entire UX and its gotten somewhat messy. Now consider multiplying those features with the introduction of SMTs and it gets crazy. I have been thinking about a version 2 of Vessel for some time now exploring newer software and better user flows. These all will be easier from the ground up, as opposed to reworking existing code.

SteemDB falls into the same category and is growing exponentially right now, making it hard to scale. Beyond scaling, the way SteemDB was setup was for a single token ecosystem (STEEM/VESTS/SBD), and adding the concept of SMTs to it would currently be a nightmare. A new data structure is needed. I'd also really like to move from Phalcon/PHP to Python API's and a ReactJS frontend. SteemDB was my 2nd(?) project for Steem and started in 2016, and was absolutely a "learning" project for my understanding of the Steem blockchain.

Both of these projects deserve to be more.

Regarding other projects (revisited)

Earlier in this post I mentioned 4 bullet points, 3 of which I'll reiterate here. Each of these needs wallet and block explorer support to really maximize their potential.

  • More Steem frontends/websites: As more websites integrate STEEM and/or SMTs, a wallet will be needed so you don't have to trust these websites. These websites may also need to point to external data sources for "more information", which is where a block explorer comes in.
  • Smart Media Tokens: As new SMTs are created, we will need a block explorer capable of viewing the details of each token. We also will need a wallet for managing SMTs and keeping them secure.
  • Ease of onboarding of new users: Users need an external source of truth and a way to research the blockchain itself, via a block explorer. Those with significant investments will also need a wallet to protect their account.

Currently, the existing versions of Vessel and SteemDB have no/limited support for these upcoming efforts.

So, a possible 2018 roadmap

The 2018 plans I have include some hard choices, but I'd like to share what I am considering so far. Below is a high level overview of what I'd like to accomplish this year:

  • Development of a V1 API platform/backend for use in the wallet and explorer.
  • Development of a V2 desktop wallet for Steem/SMTs (and rebranding).
  • Development of a V2 block explorer for Steem/SMTs.

It's a shorter list, much more focused, and while it's not "do one thing, and do it well", it's much closer to the principal since they're all components of a single platform.

I'll also likely have to do much more than just be a developer. I am planning on dusting off the skills I've long neglected for management and organization building, and am currently exploring the creation of a business entity, using witness rewards, in order to hire additional talent to push the envelope.

As a footnote - I am also planning to make all of these as platform/blockchain agnostic as possible, especially the API + Explorer combo. This is unrelated to my activities as a Steem witness, but an important aspect of the plan to hedge risks and encourage growth of other chains. Steem is obviously the most popular of all these other similar blockchains, but I believe building software to benefit the greater crypto community has a significant amount of merit and will go a long ways to improving inter-community relationships.

They should all be using Steem as their preferred social media anyways, right? :)

What does this mean for my other projects?

As much as I hate to say it, if I go through with this prioritization, they will be put on hold until further notice. This includes chainBB, steemstats, all existing v1 block explorers, and Vessel (1.0). This very likely isn't permanent (though it could be), because I'd rather be building community software (like chainBB).

chainBB itself will need further discussion, since it's in a more sticky situation (seeing as how it has paying customers). I can go two routes with how to respectfully shelf the project:

  1. Refund everyone what they paid for forums in the past and shut it down.
  2. Leave chainBB as is and allow the current system to operate as-is.

During this conversation and before a decision is made, I plan on reaching out to those users who have purchased forums to see what their opinions on the matter are. Hopefully some will see this news here.

I don't intend to screw anyone over, and the @chainbb account still has the funds required to refund everyone if I end up following through with this potential roadmap. I may have sold the SBD during the recent craze, but there's more than enough Steem to compensate everyone and repurchase any SBD needed.

Feedback - what do you think of this plan?

I started by stating this isn't set in stone, but I'd like to collect feedback so I can set plans into motion. What I need to do that though is feedback.

If you've followed along with this massive train of thought, I'd appreciate your thoughts.

Tell me what ideas you love and which are dumb, what's not entirely clear, how this could be improved, or what you'd rather see. I'm willing to consider all viewpoints here and I'll try to reward (with votes) those who participate in the discussion.

It's 4am now though - so I'm going to get some sleep before I chew through comments and engage in discussion.


Hi @jesta, I am a relative newbie to Steemit, but already I use a lot of the tools that you have created and I find them extremely useful. Firstly I just want to say thank you to your commitment to such a great and revolutionary platform. I am fairly technical and work in the ICT space, but as a new user of the platform, getting your head around all the 'steem tools' available is a very steep learning curve and as you say they all offer value, but they can definitely do with some refinement and focus which will help the less technical users as they continue to come onto the platform.

