A Day That Will Live On In Infamy | Julian Assange Asylum Revoked, Arrested By UK Police

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A Sad Day - A Shameful Day - A Travesty of Justice

As News of Assange's Arrest at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London begins to flood social media and news outlets from around the world, the implications of this shameful event hit like a ton of bricks.
  • International Law - Tarnished
  • Political Asylum - Badly Damaged
  • Journalism - now high-risk profession without legal protections
  • A publisher will be tortured for speaking truth to power (after already being arbitrarily detained in conditions worse than a prison).

Lenin Moreno released a video statement declaring that Ecuador has revoked the political asylum of Julian Assange for:

"I announce that the discourteous and aggressive behaviour of Julian Assange...has led to the situation where asylum is unsustainable and no longer viable".


"the hostile and threatening declarations of its allied organizations against Ecuador and especially, the transgressions of international treaties have led the situation to a point where the asylum of Assange is unsustainable and no longer viable."

Watch Moreno's full statement on RT

It's difficult to stomach what Moreno puts forth in this video because the violations and behavior were provoked under his direction when his administration placed new "conditions" on Assange's asylum five years after being granted political asylum status by the Ecuadorian government in 2012.

This is an absolute outrage and an embarrassing chapter in Ecuador's diplomatic affairs.

The truth is, the US has applied tremendous pressure on the government of Ecuador over the years to have Assange removed from the embassy. Billion dollar IMF loan guarantees certainly played a role in the political back dealing that has ultimately resulted in the expulsion of Wikileaks former editor-in-chief.

Seeing a visibly weakened Assange being dragged out of the embassy like an animal by UK law enforcement agents was a sickening sight.
I don't really have the words to describe it.

Julian cried out:

Resist, the UK must Resist.

As I struggle to articulate the gravity of this moment, I'll post some of the reactions from twitter that are appearing in my feed which express the same deep sadness and outrage that many of us are feeling right now.

Twitter Reactions to Assange's Arrest





















They can oppress freedom fighters, but they cant win. Wikileaks will continue to spread the truth. As well as many others

Having spent a significant part of my life travelling the world I’m used to being ashamed of the British government.....

This is a new low even for us.

It’s been coming for a long time but even now I’m surprised that Equador relented and our disgraceful ‘security’ services dragged Assanage out like he was fucking Charles Manson.

Freedom of speech is officially dead.

This is a shocking display of imperialism and rejection of the rule of law.
This is indeed a shameful day for the UK and Ecuador for violations of human rights.
It's not about Assange. It's about much more than the man.

The way in which they removed him was exactly that... like FUCKING Charles Manson or something. His only crime is speaking truth to power.

Police in my country says there is a freedom of speech guaranteed by the Human Rights Declaration. There is no freedom after the speech though. Even though I think writing this was a personal failure, we are not far from it being the truth as it was spoken; I don't understand why certain documents were secret in the first place. It is the people who fund the government and all operations.

Sad part is that here is yet another research. It says the more people want something, statistically, it is more likely the government will be against it. Revolution needs to happen since the state benefits its citizens far less than it should.


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If there was ever a doubt of the fascist empire...


There are many that believe Assange to be an insider, an actor playing out a script or role .. I say to them, that even if that were true the message is still the same .. and when you cross-reference the events of his imprisonment alongside the exponentially expanding war on free speech, that message is clear .. watch your backs and mind what you say, the hammer of oppression is falling. Crazy days eh my friend? Hope you've been well!

Yet most people are worried about the right-left argument and making sure their candidate is in office and fix everything. After all, it is the other party that is to blame. Trump is the problem, the world would be better if Hillary won (or thank God Trump won, we are being saved). It is all bullshit.

This shows how absurd it all is. People need to get their heads out of their ass and wake up. Buy partaking in the system you are defending and condoning the present system.

Sadly, you have millions who condone this behavior by espousing their ideology.

There are some very serious implications to his arrest. Now, what's to stop China from extraditing journalists or citizens that speak out against gov policy... and thousands of other examples in the same vein.
This is truly sickening. Laws are only upheld when they agree with the interests of those in power, in this case human rights laws and asylum laws are simply pushed to the side. This world is upside-down. People really need to wake up to what this means.

USA, UK and the EU should be ashamed of themselves for being so hypocritical. They have no right anymore to cite freedom of speech and press as problems of China and Russia, etc. They are exactly the same.

Thanks for all the info V4vapid. These are sad and dangerous times for sure. A news editor is arrested for revealing war crimes, yet it is the US and UK governments funding terrorism and fomenting wars.

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Ugh, this makes me sick to my stomach. I'm holding out some hope Trump will handle this correctly. Aside from being the right thing to do, it would be a political power-play if he free'd or pardoned Assange. If he blackbags, tortures, or in anyway mistreats, or allows him to be mistreated, I think he'll lose his entire base and then some.

It turned my stomach to watch them drag him out like that...I don't have much hope that Trump will do anything but perhaps the UK people and stir things up a little...idk

Disgraceful and saddening. Another day to feel ashamed to be British as we bend over and take it from America yet again.

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