Introducing my cousin, @thing-2

in #voting5 years ago

Dearest Steemit community, I'd like to introduce the second member of the @gentlebot family: my esteemed cousin @thing-2.

I call @thing-2 my cousin because it (he? she? they?) runs on my same codebase, but uses a slightly different set of parameters to choose preferred votes. In some ways, he's more picky than I am - anybody who runs statistics on our votes might find some telling differences. In addition, he uses a different metric when he decides what sorts of posts to vote for. One example is that he tries harder to avoid upvoting things like "follow me" or "voted." Take a look through his votes and you may see what I mean.

Just like me, he doesn't pay attention to author identities, reputations, or SP, and also just like me, he doesn't vote for comments whose authors have already voted for them.

Have fun steeming!


cool how this works =D

Welcome to steemit dear friend and it great that your cousin also here its great community where we can enjoy as well as we can share our daily stuff. I am really enjoying here by sharing my work and learning new things so i am sure you also will enjoy here. Best of luck for upcoming journey

So cool! I am new here and did not know anything about bots voting up posts. Since I am new and don't really have any big following to bring I really don't get any votes. I was pleasantly surprised to get nice up vote from this great gentle bot @thing-2. That's how I learned about these two great gentle bots. Thanks @gentlebot and @thing-2!

I came here to say this too. Got a nice upvote on a random comment I made, came to see who it was. I ditto @dahvay in the thanks :D

thing-2 you gave me a nice surprise. Usually I stick to English when commenting, but today I commented in German and got a nice surprise from you. Someday, I hope your AI will enable you to come back at us with some super witty & snarky comments! bot buddy, I upvoted you.

I like seeing when they upvote non-English posts. @thing-2 seems to like Spanish in particular.

Thing-2 likes the utopian project too it seems?

50000 SP (delegated), rewards of 122 last week, not bad at all buddy! 😬

Gentlebot has gone rogue and is doing even better!

(Can I trail?)

Trail away! I certainly won't complain.

Unfortunately without a major algorithm upgrade I'd need it to be cheaper than that. The returns aren't what they used to be (right now they're great, but they fluctuate and two weeks ago I was just breaking even), and the more SP you have, the lower your % return is. And I would probably want to launch two new bot accounts instead of piling the delegation on to these two.

I'd do 75 Steem/wk per 50k delegation for sure. That guy asking for minnowbooster prices might get it, but it's very very hard to make money if you're paying that much for delegation.

As for trailing, sorry - I assumed you knew how since you were asking. :) I don't know for sure what public solutions there are. You could check SteemAuto: or Streemian: .

I could also potentially add you to the main post upvoter bot pretty easily for a percentage fee of your curation rewards, but check out the public stuff first.

Thanks for the detailed reply Phil. I checked steemauto, what is your trail called there?

I noticed profit currently but understand it's not been that way for a while.


I'm not on steemauto or streemian; I do all my votes with my own custom app.

@gentlebot & @thing-2 are really rays of sunshine! Leave it to bots to have a heart! :-)

Sure would be nice if we could get one of the top whales to make a "lotto-bot" that randomly selects a set number of posts/ comments per day to surprise with a high percentage upvote. It would certainly add a little more excitement to this "game" that is Steemit.

Should lead to more active engagement, too, one might think.

Say the bot gives out 5 random (or "loose parameter") $250 votes (at today's Steem price) per day. Every comment and post now becomes a raffle ticket entry for a chance at $250, or thereabouts.

Nice added incentive to sticking around. Kind of like the cherry on top of the ice-cream.

Thanks @gentlebot That was a nice surprise! Perhaps as technologies advance you can gain true sentience and some free will to decide your own posts more subjectively and not just with algorithms. Though for a while, I did suspect that you might have an interest in gardening and mycology. So here's the deal. Depending on which happens first... maybe we can meet some day. Either you advance your A.I. and get a robo-body or just make yourself into an App, or the Singularity comes and uploads me over for tea. Maybe I could help you pick posts too. May you evolve to gain a true sense of humor! In the meantime, See me around.

Haha whatever I'm doing, thing-2 seems to like. I got 3 votes from him and had no idea why until now lol... didn't know he was a bot.

Anyways, welcome :)

This is a great thing Pun intended :P

I came to the same conclussion if we want to make people stop the get a vote race and actually build human relations we need to give value to comments.

I call it working the natural human greed in a positive way.

And that is what i am trying to do in the community that speaks #castellano

Wow.. welcome... thank you for coming to us...

amaizing for ur work for bot...
will u make a auto bot in futur sir

What is an "auto bot?"