I believe your focused roadmap for 2018 is a very good idea. One of the greatest think I have found about the community on Steemit is the focus on quality of posts and content. Likewise I believe that if you focus your attention on the three key projects you mentioned above (Vessel 2.0, SteemDB 2.0, and SteemDB 2.0 API) you will be able to create great quality, robust applications that are built for the long-term.

As a user of the platform, I intend to be here for the long-term, so I am more than happy to do without the 'goodies' or 'wants' for a while and be patient for the quality and rigidity that the 'platform' needs for the long-term.

I do not pretend to know what the platform needs, but I know you are a very influential member of the community who most likely knows better than most what the platform needs. I just want to say that I support your strategy of focus and quality. I as a user are happy to be patient and watch this space to see the masterpieces your create.

Good Luck and thanks again for being such a force for good on the platform.


I will admit that I've also felt like I was losing focus this year for trying to do too many things at the same time, and have not been as efficient as I would have liked. As you said, working on base infrastructure makes you want to write software that's as "perfect" as possible, just being OK doesn't really cut it in the long run, and you want to find time to focus more on the important parts.

I like the separation in 3 components: api, wallet, explorer, it makes a lot of sense. My opinion on each part is:

  • for the api/platform, you need something that is well-designed and flexible, and eventually very efficient. It doesn't need to be optimized at the beginning, because if the design is well thought out, you will be able to properly optimize later for sure. But you should make sure that the wallet and block explorer can easily be built on top of it. Eat your own dog food :)

  • most important criteria for the wallet is to be secure. A nice UX is of course always welcome, but again, this can be fixed later. However, if you want devs or advanced users to start using the wallet you'll need to be 100% secure.

  • block explorer: could be very helpful for debugging during development of wallet, but given that we already have other block explorers available, it doesn't sound as urgent as the api and the wallet.

But I'm sure you already know that :)

All in all, it looks like you've got yourself a pretty solid plan... Good luck for 2018! I will definitely be following closely what comes out of all of this ;)

hey mate,

I put out a post today regarding a large-scale idea to advance Steemit’s development, and was recommended to share with the witnesses for it to gain some proper exposure:

The $1 Billion Steem Development Fund: How Steemit Inc.'s Stake Could Be Best Allocated To Grow A Thriving Network Of Applications And Users...

would be cool if you could have a read through, and IF you like the idea, share it with some other peeps who may be in a proper position to advance the discussion started here.



I really wanted to write a feedback for you, but even after several minutes of brainstorming and re-reading of the article I’m not sure whether I’ll be adding anything that you wouldn’t already know.

I fully agree that Vessel is top priority and even more so with the SMT. You said you want to concentrate on fewer things. You obviously are a capable man BUT STILL the list of fewer project contains a LOT OF projects!:D I think you should do a "step by step" method.


  1. Vessel - SMT tokens included (obvious reasons)
  2. Block explorer even for SMT (will be extremely needed...we don’t want to see quadrillion block explorers for each SMT token

I really don’t see any other NEEDS until those applications are perfectly secure and working. This year will be hell of a ride for Steem (because of the SMT) and if I trust any developer to do the necessary job it’s you. I would disregard all the other wants and needs UNTIL you FINISH those 2 projects (Wallet 1st, explorer 2nd). Then when it’s ready you can do a brainstorm v. 2.0.

That’s what I call a step by step method… for me as an Information scientists the list of priorities seems a bit too big and I see potential “focus disruption danger”. But I only am using my own subjective opinion of a “non-developer entity” …Maybe the way you outlined will not hinder your efficiency…it would to me:D

I appreciate the reinforcement of the ideas :)

The prioritization of the projects also makes sense, though it may have to be slightly more granular. The wallet itself will actually be dependent on a some of the explorers APIs so I'll likely be bouncing between projects.

Thank you though, the discussion and external thoughts are much appreciated!

"Do one thing and do it well" is great, but I prefer a lot of new features/tools that are good, than one that is perfect. And it's hard to tell if something is perfect, everyone has their own opinion.

When you are saying you are going to put these projects on hold until further notice, does it means you just won't update them? what happens if SteemDB has a bug for example? will you fix it?

I think 2018 roadmap looks amazing. do everything you got to do to make these plans more than just good, even if it means putting older projects on hold.

Thank you for the update. Voted for you as a witness just now ( What's wrong with me?? )

"Do one thing and do it well" is great, but I prefer a lot of new features/tools that are good, than one that is perfect. And it's hard to tell if something is perfect, everyone has their own opinion.

