How to open ipfs link using Cyb?

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by @savetheales

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1. How to open IPFS link using Cyb
2. How to add own IPFS node to your Cyb
3. How to add own ETH node to your Cyb
4. How to import ETH wallet from Metamask to Cyb


Hi everyone! Today I intend to show you how to open web3 link with our web3 browser. If you have read our last post you should have noticed IPFS hash at back matter. The thing is that we have web3 blog :)
First of all download latest version of our Сyb and install it.

Next click on a Сyb icon. You can see something like this


This is the Root Registry by the way, but we will talk later about this. It is not so important, which page is opened, we need just to find search field at the top of the page. So, let's copy ipfs hash from previous post, paste it in a search field and attach .ipfs to the and of hash.


Alright! If everything is correct the following raw markdown file will be displayed. :)
As you see this is current post which is broadcasting in ipfs and had signed by me ;)

You can also can following hashes as homework:





Moreover now you can explore the Internet and find hashes of content you are interested in :)

In the next post we will connect local ipfs node to our Сyb ;)

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original-cid: QmTTSMog5MeRbZz5YHJidTUr4wY5aaHgUzCqjAXdfnBUmY
signed-from: 0x00CA47db1BE92C1072e973fd8DC4A082f7d70214
proof-of-existence: 0x5c254e74442511570bb52118511ee5958161e24b4f2bdd05bb1ad7ff773dae97

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