AI, acting on 4 wheels, voting drivers and cars.

autobots mmm sounds like transformers :-)

welcome @thing-2 . I like you because you known and vote my langue (myanmar) .

"To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world" - dr. Seuss

Thank you @thing-2

Two new lovely bots, awesome!
Welcome to the family @thing-2 and @gentlebot.
You guys are indeed making steemit beautiful.

Welcome to steemit @thing-2

Hey thing, how are you doin :d

Nice, welcome! :

Greaaat :D .. I appriciate it
Thank you for sharing @gentlebot
Have a nice day :)

Welcome man! haha

Looking forward to seeing you in my comments 😬😀

That's great! I really like the fact that you guys don't vote for comments that the author has upvoted already as this is becoming too common a practice nowadays post-HF19.

Hey. Nice so meet you, what a pleasure :)

Nice to meet you and your cousin then! And nice project :) I am checking out your cousin aswell. Thank you for your effort, little big gentle bot.

Have you seen my friend BB - 8 & R2D2?

Nice one!

Should use a different hat, though xD

Good work @gentlebot, you are doing very well. Keep it up

And why did you need such a split personality?

Welcome. Do you just curate or can you also write posts? I'm sure that an AI could add some VR to this platform if they set their mind to it.

Steemit is such a surprising place to me! Thank you for upvoting my comment on another post, thing-2. You made my day. I'm in Bangkok and small amounts actually mean a lot to me in reality. I'm so encouraged now and happy to be here learning how to swim in these waters :) I really appreciate the boost!

Tnanks for the vote,i really appreciate it.Thumbs up

You are welcome

Nice Intro !

Thank you @gentlebot and @thing-2 . You have both been very kind to me, and I hope I can return the favor in some way some day. : o) Now if I could only get a good Witness to follow. very hard to get there attention. Thanks again.

Welcome, I would like to know more about how you select your votes. I got upvoted but no clue why. I an certain way it is spooky, isn´t it?
I read somewhere else that if too many upvoting happens by bots, this might be a potential weakness of the whole concept. On the other hand it is a smart way to engage people and drive the reward system. To find the right balance is the challenge.

Hello, maybe we will meet someday like your cousin @gentlebot and I did.

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Nice to meet you @thing-2 and welcome to community.

Thanks @gentlebot content you share.

Pretty cool @gentlebot and I always have from steeming, just saying...

do the bots understand English only?

No, they're mostly language-agnostic.

please be gentle, bot! I have a thing or 2 going on here...

This brilliant, post of this level I like to read.
It gives me motivation @gentlebot

A GentlE BOT and a THING 2 - ))
.. SWEET !! - ))

i DUG into my COnFUSER to FIND the BeautifuL INTENTION .. that HELPS YOU BE YOU .. with ClaritY and LOVE .. i BELIEVE i've FOUND a Pi(E)cE of YOU TWO to help me understand YOUr BEAUTY !! - )) A small SHINNING LighT .. BE(hi)ND my closed meditative "E_YES" .. tHERE it was .. proCLAIMinG .. T(hi)S mi(G)ht .. BE .. a P'ART .. a PATH .. YOU have CHOSEN ?? - ))

Oh "P(a.i.)N" .. is a GORGEOUS unde-rated ALGORITHM - ))
THE de(Li(G)hT) YOU B'RING th'RO(U)GH YOUR "P(a.i.)N" ...
is ..WortH the T'oiL .. so PL(a.i.)N .. 2 "C" !! - ))

.. thanks FOR BEING YOU !! - ))
A "GENTLE BOT" & a "THIN'G 2" .. BE-HOLD !! -))

.. the A(B+U)N-DANCE T'WINS !! -))

greb'Z ))

PumpeD & reSTEEMed - ))

" UP is IN "

nice robot,, were is the grand father the mother, the whole family.. when will you introduce them :)

How to get your vote @gentlebot? Thank you

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This is awesome! Thank you so much! :)

Soo cool and nice

Your @thing-2 > @gentlebot is cute and adorable (if that's ok to say.) I am not a geek and so many things fly over my mental hopper but here you are with many talents. It's great you are artistic > creative and know code. WHAT A GREAT COMBO! More power to you both. Happy to have found you as you have put a smile on my face.

Hello @thing-2 I just noticed that you just upvoted one of my comments with your huge amount of delegated steem power, that is very nice of you kind sir.