I agree, and there's a fine line between good and perfect. The big problem now is that the foundation of both products themselves isn't even good, it's just OK, which makes it hard to add lots of new features/tools.

When you are saying you are going to put these projects on hold until further notice, does it means you just won't update them? what happens if SteemDB has a bug for example? will you fix it?

I'll fix things if they're critical on a site like SteemDB. I still do occasional work on it, but really I should be replacing the site with it's V2 rather than spending a ton of time fixing bugs on V1.

I think 2018 roadmap looks amazing. do everything you got to do to make these plans more than just good, even if it means putting older projects on hold.

Thank you for the update. Voted for you as a witness just now ( What's wrong with me?? )

Haha, thank you :)

Haha @jesta waiting projects, it is greats ptoject

i just listened to this discussion @yairdd @jesta ,,

Hi Jest'a ,great work! you are the best witness on Steemit ,congratulations.You already set a new goals for upcoming months.Im planning to vote on my witnesses soon and checking all out.Do i get any benefits from having a witnesses?Im a new user and still learning. I'll be very glad if you check my blog and give me some tips.All the best from @gym-info

I could really use a mentorship with you, 20 years is a lot of experience, I'm hardly 25 and I've got up-to 3 years experience building mobile apps for Android. I don't have a great portfolio as you do. But you look like a role model I'd like to have,.

hope you complete your goals for the year !

I'd invite you to join in the SteemDevs discord chat if you're ever looking for help! We're trying to build a community of developers who can all help each other out and learn as we forge our path in the wild west of crypto.

https://discord.gg/hPJkr (link valid for 24h)

While I have too much on my plate to personally commit to helping anyone learn specifically, I'd be more than happy to occasionally contribute an answer via chat :)

Thanks, i Just Joined. You have contributed a lot already.

Hey @jesta, thanks for all your contributions to Steem. The conundrum in this post resonates with me. The trio of priorities makes sense; infrastructure is where the ecosystem needs the most help IMO. So many cool dev-tools and user-apps to build, but your experience lends itself to writing important services others couldn't.

I don't know what your exact requirements are for chainBB but I wonder if there could be any overlap with hive/communities going forward. The goal is that the backend is good enough that devs want to use it as a shared service/standard.

There may be some overlap in the future - I have yet to really dig into hive besides the couple times I poked at the code. It'll definitely be something I look at when I revisit the concept of chainBB.

I'm also glad you took the time to response and that this resonates with you as well. I have a lot of respect for what you're building and working on within the Steem ecosystem and think that work is crucial towards our growth. Thanks :)

Hi @jesta

I am new to Steem but the last two month's has no less than a whirlwind journey to catch up and understand as much as possible about the Crypto world terminologies and tools. Thanks largely to @acdevan, my mentor who encourages me everyday.

Coming back to your plan for 2018, two things strike chord with me.

One is where you mentioned "It's a shorter list, much more focused, and while it's not "do one thing, and do it well", it's much closer to the principal since they're all components of a single platform."
This sounds like a good plan as you will be working towards solidifying a single platform by strengthening the building blocks. Go for it. My well wishes are with you on this one.

The other where you mentioned "I'll also likely have to do much more than just be a developer. I am planning on dusting off the skills I've long neglected for management and organization building, and am currently exploring the creation of a business entity, using witness rewards, in order to hire additional talent to push the envelope."

You have done an amazing amount of work as a developer and the solution architect of these platforms. You can only move up the value chain and add more values by assuming management role where you could contribute multi-fold. You can also mentor new generation of developers to equip them with the knowledge and empower them to contribute more to this cause.

I am also gonna leave a shameless plug here that I am interested to hear more about your development resource needs.

Sunil C Sharma.gif

Thanks for the mention. You are on the right track. Since software dev is one of your competences, you may be able to contribute to jesta’s projects

This seems like a great plan to me!

If you considered VueJS instead of ReactJS for SteemDB, I'd like to help ;) I use Flask/Python APIs for everything I can.

Regardless, thanks for the huge effort you put into work on Steem, and being one of the most approachable/helpful 'senior' developers as far as us newer devs are concerned as well.

I haven't really looked at VueJS too much, one of the reasons I was drawn into ReactJS in the first place was because the CSS framework I've become accustomed to (semantic-ui) had native bindings for React. I also worry about changing tech stacks and learning a new technology when time is at a premium :)

Regardless, thanks for the huge effort you put into work on Steem, and being one of the most approachable/helpful 'senior' developers as far as us newer devs are concerned as well.

You're welcome, and thanks for the kind words. I definitely try when I have time, fostering a healthy community of devs is an important part of keeping this train rolling!

