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This is one of my favorite snakes!

The Eastern Hognose Snake (Heterodon platirhinos) is one amazing snake. I have always loved these guys and we were blessed enough to find one at the home of @grandpa-pepper while we were up in Wisconsin.

One of my favorite defense mechanisms of the Eastern Hognose Snake is that they can spread their “hood” much like a Cobra does. Compare the photo above to the one below to see what I mean.

As a bonus illustration of this defense mechanism, check out this video I made the other year of a larger Hognose Snake up in Wisconsin.


The name “hognose” comes from the upturned nose that these creatures have. They use it to dig in sandy soil, and it definitely gives them a much different look than that of many other snakes.

In the photo above you can see the snake acting normal. However, just a little bit of perceived threat can make them employ another defense mechanism, playing dead.

Yeah, these snakes are really good at playing dead, which you may have already seen in our previous post where “Sweet-Pepper” picked it up when we first found it. I’ll include a second video below of it playing dead after I include the next video in this series.

The information is the video is original but I did have a quick refresher from this source.




If you enjoyed this video, please consider thanking @thelivingpoet for encouraging me to make it!

As always, I'm @papa-pepper and here's the proof:


Until next time…

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It's cute in the picture, but it's actually scary.

I love that the snake plays dead. So awesome! For some reason it reminds me of my dog when she is faking like she is asleep so she won't have to come outside. She prefers the air conditioner

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Our great Wild man, I think that am a bit more fan of snakes-thanks to you haha..the snake looks beautiful with awesome colors, thanks for sharing.

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I am Cornholio! You will co-operate with my bunghole!

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The principal! He will give me TP! I would hate for my bungholio to get polio....Where I come from, we have no bunghole.

Glad to hear that you might like snakes a little more!

Absolutely, however via your posts...I still wouldnt date a cobra haha

I am into homesteading and gardening too. I enjoyed your post i will be following for more! check my post on cabbage worms and an organic remedy here! Thanks papa pep!

I am a bit scared of snakes (I know it is silly) but that said, there is no denying that he is a very good looking thing.

I like the pictures of him. I would not like to see him in real life (no offence)

I love that he plays dead. Smart little guy.


I know, it is hard to pick one as a favorite... I suppose that you just like them all too much to pick only one?

Yep, and @papa-pepper has too many of them :)

Wow, am afraid of those creatures. But they look so amazing in these pictures. The way you are handling them, it seems that they are not dangerous.

These ones are not dangerous, in my opinion.

Snakes are less friendly to humans but, am still surprised how reverse is the case with papa-pepper😳


About 3 years ago i found pure white color snake (much smaller then in your pics) near the house..she was agrresive and i killed her.Later on felt sorry about her.

Wow, i wonder what kind it was.

I loved your little ones post on this snake on their page!

Great and informative post and videos!
I like snakes as well and filmed some grass snakes, which are not dangerous at all, in the waters of Lake Caldaro in Italy these past weeks. But it was difficult to grap one, for they were to fast for the old man! :)

Very cool! We enjoy all sorts of animals and snakes!

I love snakes, I look like one of the most fascinating reptiles on earth

Cool! I cant believe he plays dead! My dog does that when hes in trouble!! 🤣🤣

Hi papa-pepper. . Your post very good i like it. .

Kool snake. Seen a few in my day. Looks like he was coming after you in the top vid but I think he was actually checkin' you out? Thanks for the show!

He was just pretending.

good job..

Seems pretty scary though

Favourite snake!!! That's scary...

Is incredible the instinct of these beautiful snakes, since they come out of the egg know that in case a predator appears have to make the dead and over emit a smell rotten dedes the mouth to believe that they are already rotten, the truth For me it's great, I'm surprised by the variety of reptiles you usually share, it's wonderful, thank you very much. Greetings.

ahahha so crazy @papa-pepper!!!! Snakes are a big of fear of mine, and seeing you have it on you, got me crazy!!! :P Followed you and upvoted it!!! ^_^

You can also follow me for daily motivation, inspirations, advices, and tips, on life and busienss!

@papa-pepper you're very awesome man! You killed some of the shows i watched on Discovery and NatGeo.

This amazing series of yours will be featured on my small-time blog.

Looks like an amazing snake. Too bad it is almost impossible to find a snake in the wild here in Belgium. Keep up the good work!

That snake seems to be very dangerous. I'm very happy to stand there, it's very brave

It looks like too scary and venumos. But the truth is they are friendly,the video is the real proof of it..thanks @thelivingpoet and @papa-pepper

That snake are so lovely..

I meet pepper in philippines bro..LOL!

That big one was tripping when you didn't flinch after he hissed and lunged at you. LOL

Gotta know what you are dealing with, I did, he didn't! LOL


yay, another cutie! 😁 so adorable playing dead!

I am terrified of snakes, even when they are not poisonous snakes, but I love your posts about them and the pictures are amazing. Thank you so much for sharing this fantastic information. I've just seen MY first post of yours with your daughter and the Hognose snake and I love your posts in nature with the wild

You are so so brave lol

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I had never seen a hognose snake before your videos. It's really cool how it tries to get you to leave them alone. I thought the playing dead was pretty awesome until I saw the crazy snake act! Wow. You do find the most awesome creatures @papa-pepper

Damn scary af @papa-pepper!

carefull those snakes wont bite at some point!
looks like its blowing its mouth up :)
very good and learnfull post as usual !

Never been bit yet, but we like to be careful.

very cool, but scary, please do not get in your teeth. please apvote me yes