How Will Help Venezuelans Afford Food and Medicine + How You Can Help!

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Hey guys! Sorry for the delay in this post, I was meant to have posted this over a week ago but I was having a rough patch in my own personal life so I have been putting off Steemit for a while, but I'm back and I'll be somewhat active again!


Before this you read this article, you should check this out! It goes through a lot of what our mission at is, but since it's quite long I will give a short summary below.

Basically, we aim to help Venezuelans who are suffering as a result of hyperinflation. The inflation rate in Venezuela this year alone is close to 14000%, imagine if your money is suddenly worth over 99% less through no fault of your own, that's like BTC dropping from $20,000 to $143, but you're all in on BTC. This is the reality Venezuelans are facing, which is why cryptocurrency is so powerful as (despite we're in a bearish market), it's still much better than holding their own currency or working to earn their own currency, and with a small amount of Steem we can help many Venezuelans afford food and live on to fight another day. This is why I feel like it's the most economically efficient form of charity, as 1 Steem goes a long long way in Venezuela.

Distributors: trusted Steemians who will receive a portion of the funds to help distribute food and medicine to local Venezuelans in their area who can't even afford to be on Steemit.

Source for inflation statistic

Table of Contents

  • Who are the distributors and what will they do with the money?
  • Who are our sponsors at the moment and how do they contribute?
  • How will the funds be distributed?
  • How to participate in the raffle and list of prizes
  • Our future plans for the charity
  • New Discord!
  • My discord is cryptoeater#5209

Introduction to Distributors

@reinaldoverdu: a Steemian in need

  • The funds received by @reinaldoverdu will be for personal use and distribution to other Venezuelans in need

This is a friend of mine and the first person to really shed light on the situation over in Venezuela. I have been helping him to afford food for a couple months now, sending him 1-2 Steem every now and then when he needs it. He has helped me greatly in understanding the situation in Venezuela and he has done a lot in establishing Below is a video he recorded for me .

@drmaizo: a doctor with the tools to help

  • The funds received by @drmaizo will mostly (likely all) be used for distribution among Venezuelans in poverty

@drmaizo is someone I met on Steemit after I launched, and after looking at his blog I couldn't help but contact him. Before, he has already helped many Venezuelans in need with free medical surgeries and distributing food to people in need. Below is a photo of food bought with money raised by @drmaizo and @lrd to feed poverty stricken children, taken from this article, and used with permission.

@bigdude: a Steemian helping Venezuelans afford shoes (is no longer a distributor)

  • @bigdude will not be receiving any funds

@bigdude is the founder of Project Dudeland, an initiative aimed at helping children afford shoes. Venezuelans have to walk a lot as it's the most economic form of transportation, so having comfortable shoes may be a lot more substantial than one might think, but of course feeding them is still more important. Below is a photo taken from this post, with permission showcasing his latest donation of 20 pairs of shoes!

HOWEVER, for our first round of distributions we are looking towards funding more essentials, such as food and medicine

@carlagonz: a Steemian helping the children of Venezuela

  • Funds will be used to fund Project One Opportunity

Project One Opportunity is an ambitious project headed by @carlagonz. The main aims are listed below, and explained more in-depth in this article

  • Help afford food for children
  • Give children basic education such as reading, writing and maths so they can have greater future opportunities
  • Once they have learnt basics, start workshops for children that they enjoy that they can develop into a future profession

Below are the links to four updates she has posted, these are truly outstanding articles with many pictures to truly capture the state of the children's lives. They are worth a read, and if not a read a quick glance through the titles and pictures will give you guys an idea.

Back Up Distributors

I have gotten a lot of interest from people who are willing to help! If we get a lot of funding, I may use some of my back up distributors as I feel we have enough with the list provided above. I currently have a list of 3 more distributors who are interested in helping but don't have any running projects or a history of helping, so for now I will entrust our distribution to known Steemians who have a history of helping!


@cryptoeater: founder of

  • Helping us with funding through his own means and personal donations

@cryptoeater (me!) is the founder of I will keep trying to bring more awareness to this charity so it can grow and help more and more people! Soon we will be looking for delegations which I'll explain more below.

@crypto.piotr: the person was named after!

  • Helping us with funding through his own means and personal donations

@crypto.piotr has been a follower and supporter of my blog for a long time, and since the launch of, he was the first to offer help funding, even before we started asking for the help! His first contribution will be worth up to 20 SBD, to find out more about this, check out his article here! You can also win a share of the 130 SBD he's giving away :)

How will the funds be distributed?

For now, all I know is that the people listed above will receive some funds, the portion/percentage each person will receive is not yet decided. I plan to have some sort of community vote on this matter later, prior to our first distribution!