I totally understand. Whilst it seems like a noble aim to keep learning new technologies, we also have to try and be proficient with what we use. I sometimes forget that, and spend too much time changing stacks. Perhaps similarly though, I like Bootstrap, and am now using Bootstrap Vue.

I'd never come across semantic-ui, but I see it does have a Vue Integration, but think it's very immature.

Perhaps I can help with back-end anyway, if it's Python :)

Oh yup, had no idea that existed! Looks pretty similar, just slightly different syntax using <sui-header ...> instead of <Header ...> for example.

The backends themselves will definitely be in python. I also want the API itself to be portable/modular enough that others will be able to use it for other project needs as well. SDBS I feel was trying to go that route, but it wasn't customizable enough for my needs in building a DB.

"do one thing, and do it well"

That is my main motto for several years now.It keeps the clutter out of your head. Hope you will be able to achieve that!

Also do you know the MoSCoW-method? It is a way of prioritizing what you need to make

Perhaps it is also useful for you, read about it here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MoSCoW_method

I don't think I have heard it abbreviated as the MoSCoW method before, but I've seen the must/should/could/wont method before. Thanks for the link, it'll probably be a good thing to dig through and actually read the methodology behind it :)

First of all I am not well informed about all the projects out there based on the Steem blockchain. But all I have read and learned so far is, that you do the most for the value of Steem with your projects and the fact, that you are a Nr.1 Witness proves it.

What I want to say is, without putting pressure on you, that you are one of the big developers, which can change the future of steem, based on their decisions. You realized it when you started to seperate what you wanted to and what Steem actually needs. I use a few of your projects and they are quite awesome.

I am sure you will choose the right decisions for the future and make your projects the best you can, for your own satisfaction as well as for the community of SteemIt

Nice post.I respect you very much because you contribute to steemit.I will do activities like you.I would like to extend the steemit.😃😃😃

thank you very much @jesta for all this service you are the best in this platforme
just stay positif and good luck in the next other projects
all the best for you bro

Same for you

We are very grateful for all you have contributed so far! I love that you took so much time to explain what you contributed, how you are considering what to do, and a plan for 2018!

You make it very easy for all of us to support you as a witness and I hope more of us as witnesses will be this transparent with what we are contributing because it helps us get to know each other better when sometimes we may not interact directly that often.

For the average user, I do not see that a desktop wallet is necessary making it something likely only a fraction of users are likely to use which certainly could be 50,000 to 100,000+ by the end of 2018. On the other hand, I appreciate using the Vessel wallet and find it handles a few tasks much easier than on steemit.com especially when steemit.com is having issues. With SMT a wallet may be more desirable versus steemit.com.

What I value most that you contribute is SteemDB because it is a tool nearly every user can benefit from including those not signed up. I check SteemDB almost every day and it is one of the most frequent tools I show in my videos. I am happy to see it is on the roadmap and I vote for it as an ongoing top priority!

While I value your service greatly here, I am not making a witness vote for you currently because you are so high up my vote makes no difference whereas it makes a huge difference at the bottom and sometimes in the top 30. If you ever take a dip in the rankings, I will definitely make a vote for you when it helps!

Thanks @jesta for sharing these amazing updates, you are doing exceptional job for Steem Blockchain.. Keep it up.. I agree , a Steem desktop wallet is really the needed now, looking forward for its launch soon.

Hello @jesta, thank you so much for being such an amazing Steem blockchain developer. Your work is much appreciated.

I have some issues getting the vessel app to sync and would appreciate your help. What is your discord info?

Thank you.

The first thing I'll end up asking is if you're running a recent version that allows the switching of servers and reconnecting (0.2.6 I believe).

You can find me on discord at jesta#9954

Seems like you have it all thought out, building better foundational tools like Vessel and block explorer will probably bring the most value from you to the ecosystem at this time and I support that decision fully.

When it comes to ChainBB, as a forum owner, I'd say keep it around if you can. It still serves its purpose well, and if it only requires minimum effort and time I'd say it's worth it to keep around. Maybe down the line you can shift more focus to it, yours or your future employees.

I like it a lot what you have done with Vessel, only thing that my needs find missing is posting. Can't wait to see what you come up with V2.

Thank you for your hard work.

posting very make me more excited in making the next post. I want to follow @jesta for various activities here, I hope @jesta want to guide me to produce a better post. all this thanks to #zappl which opens the opportunity to know the world #steemit deeper.

A publish on site button for STEEM would be cool for exterior sites. Like the Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin bottons on this blog.


@jesta thank you very much for the SteemDB!

