Julian Assange carried out of the Ecuador Embassy by police after 7 years asylum

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Julian Assange arrest.jpg
Julian Assange being carried out of the Ecuadorian embassy this morning shouting "Resist."

The inevitable has happened as Julian Assange, the most famous whistle blower and political activist in the world at present, was arrested by British police and carried out of the Ecuadorian embassy after spending the last seven years there under political asylum. Much has been said over the past seven years by both sides of the political divide regarding his case but today marks a definitive day in the history of the man who ranks, in my mind, among historic legends like Nelson Mandela.
There is a traditional familiarity among us all regarding the concept of the “seven year cycle”. In astrology the planet Saturn takes 28 years to complete a full cycle around the zodiac, and the sever year points in one’s life are marker points along the journey toward maturity. Perhaps Assange’s time has come to face the music that he set into motion seven years ago when he first set foot in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, in 2012. Like Mandela, he will be known as a freedom fighter by some and a terrorist by others. And like Mandela we can only hope that one day the terrorist becomes free and walks away a hero for his service to humanity in freeing not just a country, as Mandela did for South Africa when he ran the liberation movement, but in freeing the entire world from the illusion placed over it by the propaganda department of the elite criminal world leaders regarding their murder, torture and war crimes across the globe. The press are owned by a few wealthy men and paid to print their memoranda regarding what they wish the public to know. So when Wikileaks, under Julian Assange, exposed the war crimes of America and Britain, he opened our eyes to the horror of the criminals we once called our leaders.
Now that we know America and her military is a puppet state run by the world’s central bankers, and the press is their propaganda mouthpiece, Assange’s work has already been done. He has exposed their crimes against humanity and we will never trust a thing coming from the lips of an American politician ever again. Assange made himself enemy number one when he went up against the mighty American war machine. Already the director and historian Oliver Stone has named and shamed his nation by also exposing their war crimes in his documentaries, but it was Julian Assange and his website Wikileaks, along with the help of insiders with conscience Edward Snowden and Chelsea Manning, who provided evidence of the individual crimes of the American government by leaking what they tried to hide from us. So whatever happens to them, they have already won. They have already succeeded in exposing the criminal states like America. For that they will die heroes, like Mandela.
Unfortunately they may still have to sacrifice their lives in jail for their service to humanity, as the criminals do not like the fact that they have been exposed. Having already lived for seven years under self-imposed house arrest in the Ecuadorian Embassy, Assange may have to experience still further incarceration, as may Manning, who was recently re-arrested, despite a pardon by former President Obama. A trumped up rape allegation was the excuse against Assange, one that he was avoiding lest it result in extradition to the US and a possible death penalty. That rape case expired but still the new Ecuadorian president was not as sympathetic and revoked his asylum status, allowing the UK police in today to carry Assange to jail. Fortunately Ecuador’s president claims to have obtained guarantees that Assange would not be tortured or killed.
Since his arrest at 10.50 am in London this morning, he has been found guilty at Westminster magistrates court of skipping bail seven years ago when he entered the Ecuadorian embassy. He is now in a jail. Besides that, the extradition request from the US awaits him. President Trump, who used to be an open supporter of Wikileaks when they exposed Hillary Clinton’s crimes, has had to disown them lately, presumably due to pressure from his party. Trump will of course have to make a decision if Assange is brought to trial in the US and could ideally exonerate and pardon him, though the pressure to prosecute will be huge. Having said that, Assange’s conviction may set a dangerous president for press freedom.
Speaking outside Westminster magistrates court after this afternoon’s hearing, WikiLeaks’ editor-in-chief, Kristinn Hrafnsson, said:

“Anyone who wants the press to be free should consider the implications of this case. If they will extradite a journalist to the US then no journalist will be safe. This must stop. This must end.”

The US justice department issued the extradition request “in connection with a federal charge of conspiracy to commit computer intrusion for agreeing to break a password to a classified US government computer”. The conviction will put Assange in jail for five years in the US, which is minor considering that the charge relates to “one of the largest compromises of classified information in the history of the US,” according to the justice department.

In a great show of support, the President of Bolivia, Evo Morales, said:

“We strongly condemn the detention of Julian Assange and the violation of freedom of speech. Our solidarity with this brother who is persecuted by the US government for revealing its human rights violations, murders of civilians and diplomatic espionage.”
That really sums up the entire situation here where you have an activist journalist like any of us, who finds out about the murderous crimes of an imperialist government against innocent civilians in another country and exposes them to the world, and then has to flee that government until they finally are able to catch him. So who is the real criminal? It’s obvious that the real criminal is the US and the whistleblower is the martyr here. Such is the way of our life under tyrannical regimes like the US and China, both war criminals and human rights abusers in their own right. Well the war criminals like the US government will die a far more inglorious death but a far more celebrated one than Julian Assange. Their demise will be celebrated across the globe while Assange’s incarceration or death will act as an incentive for the rest of us Julians and whistleblowers like me, to carry on the great work of the activist journalist exposing the war crimes of imperialists like America and China. May their governments meet in Hell to share a cell until their respective murders of Iraq and Tibet innocents are wiped clean from their karmic plate.

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Assange didn't really do anything wrong. He just shared information that governments want secret because they know it's bad. It's not like he was doing it to cause economic damage or terror or even endangering lives. At worst a few people who really deserved it were brought to justice or fired. They've just been desperate to arrest him for something that won't turn into another wikileaks scandal.

There are traitors, but that involves being a citizen and in the military or government and stealing or revealing secrets kinda like Snowden or Manning. Or definitely an officer like Benedict Arnold.


He has set a good example of seeking out the truth about abusive government activities. He is like a Robin Hood character.

Assange would have had nothing to leak if the US government, the DNC, and HRC had not done or emailed what they did. He may not be the most upstanding whistleblower, and perhaps some of the material should have been redacted, but he cannot be blamed for the negative activities that he revealed.

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He will always be remembered for his bravery and activist reporting. Let's wish him well.

A great man who has shown us all his courage in not being intimidated by the crooks in power and standing against them. I feel though that now he will face the music; and I can only wish him well...


Yes let's send him our good wishes. Who knows where he may be sleeping tonight - in some prison perhaps.

Julian Assange is a hero, the US government is the criminals! It's a shame that Ecuador turned their back on him and let him be arrested and handed over like this.


Yes the new president there doesn't like Assange exposing his corruption either.

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Hi, again @julianhorack.

Could you explain to me how they can take out someone who has asylum in an embassy?

What did Julian do to the Ecuadorian government to have his asylum denied after 7 years?


Good question, I don't know how they can revoke asylum for Julian especially because he is officially now an Ecuadorian citizen, so they kicked out a citizen of their own country from his embassy. It is probably a crime committed by the president of Ecuador who kicked him out for revealing the other corruption of this new Ecuadorian president.


That seems to be a good reason or a real one. But it seems weird to me, you do not execute an action of that kind without having a backup plan. There is something suspicious here

Hello @julianhorack, very interesting your article, I did not know about this arrest.

Thanks for sharing.