Steem Price Down - Whalepower Votes Are UP !

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We #whalepower , Whalepowerian will Increase Ours Percentage More for Ours Members / Subscribers.
Enjoys while it last! While the price of Steems is Down.
Please Don't Be Selfish cos , We will reduce those that are caught being selfish.
As Promise , The Subscribers will Enjoys.

Kami #whalepower, Whalepowerian akan Meningkatkan Persentase Lebih , untuk Anggota Pengguna / Subscribers.
Nikmati saat terakhir! Sementara Harga Steems Jatuh.
Harap Jangan Menjadi Ego yang Egois, Kami akan mengurangi orang-orang yang tertangkap Egois!
Sebagai Janji, Para Pelanggan akan menikmati.

Steem Price Down

I hope you All #whalepower Users Read Ours Message here.

Saya harap Semua Pengguna Membaca Pesanan ini.

#whalepower A Project for Better Community

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you are really a good leader. Those who subscribe will get the best from you. keep it uo.
steem is still declining in price tough.


Many have No Idea.
They Think my Power Grows from The Trees?
Many gets what they deserve.
Sick and those that Keep Taking, No I am not giving.
Up !


This post has received a 17.37 % upvote from @boomerang.

Steem has fallen so far but #whalepower keeps working and gives a tremendous enthusiasm, I can't say anything but I can only express the deepest Thanks to the #whalepower Team

That is very nice of you and greatly appreciated! : )
Steem prices got you down? With #whalepower there is no need to frown. Hugs!

Whalepower is a good community project

Apakakah bisa menggunakan tag whalepower tapi tidak berlangganan ?

Apa mengganggu perkerjaan team whalepower?


bisa pakai tag whalepower, akan tetapi vote yang didapt mungkin tidak besar.
mohon baca guidenya di postingan @whalepower atau @whalepower-guide


Oke gan.. saya pikir ada kebijakan baru tentang tag whalepower

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