I see that there is an app GolosDB, but now It's not fully working... Account history and statistics for highest earning for posts are not working.

Is GolosDB an open source project? Is there a repository on GitHub and can I access the source code?

I have found only old SteemDB repo...I see that the application backend was written on PHP and Python. I develop in these languages.

I'd like to support this app.


I never did end up open sourcing it, but it is based on the old SteemDB repo with a few tweaks to make it for golos.

The problem with that codebase though is that it needs to be recreated, it's suffering from bloat and hitting walls with resource limitations. That's what this post was primarily all about and SteemDB suffers from the same problems.

My goal isn't to improve the code that already exists but instead create a new explorer codebase that scales much better. SteemDB (and shortly after, GolosDB) were some of my first projects in the blockchain space, so they aren't really built properly.

Hi @jesta, like a lot of participants here , i am a newbie to Steemit, i finde the system a lil´bit complex but try to find out an issue is always a factor that let us continue... already tried to use some of the tools that you have created and read around them and i find it a great thing that will surly contribute to a good commitment for the new steemit community , i would like to thank you und the other staff . for letting the platform everyday stronger :).yes.jpg

Good @jesta, I've been finding out about witness and I saw that strange witness for me until reading the post of the steemers I learned much more about that and a witness is that person who contributes more to our service and observing the tools, I was looking who, but undoubtedly if it is for the dedication that gives a witness to this platform, it is clear that you are the right one because I have benefited from tools that you have prepared, what I can say is that I know that I have well invested my vote and without more to add ... SURPRISE ... I know you have a mind open enough to innovate

Wow...that information waa awesome Jesta

mantap sekali anda @jesta ya sekali kali datanglah berlibur ke BALI, #indonesia sambil menikmati suasana Indahnya INDONESIA dari dana penghasilan anda dari steemit, anggap saja sebagai refreshing atas keberhasilan anda di steemit ya

jesta, first thank you for all of your efforts. With all the work you put into your development for steemit, are you doing this full time or do you spend all of you "free" time on this? I can't think of a better person for a witness with all the contribution you already give, you clearly care about and are passionate about steemit and I think you can make a pretty sweet living as a witness too. How can we support you in your path to be a witness?

I quit my full time job about a year and a half ago to focus work on blockchain related tech, with Steem being the primary platform I've been building for. Some of the tools I've created for Steem I have ended up adapting for other blockchain (like Decent, Golos, Muse, etc), but Steem so far has seen the largest adoption and maintains the largest userbase.

As for supporting - simply being in my witness position is about all the support I need to keep going at the moment. The top 20 witnesses are paid by the blockchain for producing blocks and that's primarily the funding I've been using to support myself. At some point this year my plan is to transition this into more than just a 1-man show, at which point I may end up exploring additional revenue sources to hire additional support to keep these projects evolving.

It's pretty remarkable that we have this autonomous blockchain that can provide these things and encourage people like myself to dedicate themselves to it's growth :)

Thank you for the insight into your situation. I completely agree as well. It is amazing that you are able to quit your job and support yourself by applying your talent to these blockchains as you seek to significantly add value. I hope very much your plan of hiring support works out. Man, if you can put some horsepower behind all that you want to accomplish, watch out steemit. I don't think there is any limit to what you can accomplish as I've been following you for a few months now and you are one of the most driven and productive people I've witnessed.

you are the best in this platform, keep your spirit and spend your best ability ....@jesta
all that you have made is very useful for steemit continuity. i am new in steemit, help me get to know more about social world steemit.dan i make you as my witness
greetings from aceh, indonesia.

is the best your post.i lave your post.regard me.

Is anyone working on the bandwidth shortage?

There's a lot of talk happening around the topic and everyone is well aware of the issue. I'm hoping we see solutions in the next HF.

That would be awesome! :) Would more servers help? Should we vote for additional witnesses?

Nah, neither of those would really help. It's a blockchain mechanic that's limiting bandwidth, as opposed to an actual resource constraint. The code just needs modification.

Oh so it's basically just like a hazing ritual for the newbies. lol I guess it's fine then. ;) lol jk

Hey @jesta. I wasn't sure how to reach out to you because I'm new here so forgive the intrusion. I just wanted to report that the 30 day charts and some of the Labs aren't rendering on steemdb. I double checked if it was just my computer, it's not. It could be my internet, but I have a broadband connection and I'm in the USA. I was trying to look at my 30 day activity chart. Could you tell me the appropriate way to report any issues concerning these tools?

Concerning the changes in your priorities, I agree with you. Chainbb was really cool, but it's understandable to discontinue it. It did however help us to understand how posts are multithreaded by giving Steem a visual organization in a different way.