25 Steem Monsters Packs (or choose your own cards) Raffle

How to enter

  • Send 0.1 Steem or 0.14 SBD PER TICKET to (all funds sent to this account will be used for charity)
  • Include in the memo how many tickets you wish to buy (optional, I can just divide haha)
  • You may purchase tickets more than once, and you may purchase more than one at a time!
  • For example, you could send 1 Steem and say "10 tickets", or just 1 Steem and I'll know it's 10 tickets

New choices for rewards due to a mistake I made

I recently purchased 5 packs for fun, but accidentally opened all 55 of them by clicking on the open all button!! Now I have 0 packs. However, I would like to honor my original agreement, so if you wish to redeem packs, you may redeem packs and I'll buy brand new packs for you :)

However, I would like to honor my original agreement, so if you wish to redeem packs, you may redeem packs and I'll buy brand new packs for you :)

However, to make it easier for me, I'd also like to add in the option to have "store credit", so you can buy cards you want from my store, or redeem the Steem at 80%!

For example, if you won 1 pack and packs are 1 Steem each, you may redeem 0.8 Steem (I send you 0.8 Steem to your Steemit account) or receive 1 Steem store credit to use to redeem cards from me! I'll list the prizes and rates I'm selling at below.

The Prizes

  • First: 12 packs
  • Second: 6 packs
  • Third: 4 packs
  • Fourth: 2 packs
  • Fifth: 1 pack
  • Note: each person may win more than one prize, but each ticket can only win once


  • 0.049 Steem per level 1
  • 2.500 Steem per gold foil common

Rares (non summoners)

  • 0.195 Steem per level 1
  • 0.185 Steem per level 1 for 100+
  • 0.180 Steem per level 1 for combined cards
  • 0.170 Steem per level 1 for all my high level rares
  • 7.000 Steem per gold foil rare

Summoner Rares

  • 0.350 Steem per level 1
  • 0.335 Steem per level 1 for 100+ summoners
  • 0.315 Steem per level 1 for combined cards
  • 25 Steem for a near max level summoner (1 card away from max)
  • 12.500 Steem per gold foil rare (summoner)


  • Normal epics are sold out
  • 22.500 Steem per gold epic


  • Elementals 9.5 Steem
  • Dragon 12 Steem
  • Selenias 18 Steem

On a side note, if you'd like to purchase any Steem Monsters cards from me, message me on Discord (cryptoeater#5209)

Summary of Tickets purchased so far

1: @tsnaks
2: @foodishcorner
3: @amico
4: @benzene
5: @k0wsk1
16-25: @uwelang
26: @thaishps
27-46: @rondras
47: @safedeposit
48-57: @grampa-coin
58-67: @peter2017
68-117: @erodedthoughts
118-120: @heyimsnuffles
121-126: @hendersonp

Future plans

I plan on doing many more fundraisers in the future to help give liquid Steem to distributors so they can help others around them who are in need who can't afford the technology to be on Steemit. Furthermore, my next big step will be to acquire some delegations so I can start giving out daily upvotes to people from Venezuela so they can earn a guaranteed and reliable income from posting here on Steemit. My first step is looking for delegations.


If you believe in the project and you're keen to help, feel free to delegate to with the links provided below!

However, we will not be starting our daily upvotes yet, as we will first be looking for valid participants, then we'll start the daily upvotes (with the 3SP has), THEN we will be ACTIVELY looking for delegations.

Future Fundraisers

I'm not very creative so I don't have many future fundraiser ideas yet, but they might just be more raffles with Steem Monsters as I have a lot of cards left in my collection that I wouldn't mind getting rid off some!

New Discord!

This server is brand new and in development! In the future, we will use this server along with posts as the primary means of communication!

Feel free to join now!

All images used in this article from other people's blogs were used with typed permission.

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Muy buen trabajo, Dios los bendiga a los que ayudaron a las personas indefensas. también gracias a ti por este artículo.


Good job!

Excelente trabajo! Los seguiré y apoyaré de ahora en adelante.

Very good and Noble cause. Stay blessed. Keep on writing like this articles.


Thank you!

Upvoted you bud, Great reading this article, specially when it comes to charity, helping others😍

@cryptoeater you are doing real charity work in Venezuela I also want to contribute in this gud work but how?


Hi! Do you live in Venezuela? If so, would you like to be a beneficiary or distributor?

Very good job, god bless them who helped the helpless people. also thanks to you for this article.

It's a great thinking and nice idea

Hey! I have just developed a new great Steemtool! If you are interested in a business cooperation, just write a short mail to and I will explain you everything! :)

Thank you members for helping out the Venezuelans. It's a good initiative. I believe the same should be done to other developing countries.

Great article... y pensar que todo esto es culpa del SOCIALISMO!

very good initiative, we are very grateful for all the help we will receive. And we are very anxious, for when is the date of the first distribution?

Good effort .Keep it up
Please also try to help Syria .Burma.


Good effort .Keep it
Up Please also try to help
Syria .Burma.

                 - imryas

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

I'm going to join the discord group, so good that you continue with the intention to help, I did what I could to participate in your contests of Steem Monsters 😎, remember that if you require a distributor in Tachira-Venezuela I am at your service, regards

excelente trabajo, es bueno que ayuden a mi gente venezolana

hi @crytpoeater,
Very very nobile cause. Hats off to you for this initiative. but what the govt. is doing to control the inflation?
Anyways..we are not here to discuss that...I am with you in this mission.


