A walk through the woods for today's #wednesdaywalk

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Today, I decided that since I've already done the driveway, the blooms around the yard, and the storm damage kinds of walks, I took a bit of a wander in the woods directly behind our house for @tattoodjay's #wednesdaywalk challenge (his latest post is HERE). While one of his suggestions is "walk for a few blocks or a few minutes looking for things to get shots of," I actually ended up strolling around the incredibly-humid-and-mosquito-filled forest for close to an hour!

I went through the 150+ pictures, narrowed it down to 65 (HA!), then finally managed to knock it down to two dozen-ish. As always, I used my trusty Nikon COOLPIX P610 (Amazon affiliate link - thanks for the pennies if you click through and order something!) for the photos. I have it set on Auto Mode at the moment, and I typically bounce the exposure bias around between 0 and -2 step.

Hope you have a great Wednesday!

walk through the woods for today's #wednesdaywalk
Got a bunch of storms moving in over the next day or so, but at least there's a bit of blue

Walking down the hill into the woods

Stepping off the lawn into the wild

And to show how quickly the weather changes, this picture...

... and this one were both taken at 10:07an. The sun broke through the clouds in the time it took me to adjust my shooting angle.

The balance of decay and rebirth

Trametes versicolor (aka, The Turkey Tail mushroom)

This Wandering Glider dragonfly (at least I think that's the right ID) landed on this stick about a foot away, and posed for me.

Two seconds later, there was a quick burst of rain - the dragonfly took off, but it still looks magical out here

Little bits of green poking up all over the place

A baby pine growing out of a tree stump is all kinds of inspiring

Look! I think the woods loves me as much as I love it!

I get the funny feeling I'm being watched, though...

Peekaboo, Mr. Chipmunk!

A wide shot of the rock - peek at the left side of the photo and you can get a sense of how close this is to our house

I noticed some cool kind of fungus on a bunch of the granite stones

It looks like brown paper on one side, and black tar on the other

This is new growth of the fungus - I'll be back with an update if I figure out what it is

Didn't notice this little guy until he jumped up on the rock in front of me.

Talk about camouflage! Can you spot the moth (which I believe is a Faint-Spotted Angle)?

Not heart shaped, but twin acorns like this always make me think of love

Look! More hearts!

I'm not actually a fan of spiders, but this Daddy Longlegs made a point to pose for me, so how could I refuse?

I think this guy, and the other guy that jumped up on the rock, are both American Toads (Anaxyrus americana).

Wild Lily of the Valley (aka Canada Mayflower) ripening red berries

This is one of my all time favorite trees on the property. And when I looked down...

... I spied one of the few uneaten mushrooms, just begging to be photographed. I happily obliged.

Have a great week!

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Super nice photos. I'm still jealous of your forrest. You sure you don't have a small 10x20 slice of land I could park a trailer on and build a tiny home on it for a few months.. ..say next spring or shortly after the new year?


Thanks, Steven. I'd offer you a slice of land in a heartbeat - however, since we're renting this place, I think our landlords might be a tad upset... 😜

it may have been mosquito ridden, but it is so lush and green, thanks for sharing your shots from this beautiful walk



Thanks in return for the compliment (and the tip) @tattoodjay!

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What a beautiful walk in a lovely forest. Thanks for sharing the photos.


I'm reminded every day of how lucky we are to live in such an amazing space, @ecentrally! I'm glad I was able to share it with everyone, and thanks in return for your kind words.

What a lovely series. That was so pleasant to scroll through. The hidden chipmunk is adorable and the mushroom is my favorite shot. Thanks for taking us along on your stroll, off the lawn and into the wild :)


Thank you so much, @eyeofthemind! That same chipmunk popped up a few times as I wandered -based on how much he was chattering, I'm guessing he was yelling at me to stay off his lawn...LOL! Much appreciate you dropping by! 😊

An awesome Wednesday walk, @traciyork! I love the photo of the Turkey Tail mushroom and the cute little chipmunk. This is a really beautiful woods and to have it so close to your house is something special.


Thanks so much, @cecicastor! Funny thing is, we were staying at a campground before renting this place, and the woods here are ten bazillion times bigger than that place! Now we can feel like we're camping out just by walking outside of the house. Much appreciate your kind words. 💚

i personally love the frog pic and the big tree shot! thanks for sharing it here! :)


Thank you, @andywong31! I wasn't expected the frogs, so I'm pretty fond of those shots too! Appreciate you stopping by. 😊

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So much to see once you get onto the path and start looking @traciyork

Thoroughly enjoyed that walk with you and lovely photography.


Exactly, @joanstewart! The first time I walked into those woods with my camera, I had no idea how many bazillion things there were to photograph. Thanks so much, and very happy to have you along! 😊

Great photos of your walk in the woods! I'm amazed at all the different things that you're able to identify. Plus you even know their scientific names! Stay dry!


That's the power of Google, my friend - LOL! Thanks, and (looks out the window to the current cloud cover) you too!

That forest looks absolutely lovely and wow that photo of a dragonfly is amazing. It is so good that I am sure it could win some rewards! I am glad you had such a nice walk in nature 💚


Thanks so much, @zen-art! 💜 😊

So much life, my favorite is the last one..mushie


That's awesome, @psyceratopsb - thanks!

What an awesome collection of images! I love all the wildlife, and I especially love how you managed to make mushrooms look beautiful! That dragonfly is too cool.

Great work, thanks for sharing!


Much appreciated, @dollarsandsense! And I believe those mushrooms are called Porcelain Caps, so it's easy to make them look good, but thank you so much. 😊