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Just a couple of weeks ago this was the scene on Blackheath Common in Greenwich. The grass was parched after the summer heatwave. This is common land that has a very long and interesting history and beyond the scope of this post. Want to know more? read on.

Blackheath Common

blackheath common.jpg

On the same day that I took this photograph above we traveled around London a little bit and came across this street that even Charles Dickens would recognise near Brick Lane.

Dickensian London terrace houses

streets dickens would recognise.jpg

There are many old and ancient buildings in London and although there seems to be a lot of new buildings going up they do not seem to last very long.

This 1960's development below is called Robin Hood Gardens in Poplar east London and has been demolished recently. When it was built it was considered a marvelous achievement in urban housing but just a few decades later it was left to fall into disrepair and despair. It has been demolished much to the annoyance of many Londoners who are interested in Brutalist architecture.

Some things are built to last and some are not.

Robin Hood Gardens

robin hood gardens as it stood.jpg

That was a one minute read of the east end of London and hope you enjoyed my #wednesdaywalk

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London village is as amazing as it is crowded, I love the traditional terrace houses photo with the Range Rover in front of them - up North for the price of that Range Rover you could buy the set of terrace houses!

And then the flip - those flats at Robin Hood Gardens - as you say not built to last or live in for that matter.

London - it's another world.

#thealliance #witness


I'd say London is a different country. Totally out of touch with the reality of many people in Britain :-)
As you say.

up North for the price of that Range Rover you could buy the set of terrace house

The tower block social housing projects of the 60's and 70's were a massive failure and the 'private' tower blocks of the 80's onwards are doomed to go the same way.

Think happy thoughts ha ha.

Thanks for taking us along on the walk and showing us these landmarks :)

thanks for joining Wednesday Walk tip!


There are still some little gems to discover in London if you have time to look. :-)
Thanks for the tip.

It disturbs me that many of the buildings going up today seem to be designed to be the eye-sores of tomorrow. Only rarely does one see companies in the United States building with the idea that the structure would be standing in a century.


There is far too much short term thinking going on in housing the public.
People want homes and very few can afford to buy a property of any kind.
Unfortunately Britain is following the US trend on short termism when it comes to housing.

London was one of the cities of my teenage dreams. As they talk about the 1960s-70s, this admiration was caused by the angry youngsters, the Beat culture. London, which I admired and dreamed about was that of Antonioni's Blow-up, I do not know if you know it. It was the dreams of a young man who lived in a communist country with very little access to information and without the freedom to travel outside the country.
Dickensian London terraced houses are just like in the movie and it is my impression of London.
Robin Hood Gardens is a building with an architecture that was also used in Romania, I think they are still in use now.
Thanks for the presentation, brought me many memories of my youth.


I do recall the movie by Antonioni's - Blow-up. It was an exceptional film. Lots of london does still look like the Dickensian street scene. You just have to know where to look.
The Brutalist movement was very powerful in the 1960's and to find them in Romania still today as well, does not surprise me at all. They have mostly been demolished in the UK but some people still like them as a form of architecture?


I'm sure there are many streets, buildings like the Dickensian street scene. Is it called tradition or conservatism?


I guess they just survived somehow, the bombing during the war, the slum clearances. The various waves of people migrating always ended up in this area. It is now host to the most recent wave of migrants...the Hipsters!


Wow! I was afraid you were talking about the Romanians. You must know that many of those who say they are Romanians ... are not even Romanians!


Ha ha I'm sure there are a few 'Hipster' Romanians where you are? Can't say that I have met any Romanians as I don't usually ask people what their nationality is as it's irrelevant to me. I'm a citizen of the world as you are too. :-)


Thank you! I think the same.

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Thanks for the tour. :)


Your welcome ;-)

Enjoy seeing the sites with your perspective and photography.


Thanks @photobe it's a great place for a tour.

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I enjoyed your Wednesday Walk!


Thank you bananamemos glad you enjoyed it.