Can you find a vehicle? Russian winter and a car..

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Ahoy Steemit I'm still in Russia and winter still here too.. Unfortunately I'am really busy here and right now no time to write about my adventures. But I will do it as soon as I can. For the moment I'll continue my blog just with some photos of my everyday life here. Last week we came with my friend to his country house to clean a road from the snow. So we did and his family can pass to the house now. We have found his old car in this condition. I thought some Steemians from the south could be interested of this part of snow life.. 

My name is Timon, and I am on the slowest worldwide cruise ever. In 2011 I left the country where I was born and since then I'm traveling supa slow. My plan is to go Around the world in 80 years..

  • What is the point? - I want Just look around, have a lot of fun and make things I'm interested on. It will take time.
  • Why so long? - Because I really want to see how people live and what this place is for me, so I stay some time in each spot, and it's so many.. 
  • How long I stay? - Not too long, not too short, it's really depends on many things.. 
  • Am I so rich to just travel..? - No not at all. It is what making this trip a bit more complicated but still awesome and interesting. 
  • Am I serious? - No, not really. But still on my road..

The Biggest part of my way so far was by Sea and Ocean, 7 years I spent on my boat, and last 3 of them on a little island in Atlantic Ocean. For the moment I'm back on the dry land, and I can find a lot of fun here as well.

Original photo / Canon 600D / Canon 28mm / Saint-Petersburg / Russia / March 2018 /

If you like my works, please follow my photo blog Around the World in 80 years..   

[//]:# (!steemitworldmap 60.199312 lat 30.287075 long carinsnow d3scr)

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I know that feeling. Just dug out my -68 Pontiac GTO clone. Had 80 cm of snow on it 😂IMG_20180316_122906.jpg

This is Norway by the way.

ВАЗ 2106

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

how you know? )))

i can see your roots)))

Ah. my friend.
I have never seen so much snow in my life.
a huge whale seems to have swallowed a car: D
congratulations. for successful shooting

Looking at the's looking like a new movie "Ice car" 😁

hahaga very funny follow now

wow so looking nice picture. wonderful vehiclephotography. always i like your every post and waiting for you. thanks for sharing. have a nice day.

You should have a good pre-heating in car. Than it's no problem 😂

His very thick snow, so cold weather there.

We wish you healthy always


actually here im always sick)) need to go south soon

You must continue to keep your health, to the South of it are far from where you are now?

amazing ice car of a winter season .Outstanding photography.

Reminds me of last years trip to Vermont when they had just received near 6 feet of fresh pow pow.

We drove down the driveway at night when we arrived and the snow was so tall on each side of the driveway, the windows looked out to a wall of cut snow.

But by the end of the weekend, when it was time to go, the snow had melted significantly and had exposed a car burried under the pile. Much like the sight you see here. Excellent!

Takes me back.

Yeah we have snowy winter this year. I saw this one not far fron my home couple of weeks ago. It was covered by snow just in one day:-)

two cars on top of each other? well-done !

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My friend, I can just see the snow where is the car?? Ehehe really great picture for the vehiclephotography contest my friend...

Thank you sharing and have a nice day...

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