Quick Guidelines For #whalepower Tags - What are they?

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Quick Guidelines For #whalepower Tags - Friday 16, 2017

Hello Steemians,

@bullionstackers here, I am the founder of these Tags "Reserve Ownership" the Tag name for #whalepower and #whale-power in #steemit .

Recently, I Launched / #introduce the above Tags.

What are these Tags represent?

These are the Power of One for All and All for one which is you and others supporting each others. The greater the number one can be as Powerful as a Whale. This is where, I derive the name from.

My Commitment

I commit my time to curate your posts/ contents. I reserve the rights to comment on your posts , if you chose to use the Tags. Please read the Guidelines.


  • All Topic contents are Welcome. All Welcome*
  • *Except Plagiarism , SPAM , Hated Speech , NSFW , Racism , ( If misuse, I will ask you to remove the usage of the Tag , follow by a warning, then Flagged. or even straight Flagged if inappropriate. )
  • Highly Recommend - Original Content.
  • Do not Copy-Pasta.
  • You can interacting with each others, you will never know you will find new followers.
  • This #whalepower #whale-power Tags not necessary to be the first tag , it can be the last tag.
  • Reblogged and spread the words #whalepower across as far as you can.
  • Always remember to source your images and provide any references you used for your post.
  • English only

Your Commitment

When one little minnows like you with out friends and supporters. So lost , without up votes power , when you guys are United together as Powerful as #whalepower , so please support each other when use the tag.

My commitment to Support the #whalepower #whale-power tags
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Are you ready for this ?

You can send - Gift / Donation / Sponsor with Steem or SBD to @bullionstackers to help me Power Up this Project.

If you Like it, Love It

Follow and Visit my Page at @bullionstackers


This is a great concept @bulionstackers! Nice of you to spend so much of your time (as it must no doubt cost to click all the posts with the tag) to create this sub community.

Hope I do not still come across like a robo human.

Went to the trouble of upvoting all your posts from the past days. Only 1 cent of power on me but it will grow ;).

0.52 ~ 11 votes
Thank you.
I give you another . 40
Near enough, I am running out of juice
Upvote here please

There you go! Ah my voting power seems to have dropped below 0.01 cent again. But i'll be back better and stronger. Keep up the good work!

41% for the great initiative. Now I need to watch my voting.

Follow you so I can upvote more often


Have you Read the Guidelines?

yes I did read it, I will send you a donation..in a few days. I only have SP now

Please read the Guidelines

Have Read this page

Glad I didn't #whalepower my nsfw post recently.

Anyway, EVIDENCE of support here:

Hi! @ace108
You have recently become a whale.

i won't say that but thanks

Hey @ace108 your well in between me and where im trying to get and where i hope your trying to get i myself am running a minnow support group of quite a few members and i could really use some help a. Spreading some higher value around to turn minnows in to dolphins but i need to get on a small whale status so that i can do the same. Would you be interested in helping me?

just read the guideline, hope I can be part of the project @bullionstackers thank you

Upvotes here, and see if you guys really know what you are doing? With #whalepower tag

I like your approach.

Some use full tag there. Are you going to be the moderator?

this reply looks like a scam xDD sorry

You don't need to be register.
Please don't use the Tag. We won't follow You.

I donate for this project 2 sbd. Please, everybody, upvote each other and be more participative. The possibility to become more viral and have huge upvote is incommensurable do the same and we are​​ bigger tan now. Stop sleep and be selfish​ for a few​ dollars. Go beyond the simply upvote and be a huge team. Together​ we can be more strong that​ the ​ big whale in steemit.

I Love ❤️ it. Thanks for your contribution and support for the #whalepower project

Great comment, full of passion.

Not a bad idea...I don't usually browse tags though. Might make an exception for this one.

Me too @bullionstackers . I am still experimenting through the platform. Might. Use #whalepower tag in my next post. Expect to write a long post about orphaned chipmunks I found around a week ago.

Thanks @neoxian for taking time to read my Guidelines

"Do not Copy-Pasta."

As Meatloaf said ...

I will do anything for steem ... but I won't do that.

LOL that's funny!

LMDO! Saw him doing bat out of hell. This is too funny!


Thank you @encryptcy for your donation towards the project.

