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He raised his hands to hit her,dont make me hurt you this morning,he said to her.

I am so sorry,she kept saying. Pleas forgive me,it was my mistake inn shaa Allah,it won't repeat itself,she pleaded. Listen Ameerah! Its because I love you am tolerating your nonchalant attitude,I hope you mend your ways,said Hussain.
Inn shaa Allah,I will,she said in tears.

Here are my clothes,wash and iron them before i return. She gladly collected them. She decided to take her bath before commencing with the house chores for the day. She tried to move but couldn't. She decided to sit down for a while,five,ten minutes passed,but she was still on the floor.
Aisha has not set her eyes on Ameerah today,she went to her room to check on her. She greeted in the proper Islamic greetings before entering the room,no response,where could she have gone to today and so early?Aisha asked herself. Aisha was about leaving when she had a bang on the door. What's that sound? She asked herself,could Ya Hussain be hitting his wife this early morning,let me check she suggested to herself. She opened the door,only to find Ameerah on the floor panting heavily.

Subahanallah! What's going on?Ya Ameerah are you ok?. Innalillahi wainaillahi raji'u" you are running a temperature,what happen? She asked but Ameerah couldn't talk.

Aisha dialed hussain's contact but he didnt answer the call, she called hassan,hassan rushed in immediately. What is wrong with her?he asked. I dont know replied Aisha. Let's rush her to the hospital.

At the hospital

Doctor salim... You wife is suffering from too much stress and its not good for her and the baby,said doctor salim. You mean,Ameerah is pregnant?asked Hassan.Yes she is,replied doctor salim.
Alhamdulillah,said Hassan.

Pleas she needs total bed rest,at least for the child's first three months in her womb,said salim. Inn shaa Allah,we will do as you instructed, said Hassan.

Ameerah was taken home,Hassan didn't give her the news,Hassan told Aisha he wants to tell Hussain first,so,he will be the one to break the news to his wife.

You must rest and pleas dont worry about the house chores,I will do them,said Aisha.

Ameerah lied on her bed and dozed off.

later in the evening

Hussain returned home from work. He found his clothes unwashed and Ameerah sleeping,he became so upset,he brought out his belt and he flogged her,she opened her eyes,and she said weakly,what have I done? Didn't I ask you to wash this clothes?yes you did,she said. Why didn't you washed them,I am sorry Hussain,she pleaded weakly,I forgot,she said. You forgot? He asked. I was so sick,I was even taken to the hospital by...before she could complete her sentence he began to beat her,she was crying and shouting for mercy. Pleas Hussain...pleas dont hit me...I am sorry...pleas forgive me...she pleaded but,he kept beating her... Hassan heard her voice and he came to her rescue.

What has she done,this woman was so weak this morning,she was taken to the hospital,the doctor declared her pregnant.
Ameerah looked at him surprisedly. Do you want to kill your wife and child?your first child at that,what is wrong with you Hussain,what has your wife done to you?we weren't brought up to be women beaters,why do you hit your wife frequently,what is her wrong,can't you use spoken words to correct her mistakes,must it be bullying on the time. Fear Allah brother,pleas fear Allah.

Hussain looked at his wife...she was in tears. But,he was not moved by her tears,instead he told his brother not to bother him and he walked out.

Ameerah asked Hassan, did you say that am with a child and I didn't even know,have I been so careless that I won't even know that am pregnant, what is my wrong,what have I done,this pain is too much for me,I can't bear it for long,she said in tear.

Hassan could feel her pain,but what could he do.

Ameerah was still on the floor. Hassan called Aisha to come help Ameerah out,Aisha was trying to help Ameerah stand up.Out of pain;Ameerah screamed...innalillahi wainaillahi rajiu'n...

"Episode 5 Not yet edited"

More to come your way inn shaa Allah.


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