I am new here so I'm checking out all the wonderful things each witness is doing. Thanks for everything.

Which ones specifically?

steemdb is a bit outdated at the moment and overloaded (it's saving a lot of stuff), so not everything might be working all that well. That's the whole reason I'm trying to move to a v2 of it :)

@jesta It's the 30 Day Account History. Last month it rendered a chart like this:

Now it just is a straight line and nothing renders.
I was using it to visualize how I'm growing.

I look forward to version 2. Will it have a chart too?

Ahh, yeah it looks like the request to generate the chart is taking too long and throwing an error (which causes the chart to go flat). I'll see if I can fix that.

V2 will probably start off more simple (not sure about charts to begin with), but at some point I'd like to add things like that.

I love that chart. I will miss it. I hope it comes back in vs 2 one day :) I wish there were more reports for regular folks out there. I'm not savvy enough to check my growth with fancy data yet. Thank you so much if you manage to fix it. I would love to be able to use it until you release your new version.


beliefs that make all the work or problems easier to overcome. do and always enjoy every activity and your work .. i am sure you can be a role model to keep trying for better ..i like you @jesta

astonishing, impressive and excellent job. Keep the good work mate, Steem needs @jesta. 2018 Will be crazy
Got my full support and from the busy team as always.


Hi @jesta, I'm new here but not a newbie when it comes to digital citizenship. You really have a tough job on building the Steemit ecosystem [I call it "Steemitsphere"]. So thanks for giving us a 2018 systems heads-up!

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Very nice post @jesta

@jesta................i want a big thanks to you....because you share a very very great information............and your presentation about cryptocurrency too good,,,,,,your every update news so helpful our daily work place..........for steem friend and their savings .....you done a good job....carry on......all the best.......

we've witnessed your primise :P

This is a great article, I am looking to start my witness run in a couple of weeks. Thanks for posting this. Regard @atjehsteemit

Hi jesta, we really appriciate your effort into steemit,i see you have alot of projects to accomplish,i wish you luck in your projects

It is really refreshing seeing a post like this. I like the fact you are trying to balance work and life; meanwhile, attempting to maintain things in an ethical manner.

While I have never used chainbb the fact you are looking into the best method to treat customers in a respectful manner is something I hope more projects take note of and it is something severely lacking in the business world.


Anything that can help secure accounts, funds, and shield keys is something the platform really needs many options for.

I noticed yesterday that some people might have 5 or more sites/applications they have shared their posting key with and they are not even using such services in an active manner. Yet they leave themselves open to unnecessary risk. Many simply forgot when they were new they sign up for something.


SteemDB was the first block explorer I used for Steemit and I’ll admit I don’t use it much anymore unless other options are unavailable. Anything that creates further ease of use in creating transparency and giving the user base the opportunity to review blockchain data is a major plus in my book. I don’t like having a single point of failure in my own ability.

Sometimes I might have a need to find an edit/deletion, information on account authorities, bandwidth, or transactions. I always welcome whatever makes looking at a pile of data more users friendly. I’m still a noob when it comes to looking into blockchain data.

I mostly just use it to watch for engagements in comments, votes, and follows. I like to stay on top of things the best I can. Is there a way to see my follow feed so I don’t have to be on Steemit or is that more of the websites function in showing that?

I think the important thing first done

hello, @jesta i am @bestrakibul2. I've been working steem for a long time. But I have not had any improvement. How do I work? Please sujjection on how I can improve the speed of your post. thanks

Nice post and great the project 😉.. Regard @atjehsteemit

Hopefully you will be success for being a witness on steemit to make steemit be better

Nice post beautiful presented and explained. detail oriented with nice witness-update & preview information. thank you for sharing @jesta

Many thanks to you, for the work done for the users!

greetings, i want to be friends with you, can you can teach me about steemit, i just a few days join distemem. can you help vote for me.

Good to know you, @jesta Even if i am a newbie here, I super agree with your opinion, 'Personal needs != Steem needs'. haha(You used the '!=' signal like computer programming language).
It was so useful writing to me :) Thanks.

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nice post very helpful for me, keep working good lucky for you
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Thank u very much @jestq for this all service

Great roadmap. Consider yourself upvoted, followed and voted for :)

upvoted- sounds good - jesta for witness

Love your work @jesta,

You've enabled so many things to happen from it, I'm appreciative of what you've done.

You are the only person that can prioritise your workflow.
The last year has been hectic and firing off in all directions can be counter productive and unsatisfying as you have discovered.