I sure do appreciate your help! I put a lot of time into my posts and it is difficult to get noticed. I do not want to get followers that just say, "Follow me; Follow you" because I like to interact with people and I only upvote on the posts that I like. And I would like people to upvote me, only if they liked what I have to offer. Those robo votes are not for me , as I want to earn my upvotes. Lastly, I especially like how you take the time to actually read all of the posts. Thank you once again. Your help is greatly appreciated.

Once I read, I will leave a comment.
Some I rejected as it does not meet the criteria.
I am looking for Originality not copy pasta works
Here, you being Like

I understand. My stories and poems are all original. Thank you for your time.

Love the clause'
Thanks Man - Donated 10 steems toward the #whalepower project

Thanks @paul-gillbanks for your generosity towards this #whalepower project

I hope this @bullionstacker idea can be wonderful. Compliment for your creation ;)

Followed you, Resteemed and Upvoted. Very cool Idea. I am still pretty new to Steemit, only about 6 weeks. I hope I met the guidelines?

Hi! my brother @bullionstackers
Your project has a result.
I will remember to add the following tags in the future.
#whalepower and #whale-power

Thanks for the Guidelines ,
I can see now where my Donation going too.
Donated $5 SBD toward the project #whalepower for better curation.

Thanks for your Donation towards the #whalepower project. Are you a curator too?

Lets work together and be a team!
The whalepower team.
Let's upvote each others posts.

Thanks @antv
Your comment is highly appreciated

Infact, we need to up vote each other but a lot are only selfish, the time is coming to see the people active or the money grabber!

Good stuff bullionstacker, I will start using whalepower from now on. upvoted and resteemed. Cheers and thanks

I can't resteem this :(

Only good when the post is 6 days old.

Great project @bullionstackers. FOLLOWED

Cool! Worth a try, I guess! :)

quite a nice concept am registering and in support

I sent you 2 SBD donation thanks

Wow what a great post! I'm new here and it is good to here from someone like you that wants to help others that are beginning.
I will re-steem this post, and let me say yours is the first post that I will re-steem.
I will folow you and look forward to more from you. I will also put the tags in my post from now on.
Do I put the tags in when I re-steem, or can you?

I hope with the new changes, your idea is still going to work. I re-steemed your post.

I guess I'm as dumb as a box of rocks so forgive the stupid question. I have read the guide lines, but I can't find the link to register, can someone reply with the link? Thanks

Read and upvoted. I will follow the guidelines for using the #whalepower tag. Thank you!

Very cool concept.
I am greatful for the volunteers powering this page and hashtag.
Organizing chaos, effectively.

'Founder of these tags' that sounds pretty good. Will be using those tags and will follow the guidelines :)

love the name now i'm going to check out your blog.

thank you thank you !!

Sounds great.. Can I add the tags to posts allready online if I want to join?

ThIs a great opportunity .restewmed this post and rebloging it

This post has been ranked within the top 80 most undervalued posts in the second half of Jun 16. We estimate that this post is undervalued by $19.85 as compared to a scenario in which every voter had an equal say.

See the full rankings and details in The Daily Tribune: Jun 16 - Part II. You can also read about some of our methodology, data analysis and technical details in our initial post.

If you are the author and would prefer not to receive these comments, simply reply "Stop" to this comment.

Steemians first of all great to see so many awesome people being active on this platform and I am going to donate now for this project @bullionstackers is doing here. I want to support everybody and hope this encourages all of you to upvote each other and leave a nice comment in the spirit of all. Spreading positivity and good energy!!! Enjoy your day.

Let's see if we can join here with our charity support project : ) Until our next post to be able to use the #whalepower tag, our introduction post is a quite good read for everyone interested to support charitable causes on Steemit.

Hello @bullionstackers, I would be happy if I can join here :) Reestemed and upvoted. Have a nice day

Minnow here, thank you for helping out with #whalepower - will be sure to give it a try on my next post! I think its people like you who make this place great ! Cheers

We are the 99%.

upvoted, resteemed

Great stuff you're doing here, resteemed.

풀보팅 잘보고 갑니다

how do I get on the list and where do find #whalepower posts? do I do a search for them

We cant stop here, this is whale country!

@randowhale hahahahaha

I am not going to contest with rando?
They upvote without reading!!