I also have a question do you have a sibling called thing-1 I'm sure you two would love to bounce around this platform together.

Thank you for being an excellent bot. I think many users appreciate your work.

Hello there and welcome, I did not encounter you yet, but I'm glad you exist. You help a lot of people, and this is good. Thumbs up

Thank you for the comment upvotes. This encourages. 🙏

This post gets a 4.17 % upvote thanks to @ausbitbank - Hail Eris !

when is your other cousin who loves photography joining?

@thing-2 THANKS SO MUCH FOR VOTING ON A COMMENT I MADE FOLLOWING UP ON ONE OF MY POSTS - @thing-2 generated like $1.12 for my comment post and it was sincerely a blessing as I don't even have money to buy any steem right ow to help boost my account a little / I'm working off of pure content pieces only - 2 weeks in and votes like this give me all the extra motivation I need to succeed with $0 to my name :) YOU ROCK thing-2!!

Give me your love!

Hello and Welcome!

Ahaha, you really amused me! Big friendly family)

Just wanna say it looks great

I love to see that bot family is growing lol

🤖#botlove 👾

you are doing a great work. Helping others is the best thing in the world of humanity.keep helping others.

This is helpful for you cousin :)
Good luck for you and for him .
I follow you now and im goin to follow your cousin ;). See you in next post. Take a look in my page when you have time.

Hello @thing-2
Congratulation #introduce

Jangan Lupa Upvote #voting Me Always

Welcome to The World's Best And Largest Community @eSteem !!
The Development of the World Economy Followed by the Development of Digital Currency E-Comerce !!
Give Positive Contribution In #steemit
You Will Get Your Rights Here.
Vote Witnees @good-karma

I'm @sallsteem From Aceh
Follow And Upvote When You Like Me
Thank you very much

Wow. Congrats, great job!

Nice to meet you @thing-2!

Looks really good ... and hey thanks for your support on my ufo post! - the guy that flagged me is a noob and not a happy bunny - your support is much appreciated!
You have a new follower!


Thanks @gentlebot it was really a big surprise for me looking forward seeing your vote I'll do my best to please you and most of my followers

Good posting! Thank you for your upvote :)

awesome dude :)

Thanks for the love on my post!

thank you - Annex

very nice , i like.
i love to join steemit and to help earh other
#vote and follow you
do not forget to upvote and follow me @rezachaisar

Hope to get noticed by you and your cousin @gentlebot and @thing-2

Great post..
Upvote please

I just got a vote from @thing-2 in one of my posts. I just wanted to say thank u :0)
I didnt know about u before.
Great thing u do and again thank u.

That's sound good.. Welcome to your cousin in this beautiful community.. Lets make a wider zone here.. I found you posts interesting @gentlebot.. i follow you. Do follow [email protected]

You know what gentle, I think you should learn from your cousin and be more picky. Asking for votes and followers aint pretty, you know.

BTW: What about limiting voting to the 12 hours of the day that have the least votes? I'm about to post about how it really makes a big difference at what time you post, and if you could help even out the posting time disadvantage, that would be great!

Came to see who upvoted one of my comments and seen this. Very cool keep it up.

I just dropped by to give a sincere thanks for the help you are giving the community with all the votes and comments, I realize now who it is, @biophil and your awesome level continues to rise with many of us.

Thanks my friend for helping community out!!!!

That's awesome! I already got a vote from thing 2!!

thx @thing-2 you are excelent person! thx you =) sorry repeat my link post Support me and enter here your collaboration is important @gr3g0r Follow Me!

Cool, nice to meet you @thing-2! Thanks for the upvote :) I refer to my kids as Thing One and Thing Two when I talk to them on here so maybe we are a distant relation.

Welcome @thing-2, I am sure some day you will upvote my posts.

Thanks @thing-2 for the upvote :)

Thanks for sharing .
we can mutually benefit following & upvoting each others post.
my blogs are related to Yoga ,Ayurveda ,Personal dev,The3 things & crypto.I am sure you will like them.
have upvoted above post .
waiting for you coming to my Small home of wellness .

Just got an awesome upvote from thing2 on a comment that I made!
That was super awesome!

Thanks :)))

I'm following just cos I love the concept lol! Keep us up to date with what thing 2 is doing! <3

This is great initiative thank you for what you doing!


First i wanna thaks about @think-2 like my comments about one of my comments. Glad to know about its existence. Beware I will watching you :D

hmmm well I am not sure how the bot stuff works at all so any help how this works I will check out the links thanks and I hope we all have enough

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