How to add own ETH node to your Cyb

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Hi! As we know from an earlier post we need 3 green lights on the right side of the footer. Today we'll add ETH node to Cyb. We'll use Parity node as an example, but you can try Geth node if you feel strong enough.

Installing Parity-node

The easiest way to install the stable version of Parity is Homebrew. Run this command in terminal:

brew tap paritytech/paritytech

brew install parity

Additional methods you can explore here, but I still recommend you Homebrew :)


After successfull installation run:

parity --jsonrpc-cors="all" --jsonrpc-apis="all" --jsonrpc-interface=all

this command starts syncing of Parity. Actually, the node is available for use by address


it can sync for 48 hours and more, it depends on your hardware and internet connection. The total size of the synced node at that moment is approximately 80 Gb. After syncing you should see something like this:


As you see Syncing is switched to Imported. It means that the node in a valid state.

Adding port to Cyb

Launch Cyb, latest version you can download here if you still not have it :). Type settings.cyb in a search field or click on a gear at the top right side.

You need to insert this address opposite ETH NODE like this:


Don't forget about the update button!

That's it ;)

Now you run your own node and use it with Cyb ;)

2 of 3, move on! ;)


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