Thanks! The government is actually the reason the hyperinflation is occurring, but I don't want to talk too much about the government on these posts as a friend of mine suggested I stay away from politics and just stay on track helping people!


For the safety and benefit of those living there this is the correct route to take. Even well-meaning posts to educate the rest of us can come under scrutiny if they really try hard.


I feel the same, no point in creating unnecessary conflict or drama haha

Thank you, Thank you @cryptoeater, as Venezuelan, I know that each of these people are contributing their grain of sand to their personal causes, I know, I know they will make good use to continue helping each of the people in need, sadly the inflation does not escape nobody, there are many people who do steemit, who have a bad economic situation, because they have not yet made it here, but thanks to steemit, many of us have surfed the crisis, and we have managed to keep going despite it.

Excelente labor, de verdad muy apreciada. Es lamentable lo que estan pasando los venezolanos

Thanks for your initiative of doing this. This something that God seeking to us help the less fortunate people and nations in crisis like Venezuela. Me and my wife @fatimajunio also started supporting people who live in this country. I am upvoting people who happily listens to the word of God in the bible through the preaching of brother Eli Soriano. I hope it can help them not only economically but also spiritually by reminding everyone of us that there is someone Almigthy who knows the best for His people. God bless you my friend.

Very interesting and helpful thought that our steemit can help those who are facing rising prices in venezuelans i appreciate it.

Hello @cryptoeater
I like your learning writing attitude, soo great think your article.
Thank you

Thank you very much for this initiative. You make my faith in humanity re-establish. And I thank all those who make use of your help to extend the help to others. I follow you to see how our people from Venezuela give our contribution. Maybe you can not imagine how many people are collaborating with what little we have from here in Venezuela, because only we know the real magnitude of the drama we are living through the dictatorship that has us kidnapped. Sorry for my bad English but I did not want to stop commenting and thanking you for your great work.

Congratulations @cryptoeater!
Your post was mentioned in the Steemit Hit Parade in the following category:

  • Pending payout - Ranked 2 with $ 494,42

May our Father bless you all and the families there.

I am in Venezuela in the carabobo state, I am a business owner and now I come to steemit looking for ways to improve the conditions of people here, also seeing how I can integrate my stores to the platform and as a possible tool for investment and obtaining foreign exchange. Anything I can help, I'm available.

gracias to all mankind thats help us all of us! congrtaz!

Those Venezuelans who can should plant as much food as they can.


I'm sure those who can do! I'm no expert on Venezuelan climate but it's often very hot and I'm not too sure what crops can be grown there haha


@cryptoeater Tell that to the Venezuelan bush.


Unfortunately as we moved away from agrarian societies there will be many who have to go to cities in search of jobs, but in situations like these there will be many displaced without access to the farmland, tools and knowledge for how to farm. Their food budget is higher than their cash budget, but even with that by my estimations food is hard to come by on what they are allocated and other basic necessities even more so.


Hello friend, that is a good point of view that I have discussed together with my fiancé (He is an agronomist engineer )and on one occasion we tried to plant beans. but because we do not have our own land, we had to travel constantly, and the plants had an ectoparasite that is like an insect that eats the leaves. we could save our planting but the agrochemicals necessary to kill that plague, did not exist in the country, the only way was to buy it in $ and bring it from Colombia. in the course of a week doing the paperwork and spending a lot of money. our plants died and we lost a lot of money running out of capital, without profit and owing to the owner of the land ...
I'm from venezuela and it's a real story friend.

Planting is a great idea. you generate food and jobs the country, but the country's scarcity is not only food, it affects many links of the social, agricultural, business chain


Sorry to hear that, a bean crop would have been great. The embargoes are really only hurtful to the general population to be sure.


Yes, it would have been great, but we do not have the right tools to carry out good plans as it is sowing.
also happens that some escensiales things to plant could be bought in bolivares but the largest company in the country that is responsible for that, was called agroisleña, was expropriated by the government for years, now called agropatria, the inputs are stolen and if you are not Chavista or you have the card of the country you can not buy at an affordable price.😔😔

Hermosa labor la que han logrado, Dios les bendiga y les multiplique con muchísimo más!

Hello I am Venezuelan! However, I will want to help, although I'm not a special sponsor... If it is possible, Count on me, please!

Thanks for doing your part to help the people in venezuela!

Hello @cryptoeater

@emranmamey this person is plagiarizing your content, mentioning and my person, and asking for funds in your name, if you do not know or are not involved, I think it deserves to be reported.
@crypto.piotr must be aware of this, like all the whales and dolphins you know. It is a new account trying to take advantage of this initiative.


Thank you for mentioning this, I have reported it to Steem Cleaners!


You are welcome, we need just to eject this type of scammers from steemit

Great step taken by you, Thums Up for you Dear.

Great initiative, God bless you. Following upvoted and resteemed. Planning my own charity initiative for Sri Lanka. Maybe, we can collaborate. Have a nice day.

gracias por hacer esto por nuestro pais. En muchos estados de aqui no existe ningun tratamiento y hasta comida. gracias a todos los que se preocupan! que dios los bendiga