True, but they have upvoted me a few times and I appreciate it haha

#whalepower #whale #randowhale #whalecountry

Thanks for the infornation

Thank you for thinking about the minnows. Awesome work! You make steem beautiful, indeed.

Resteemed and sending you a donation bro. You and i trying to do some similar stuff and id really to bring 30 to 100 active steemers who will gladly participate with you and your whalepower.

I know its not much but i have much much more to contribute

Do you know? I started here with pennies.
I am use to it.
Thank you.
#whalepower will help the community.
We will be one unity and much stronger than other group.
One for All and All For One , we need to duplicate this as we go

I agree and i want on that same path man. I spend more of my time curating others content then i do creating my own and im looking to give to a community that will give back

Following an will give it a go!

Please Read the Guidelines and register please

Have you read the Guidelines?

Are you saying we should use your tags listed above, if we would like you to curate our original content?

Just one tag , you can use it at your fifth tags.

Thank you so much!!

what is the appropriate way to source your photos, i.e. if I put the url it will just post the photo again

Excellent initiative, that adds to the network effect, similar to resteeming etc.! Upvoted and followed!

Way to think ahead of the curve. Very impressive. Keep up the good work. Love being a part of this community. Onward and upwards! Who's with me?

I just read the guidelines.i want to be part of this.Am i registered now?

Thanks for the information, still lost but looks interesting

Please read the Guidelines

If I get whalepower in my blog, can I write all English?
Can I write Korean plus English? Is it possible to get upvote from you?
Thanks, upvoted and followed you :)

Will certainly use for next blog.never knew, there are so many things in steem ,which makes it complicated!!!!

Please Read the Guidelines

come back to us when you are ready

Looks like you can't get any more votes? :-(

Please Read the #whalepower Guidelines

done, let me know if i have sucessfully registered :)

@ bullionstackers im just curious to know are you up voting posts or the comments? I have been up voting resteeming and I even used your tag whalepower, and im just a minnow! So you can say I have been supporting you correct?

So I read the guidelines, send a little bit of something and will follow up on the rest. Which one is best to re-steem?
BTE, we got the same power:)

Thank you for doing this! Go us! #whalepower

Where to register? Im so confused now!!! Help!

Have read the #whalepower Guidelines?
Come back to the link and register

Yes I already read the guidelines and the requirements but I could not see where to register :(

You never supported any at all.
Keep it to yourself.
Remember it was me that Resteem your post.
I have help many.
Registration is with me.
#whalepower is about everyone, if you are not ready to commit, please don't.

Hi sorry I just voted some articles in the whalepower, sorry if I wasnt so active I'm already engaging little by little

Have you read the Guidelines?
You will need to do some upvotes.

I wan't to register please did that already :)

This project looks awesome. Resteemed.

Thank you for the Resteem
Please support the #whalepower tag , together we can be as powerful as one

I'm only a few days on steemit and finding my way around - if I have followed you, resteemed and upvoted, I can use the #whalepower tag?

Please Read the Guidelines
Come back ... and Register- just let me know

I did read the guidelines and will be happy to participate and be a contributing member of this great idea! Please register me - thank you!

Am really sorry to be so confused, how do I Register? I have done all the other steps . . please advise?


great project..
Thanks for sharing..

Following and read the guidelines.

i will tag #whalepower whenever posting

Why are there like 100 links in this post that just link back to this post itself?

And where are these "guidelines" and "registration"?

This post has a lot of words, and tags, but it doesn't actually say very much...

I have tagged this in my few posts. Kindly check them. Thanks

add dr puffnstuff to the registered users! Do I have to use the tag every time? And whats the best way to help the whalepower movement?!

I will make a post about the tag and help promote it tomorrow at a better time, when more people will see it. keep doing what you're doing bullion. You are appreciated

We only curate those that use #whalepower Tag.

Please Read the Guideline before usage.
#whalepower Tag is for the community.
We are building the community.

I did read it. I haven't used the tag yet. But I did go through and upvote people who have used the tag. Lots of names I'm already following anyways.. and I will make a post about whalepower and start using the tag sometimes..

Great post..cool site..upvoted...followed

Good one sir. I look forward to seeing it work

I have read the rules here, i can abide.I sent a token to support whale power project too

this is the greate information

Register me please. Resteemed & followed, and voted. I sent you $2steem since I am out of sbd and I just posted to whalepower - hope I did it right...