Your 2018 roadmap looks good. Tight and focussed.
Chainbb? Why not hand it off to someone else to manage and develop? You maintain oversight.
Just a suggestion.

Voted you up for witness. Not that you need my vote. I like your tools. Very useful even as is.


This is brilliant and I love me my vessel. and my bitpay.

I can not wait for the appearance of SMT. In my opinion, this will be a revolution on Steem. I fully support your plan of action for 2018.

Я не могу дождаться появления SMT. По моему мнению, это будет революцией на Steem. Я на 100% поддерживаю ваш план действий на 2018 год.

I think it’s good to focus on just a few projects and do it well. Too many things at once is also very inefficient.

Looking at those projects, that’s probably already more than you can chew in a whole year, so I think you’re making a good decision.

Thanks for all your work so far!

Wish korean steemian can see this too..
I'm always wondering if there's a good and efficient way for the whold word can communicate. All korean steemian do deserve to see such a helpful article like this and also should be able to get informed of all the witness' proposals.
Steem can have a language team or something and when it comes to policies, witness' proposals, and anything that needs to be spread and discussed, everybody who is interested shouldn't be blocked bc of a language barrier.
Thanks! I'll follow you.

Awesome. Congrats mate u've done alot for the steemit community. Wish u all the best for year 2018 hope you get more success this year. cheers

Hello @jetsa ! If could witness vote you twice, I would !

I use everyday the Vessel wallet. I hope that the current version will stay available while you're working on the 2.0 version ! I'm especially attracted by your idea of steem:// commands ! That kind of innovation can make the Steem protocol easily accessible for extern applications !

I understand all the work you have to do on your three main projects, but I'm a bit disapointed about chainBB :(
It's one of my favorite Steem project and with the upcoming of SMT, it will be more interesting than ever ! Of course, as you said, it will need the a strong ground, so I'll just be patient :p
I bought a forum on it, the Alternef one. I bought it in prevision of a future project that I have in mind... It's up to you to decide if you want to shutdown and refund or not ! I must confess that the UX is not attractive enough yet for attract people ton publish exclusively on it. If (when it will be the time), in addition with the SMT feature, we can can implement ChainBB as a protocol in a custom with custom UX... OMG !!!!!! But well, I'm talking about what I want and no what we actually need... Sorry :p

Thank you for all your work ! You are not the top one witness for nothing ;)

everyone loves to sum up) all right, thanks for the post

A really well designed block explorer is needed. I loved the graphs of steemwhales and the rankings. But I also liked the depth of SteemDB 1.0. A combination of both would be amazing in terms of design.

What's wrong with SteemConnect? You don't trust it? (for ChainBB)

Honestly no, I don't trust SteemConnect (even though I've used it, hesitantly). It's a big juicy target for hackers. It has absolutely nothing to do with the team behind it or the technology being used - I just think it's an unnecessary risk that users shouldn't be forced to accept to use external websites.

Every time you use your active key, whether to grant authorities for an application or to transfer funds, there's a risk of compromise and funds being stolen. Your web browser is probably the most unsafe application on your entire computer - why would you want to put your active key in it?

nice Plz back vote & comment.Tnx

good. upvote

nice, follow & my votes @wannis

So, you are the one to thank for so many tools I use. Since the post is already 12 days old and my $0.01 upvote doesn't do any justice anyway, I guess a follow and witness vote would be the least I could do. Thanks @jesta!

useful postings, it helps.
regards steemit @suheri91
WhatsApp Image 2018-02-12 at 10.50.03 PM (4).jpeg

Thanks for sharing your plans. I cannot believe what ton of work you did in 2017, just amazing!

From developer perspective and especially as windows user I would like to see easy to use docker images to run a local testnet. This is really painful and unfortunately there is no really good step-by-step manual. I think many projects currently "spam" the mainnet with their prototype applications. This is something we could and should avoid easily.

I am currently exploring how to run a node, create accounts and making use of the steem api in general.
I found some sources that it is (or was?) possible to create multi-authority-accounts. Is this still possible and can you provide a (new) blog entry about that topic? That would be great!

I think in general it would be great to have an improved section for development and api documentation. http://developers.steem.io seems to only touch the surface. Running a testnet, setting up multi-authority-accounts, building a development-pipeline. These are the "pain points" I am currently facing.

I also consider to be a witness in future. But there is also many information that has to be collected from different sources.

Besides this "newbie"-materials I am absolutely with you! Onboarding process needs to be simplyfied and I am looking forward to see your API platform/backend :-)

Keep up the good work!

Note: if anybody can answer my questions regarding testnet on docker and multi-authority-accounts -> help is appreciated :D

Setting up a testnet on steem isn't something anyone's tackled at this point (besides the Steemit team afaik). I don't think I can point you to anything that allows for a quick/easy setup of your own local testnet.

Because of this, most of us just use the mainnet for actual testing.

Wow @jesta. I am really glad this is one of the first posts am reading on #steemit. Really educating. Am sure theres more in 2018. Thanks.

Can't wait to enjoy the benefits of the desktop waller.

A common saying I've constantly been thinking about in 2017 is "do one thing, and do it well", which I haven't been living by at all. I've been doing a ton of things, all that Steem arguably needs, but they've all been done with varying levels of "completeness" and there isn't a single one that's perfect.

I feel for you! One aspect of the crypto frontier is the fact that there are lots more jobs than people to fill them (as yet.)

FWIW, that's why folks on real frontiers were generalists instead of specialists.

I'm not excited anymore playing esteem because no one vote me ,,,
here people think of themselves, the great reputation is great, we are small when it develops, everytime my good-karma post also does not memvote me. this is my complaint that the reputation is still low.

I'm not excited anymore playing esteem because no one vote me ,,,
here people think of themselves, the great reputation is great, we are small when it develops, everytime my good-karma post also does not memvote me. this is my complaint that the reputation is still low.

Thanks for creating an amazing application on steem blockchain, I included your application here, I hope you like what I wrote about chainbb.com here : The best for growth in Steemit !

Your road map from 2018 looks fantastic! It may be shorter than that of last year but it certainly looks as if you've really thought this through.

A question though when you say you're going to put old projects on hold does that mean shutting them down?

The point of this isn't to brag or beg for witness votes

Lol, I don't think you need to brag or beg for votes with all the work you've done @jesta

I don't want to say they'd be permanently shut down, but just put on hold until further notice.

hello @jesta I hope you are well!!......sorry for bother you! excuse is there anything that I can do to work for you??? I´m from Venezuela and the situation here in my country is really hard, the money I earn monthly does not reach me to buy anything!
1 SBD is like 4 minimum wage here in venezuela!!!! I as a university teacher earn 0.5 SBD per month (nothing compare with the food and things a need to buy to sustend my family)
steemit is my ticket out of the crisis I am living here
belive it or not! I don´t like to beg belive me I don´t, but this could change my life 100 %

I don´t want to be pity! and I don´t want you to give me money!! I am writing you for work! anything you want me to do I am ready to do it!!
I want to earn money by my own efford and sweat!
once again sorry @jesta to bother you this way!! but you are the chief here!! and my witness!! with no more to say I hope You have a nice day and thanks for what you do to steemit!! God bless you!!!!

Hi @jesta, I have created the Steemitnopoly - monopoly for steemit, and you are one of the protagonists of this game! I hope you check it out.

I think you are doing a great work here in Steemit. Thank you.

Hi bro, how are you doing? I am looking to add https://steemgigs.org as well on steemdb. On there, it says to contact you here on steemit. What do i need to do, to have it on there. It has been in use for days now

Need the following information from ya to get it added:

      'name' => 'chainBB',
      'apptag' => 'chainbb',
      'beneficiary' => 'chainbb',
      'description' => 'Steem blockchain powered discussion forum',
      'link' => 'https://beta.chainbb.com',

The apptag is the apptag you use in the json_metadata field of all posts created, and the beneficiary is the beneficiary account used to collect rewards.

its all good man. sometimes you just gotta do a hard reset and figure out what ducks you are gonna put in what row. once your ducks are in a row you are good to go. if you are doing a million things its more like hearding cats.

@jesta Hi there Jesta! I am trying to find a developer with experience in Steem for an upcoming project and I came across your profile. Can you please tell me the best way to contact you directly? Thanks :)

Well, I'm just not even sure I know what I don't understand :) But I'll run a case point at you:

I have a really good friend that needs to be on Steemit and using Steem. The drawback? Setting up her business on Steemit. She has a nice business that has 60,000 subscribers to her email list, and an incredibly stupid % buy every year.

I'd like to see it really easy for her to start a presence on Steemit. It's an incredibly engaging Social platform, but it doesn't look easy to run a business from at all.

That said, Thank you. For all the work you have done to make this place great, and that you are going to do. I really do appreciate it.

This is your last post, we wait for the next post

I support you and my vote for you .... keep writing 👍

@jesta all the best 👌💕

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You have my witness vote now!

Van I be so curious why you almost didn't upvote in the past week?

You did great @jesta. you contribute a lot at steemit! thank you.


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because I just joined in steemit
many things I do not know yet
I want to learn about it

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